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Food Quiz Start Use your mouse to click on the correct answer for each question.

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1 Food Quiz Start Use your mouse to click on the correct answer for each question.

2 There is enough food grown to feed the world’s population. Question 1 Photo: Sean Sprague TrueFalse

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4 True There is enough food grown in the world today for everyone to have the nourishment necessary for a healthy and productive life.

5 How many people suffer from malnutrition? Question 2 Photo: Sean Sprague A) 380 millionB) 680 millionC)1billion

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7 Correct c) 1 billion An Estimated 1 billion people in the world today suffer from hunger or malnutrition. 1.8 billion are overweight.

8 How many lives does poverty and hunger claim every day? Question 3 Photo: P. Jeffrey / ACT-Caritas A)10,000B) 25,000C) 50,000

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10 Correct b) 25,000 About 25,000 people (adults and children) die every day of hunger or hunger- related causes. This is one person every three and a half seconds; it is children who die most often.

11 How much food is wasted in Australia each year? Question 4 A) 10%B) 25%C) 40%

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13 Correct b) 25% Australians are throwing away more than 3 million tonnes of food a year, mostly because of over-shopping and waste at the table. This is more than one quarter of edible food produced in Australia every year.

14 How many people in the world relied on food aid from the World Food Program in 2008? Question 5 A) 22 millionB) 52 millionC) 102 million Photo: Caritas Australia

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16 Correct c) 102 million In 2008, 102 million people benefited from the World Food Program in 78 countries totalling 3.9 million tonnes of food.

17 What is the biggest single cause of hunger ? Question 6 A) Natural disasters B) Poverty C) Not enough food produced Photo: Sean Sprague

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19 Correct b) Poverty While there is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, people who are living in poverty don’t have enough money to buy or produce food for themselves.

20 Which food listed below requires the most amount of water to produce it? Question 7 A) 1kg beefB) 1kg riceC) 1kg soy beans Photo: Sean Sprague

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22 Correct a) Beef It requires 16,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef, compared to 3,000L for 1kg rice and 1,800L for 1kg of soybeans.

23 How long can you live without food? Question 8 Photo: P. Jeffrey/ ACT-Caritas A) 1-2 weeksB) 4-6 weeksC) 7-8 weeks

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25 Correct b) 4-6 weeks Most doctors and nutritionists state that the average person can live about 4 to 6 weeks without food, but a week is a miracle without water.

26 How many kilojoules (kJ) does the average adult need to consume each day? Question 9 Photo: Sean Sprague A) 4,700kJB) 6,700kJC) 8,700kJ

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28 Correct c) 8,700kJ An average adult needs to consume 8,700kJ or 2,100 calories per day. These kJ or calories need to be obtained from a variety of sources in order to consume the various nutrients the body needs.

29 For the world’s poor, what percentage of their income is spent on food? Question 10 A) 30-40%B) 50-70%C) 80-90% Photo: Sean Sprague

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31 Correct b) 50-70% 2.6 billion people live on $2 a day or less. They spend approximately 50-70% of their income on food. Thus a person living on $2 a day spends at least $1 a day on food. When food prices go up people are forced to buy less food, or cheaper food that often doesn’t provide the required nutrients.

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