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ARTside-in! Mentorship 2009.

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1 ARTside-in! Mentorship 2009

2 The students attend schools which participated in Stages 1 and 2 of the ARTside-in! outreach program run by the Public Programs Department and sponsored by the Caledonia Foundation. Students from each participating school then applied to be part of the Mentorship. Four outstanding Visual Arts students from different high schools in New South Wales participated in the ARTside-in! Stage 3 Mentorship Program at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

3 Ruaa Aoro Miller Technology High School Ali Seifeddine Liverpool Boys High School Lauren Sherry Chifley College Tania Flint Arthur Phillip High School

4 Throughout the process I have really encapsulated the essence of the conceptual framework. This experience has extended my knowledge about it as I now understand it in its entirety. I never really thought that there was so much to it, but I can now see how significant each area was. I now understand the relationships ignited between the artist, audience, artwork and world and how they are integrated within each other and how they operate together. Ali

5 Tania with Danielle Gullotta Public Programs Department, Co-ordinator k-6 and Access Programs Mentorships

6 Ruaa with Analiese Cairis Graphics Department, Senior Graphic Designer Mentorships

7 Ali with Naomi Flatt Curatorial Department, Curator Contemporary Art Mentorships

8 Lauren with Jenni Carter Photography Department, Senior Photographer Mentorships

9 The three hour mentorship was an amazing experience, allowing me to have a one on one session with someone from a field I am very interested on entering when I get older. In the mentorship I got to experience a day in the life of someone involved with primary school children, however of a different profession. I also gained a lot of information on a career path that I had never knew was possible before the experience. Tania

10 with Artist Les Rice Drawing Workshop with Artist Les Rice

11 Les Rice Studio Visit

12 Jennifer Turpin Studio Visit

13 Tim Olsen Gallery Visit

14 Sothebys Visit

15 Artbank Visit

16 Art Gallery of New South Wales

17 The highlights of the Artside-In! program was going to the different studios. It was amazing to see how every artist works differently. I enjoyed talking about an artwork we liked and it helped me recognize the different meanings of artworks. Each day we looked at a different part of the framework, and I think it helped me to see how it all linked together. Laura

18 Research

19 National Art School

20 Brett Whiteley Studio


22 Program Contributors Caledonia Foundation Trippas White Catering S&S Wholesale The Brett Whiteley Studio The National Art School Jennifer Turpin Lesley Rice Art Bank Sothebys Auction House

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