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Kuali Presentation December 7 th 2009 TIF- CSI. Agenda Kuali Overview Kuali at UC Davis – Kuali Financial System – Kuali Coeus – Kuali Rice.

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Presentation on theme: "Kuali Presentation December 7 th 2009 TIF- CSI. Agenda Kuali Overview Kuali at UC Davis – Kuali Financial System – Kuali Coeus – Kuali Rice."— Presentation transcript:

1 Kuali Presentation December 7 th 2009 TIF- CSI

2 Agenda Kuali Overview Kuali at UC Davis – Kuali Financial System – Kuali Coeus – Kuali Rice

3 Kuali Financial System

4 Kuali Investing Partners KFS Investing Institutions – UCD, UCI, UCSB, UCOP – Colorado State, San Joaquin Delta– live July 2009 (Naval Postgraduate School – live October 2009) – USC, Colorado State, Cornell, Indiana, Michigan State, Arizona, Hawaii (10+) KC Investing Institutions – UCD, UCB, MIT, Arizona, Cornell, Indiana, Iowa State, Colorado State (7+) RICE Investing Institutions – UCSD, U Washington, Iowa State, Indiana, Cornell Kuali Student Investing Partners – UCB, USC, MIT, U Washington, Maryland, Carnegie Mellon (4+)

5 Kuali Financial System (KFS) KFS Overview & Benefits UCD implementation details

6 Kuali Financial System (KFS) KFS Modules (delivered by KFS Foundation as part of Release 3.0 – public release November 2009) Chart of Accounts Contracts & Grants (Post-award) Financial Transactions General Ledger Labor Distribution Purchasing/Accounts Payable Capital Assets Accounts Receivable

7 KFS Design New System Design ? Existing Financial System (Indiana’s FIS) Refactor The Technology (web-based) Limited Enhancements Defined by Functional Council Reference: Kathleen McNeely, KFS History and Update, NACUBO 2007

8 Why KFS? Design is based on a higher education business model, proven technologies and proven baseline systems – UCD FIS is based upon the same COA as IU’s FIS J2EE architecture and common middleware like roles, permission and workflow (routing) New modules (Labor Distribution; Contracts & Grants) Opportunity for collaboration with other Higher Ed. institutions Institutions can choose to implement only those functional elements that meet their needs and extend certain functionality No vendor or licensing fees Better integration and similar look & feel


10 UCD KFS Phase 2.0 Modules (July 2011) General Ledger (GL) Similar to DaFIS. The GL database contains the financial entries, actual, budgetary and encumbrances at the transaction level as well as various levels of aggregated balances.

11 Integration & Browser Support We will continue to use in-house FIS Decision Support Implementations will include integration with feeds & other systems e.g. Effort Reporting Browser support: IE 7, Firefox 3+, and Safari 3+.

12 Campus Communication & Training KFS Focus Groups will be formed ~ November 2009 – Review and test the Chart of Account module and report any bugs – Provide feedback on how certain fields are currently being used in DaFIS and how new KFS fields might be used – Provide feedback on training materials – Time commitment ~ 2 hours/week Update Project Website ( Campus Communication ~ January 2010 Campus Training ~ March 2009 – Face to Face Training – Web Training & Recordings

13 Kuali Coeus

14 Kuali Coeus/ What’s in the K Integrated Systems Enterprise Electronic Workflow & Document Routing Integration w/ Campus Identity Management Middleware

15 Kuali Coeus/ What’s in the C Proven ERA functionality Coeus 15 years/ 52 institutions Phased rollouts scheduled for merger in 12/2011

16 Kuali Coeus/ Benefits Comprehensive and modular system for research administration and compliance – Standardized proposal development – Reuse previous proposals & budgets archives to create and submit new proposals – Improve research safety through better tracking of protocols that require use authorization – 24 hours/ 7days a week access to the proposal development tools and information – Staff is able to track their school’s proposals & awards

17 Kuali Coeus/ Benefits Electronic workflow and routing tools for all proposal participants – Enables paperless business processes – Achieve greater efficiencies through integration with other systems. – Quick routing of proposals and approval of protocols – Eliminates duplication of effort

18 Kuali Coeus/ Benefits Online tool to develop multiple budget scenarios and ability to commit a final version for submission – Allows PIs flexibility in developing budget proposals Online tool to develop proposals – Single repository for tracking and developing proposals – Streamline proposals processing process System to system integration with – eliminate dual entry into Adobe or Pure Edge sys – Ability to search and find federal grant opportunities and capture proposal information

19 Kuali Coeus/ Benefits Awards integration with KFS Contracts & Grants – Eliminates dual data entry – Up to date & accurate information on grant balances Seamless integration with KFS (DaFIS) replacement – Quick & easy access to accounting information – Ability to leverage the DaFIS Decision Support system Compliance management & tracking for biological, human subjects, animal and radiological protocols – Enhanced compliance tracking – Streamline compliance process – Minimizes administrative work

20 Kuali Rice

21 Presentation Overview Overview Benefits Implementation Details

22 Kuali Rice - Overview Service Overview (Kuali Rice = Two services) – Centralized workflow/connection between campus applications Common enterprise workflow, notification, developers tools and integration with campus IAM – eDocLite – Converts basic paper-based campus processes into standardized web-based processes Developed locally, deployed centrally Governance – In process of developing a Rice Steering Committee

23 Kuali Rice - Benefits 1.Information is easily shared (and routed) between campus systems Reduces errors, increases efficiency, all info in 1 place 2. Green computing (Less paper used) Less expensive, better for environment 3.Cost reduction to campus No annual software license fees Common look & feel between applications = less training Reduction in development re-work

24 Kuali Rice - Implementation Details 1. Integration with Centralized workflow on production MIV = Q1 - 2010 KFS Phase 1 = July 2010 KC Pilot = Fall 2010 2. eDocLite Limited pilot/s = Q2 ’10 Release to campus = post successful pilot (date = TBD)

25 Project Contacts KFS Project Radhika Prabhu ( KC Project Safa Hussain ( Kuali Rice Project Hampton Sublett (

26 Q&A

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