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Early historical documents show that the basic structure of the Turkish Cuisine was already established during the Nomadic Period and in the first settled.

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2 Early historical documents show that the basic structure of the Turkish Cuisine was already established during the Nomadic Period and in the first settled Turkish States of Asia. Anatolia is a Region coined as the "bread basket of the world". Turkey, even now, is one of the seven countries in the world which produces enough food to feed everyone and then some to export.

3 The foundation of the Cuisine is based on grains (rice and wheat) and vegetables. Along with grains, vegetables are also consumed in large quantities in the Turkish diet. The simplest and the most basic type of vegetable dish is prepared by slicing a main vegetable such as zucchini or eggplant, combining it with tomatoes, green peppers and onions, and cooking it slowly in butter and its own juices.

4 Since the vegetables that are cultivated in Turkey are truly delicious, eaten with a sizeable chunk of fresh bread, is a satisfying meal for many people. Fresh bread is also a satisfying food for Turks. It is a holy food. “No one can feed without bread” is a common belief in Turkey. By the affection of nomadic period there are many kinds of soft breads made on metal sheets and the others baked in different ovens.

5 Anatolia have been hosted different cultures for long years. So these cultures interacted with each other and they are interacted by others. For that reason there are different kinds of meals, desserts and drinks in Anatolia. INTERACTION WITH OTHER CULTURES

6 You can see the affection of Byzantine and Arabian cousines in Turkish cousine. For instance some desserts such as Tavuk göğsü, Kazandibi. By the affection of Byzantine we use much spices in those desserts and meals. Kebab culture comes of Asia and İç Pilav which is very common in Turkey comes of Iran culture.


8 Tarhana is one of the most important nourishment in Turkey. It is a nutritious soup. In summers; pea, tomatoes, peppers, yoghurt, milk and onions are mixed and made some dough. It is drained and made flour by crumbling. In winters it is boiled and served hot. It especially is cooked for ill people.



11 Made of lentil, tomato paste and spices.

12 It is made of yoghurt, eggs and rice. It is also a nutritious soup.

13 It is a local vagetable soup of Black Sea region in Turkey. It is made of kale, corn and haricot beans.

14 Made of mushroom, flour and milk. It is nutritious.

15 Made of calf’s or sheep’s tripe, garlic, vinegar and flour.

16 There are many other soups except we mentioned above. Those are the soups made of chicken, mince, vegetales, fish, rice and wheat. Soups are indispensable flavours of Turkish cuisine. Since they are digestive and nutritious they are suggested for ill people.

17 The south-eastern part of Turkey is hot and desert-like and offers the greatest variety of kebabs. Dishes here are more spicy compared to all other regions,

18 It is a special kebab of Adana, a city in Mediterranean region. The main ingrediants are mince, aminal fat and red hot pepper. It is eaten with soft bread and vegetables.


20 It is made of eggplants,mince, and red hot pepper. It is generally made in southeast region of Turkey

21 Made of a sheep’s liver, tomatoes and peppers.

22 It is made of veal cut into cubes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and spices.

23 It is made of mince, spices, a pale yellow cheese and soft bread.

24 Some dough is rolled out. A mixture of mince,onions,tomatoes and spices is added on the dough and baked on special ovens. Lahmacun can be found anywhere in Turkey and it is very common there. In another words it is a kind of Turkish fast food.


26 There are numerous Kebabs other than we mentioned. For example; Tandır kebab,Kuyu Kebab, Orman Kebab, İskender Kebab etc...


28 Manti, dumplings of dough filled with a special meat mix, are eaten with generous servings of garlic yogurt and a dash of melted butter with paprika.


30 Eggplants, tomatoes, onions, parsley and spices are the main ingredients of Karnıyarık.

31 A food made by wrapping a grape or cabbage leaf around a bit of stuffing

32 It is made of peppers, rice, spices and mince (preferable)

33 Sheep’s intestine, mince, wheat, onions, garlic and spices are the ingredients.


35 It is made of pea, mince, spices and tomato paste

36 Bulgur is made by boiling the wheat. After boiling it is dried and crumbled. Different kinds of meatballs, snacks, rices and soups are made of bulgur.

37 Made by kneading uncooked mince, red hot pepper and many other spices. Main ingredients are mince and bulgur.

38 Made of bulgur, mince, walnut, eggs and spices.

39 It is made of bulgur, lentil, scallion, parsley, mint and spices.

40 Bulgur,tomatoes,lettuce, scallion, pepper and spices.

41 Bulgur, tomato paste, tomatoes, pepper and spices.

42 Lentil, bulgur, butter



45 Eggplants, unpeeled lemon juice, garlic and crushed yoghurt



48 Zahter is a kind of thyme. A bunch of zahter, tomatoes, parsley, lemon and olive oil.


50 It is a kind of snack made of eggplants, potatoes, peppers and souce

51 Eggplants, garlic, yoghurt, mince, spices and tomatoes.

52 Tomates, peppers, onions, olive oil and spices.

53 In Turkey, despite the Islamic prohibition against wine and anything alcoholic, there is a rich tradition associated with liquor. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the company of family and friends at home and in taverns, and restaurants, is a part of special occasions. Similar to the Spanish tapas, "meze" is the general category of dishes that are brought in small quantities to start the meal off.

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