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3 The Dolma Ingredients : Preparation :Cuisson:45min Sources: / / A main course 1 soup spoon of olive oil 2 sliced thinly onions 280 g of rice considered 2 soup spoons of tomato puree 2 soup spoons of raisins 2 soup spoons of pine nuts(cogs) 1 soup spoon of cinnamon ground 1 soup spoon of mint dried 1 soup spoon of dried dill 1 coffee spoon of four spice 1 coffee spoon of powder cumin 250 g of vine leaves in can of food drained and rinsed Make warm the oil in a pot on average fire. Get back onions until they are soft. Add the rice and cover with hot water. Cover and let simmer until the rice is half-cooked (approximately 10 minutes). Take away from the fire and add the tomato puree, the grapes, the pine nuts, the cinnamon, the mint, the dill, the hot pepper and the cumin. Let the mixture cool. Prepare a pot by putting an opposite plate at the bottom, what protects the dolmas of the direct heat. Rinse vine leaves in the hot water, drain them then cut stalks. Put approximately 1 coffee spoon of practical stuffing in the center of a sheet. Fold up sides, then run in the shape of cigar. Put in the pot. Repeat the operation with the rest of ingredients. Pour enough hot water to reach the bottom of the first coat of dolmas. Cover and let simmer over a low heat during 30 in 45 minutes, until the rice is totally cooked. Verify the water level regularly and add it if need be.

4 The Kűnefe Ingredients : Preparation : A dessert Sources: http://dunya7alawa.over- 250g angel hair (kadaЇf) 125g melted butter 150g pistachio 125g mozzarella Rose syrup 150 sugar + water to 50g syrup Undo package angel hair, soak melted butter until all is moistened. Take a ramekin, place a layer of hair in the bottom of the ramekin "buttered". In the center, place a thick slice of mozzarella. Cover with angel hair, until the cheese is no longer apparent. Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 174) C. Put 150g sugar 50gd'eau and 3 tablespoons rose water in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and set aside for water once they have finished cooking Serve hot, sprinkle with pistachios and mixed just before serving and enjoy...

5 Drinks for everybody ! The Raki The Sahlep Sources : Eau-de-vie flavored with aniseed composed of grape Root orchid, milk with cinnamon

6 The capital city of Turkey is Ankara. But when we hear the name of this country we think to Istanbul because it's the biggest city of Turkey. The project of Comenius and our highschool organizes a trip in this city from 25 to 31 May of 2014. Turkey has an area of 783 562 Km2. It has 75 627 384 inhabitants. When you travel in this country, you must have the lire turc since Turkey is not yet in the European Union ! This country is on the Eurasian plate, so Turkey is in Europe and in Asia. Sources:

7 Sources: / Turkey works with a Parliamentary Republic and its president is Abdullah Gül since 2007. The particulary sentence of Turkey is « Peace in the country, peace in the world. ». Merhaba, ben Abdullah Gül duyuyorum Yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh

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9 The Saint Sophie's basilica is a marvel of Istanbul ! Before it was a christian's church in VI century, she became a mosque in XV century. It's a place who have many history. Now this monument is a museum for the Christ... Sources: The blue mosque is a famous monument of Istanbul favour its blue mosaics. It was build in XVII century.

10 Sources : The sources of Pamukkale exist favour montains who produce water. The calcium carbonate binds to the stone and hardens. And this natural phenomenon appears in the Denizli province. It was classified World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988. Site of roman remains in Ephese The palace og Topkapi in Istanbul

11 Sources: / The big bazaars of Istanbul The Oriental dancers For dancers go to

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