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Workshop on Conducting Research on LEARN GENI-LEARN Integration using ORCA Deniz Gurkan, Charles Chambers, Tesfaye Kumbi, Maanasa Madiraju, and Karthik.

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1 Workshop on Conducting Research on LEARN GENI-LEARN Integration using ORCA Deniz Gurkan, Charles Chambers, Tesfaye Kumbi, Maanasa Madiraju, and Karthik R. Naramuchi University of Houston Feb. 18, 2011

2 GOAL Attract more researchers utilizing LEARN – Conduct networking and infrastructure research while implementing a GENI infrastructure – Conduct research experiments on the infrastructure – Collaborate on proposals Create a framework to meet the expectations of researchers and the LEARN network operators LEARN Workshop

3 Special Thanks Collaborators in GENI – Cluster D LEARN Community – Akbar Kara – Network engineers – Technical Advisory Group (TAG) GENI Project Office LEARN Workshop TLC 2 : Texas Learning and Computation Center – Lennart Johnsson University of Houston – CIO, Dennis Fouty – Network Planning/ Development Team

4 INTRODUCTION and welcome Professor Lennart Johnsson, Director of the Texas Learning and Computation Center, University of Houston LEARN-GENI integration using ORCA as a control framework Deniz Gurkan, Charles Chambers, Tesfaye Kumbi, Karthik Ram Narumanchi, Maanasa Madiraju, Department of Engineering Technology, University of Houston 9 – 9:30: Research support and connection capabilities of LEARN Akbar Kara, LEARN 9:30 – 10: Experimentation on GENI infrastructures - GENI Project Office Perspectives Mark Berman, GENI Project Office 10 – 10:30: ORCA control framework for dynamic VLAN setup and resource reservations Anirban Mandal and Ilia Baldine, RENCI-BEN 10:30 – 11 COFFEE BREAK 11 – 11:30: FutureNets: Designing Architecture, Technology, and Facilities for Multi-Service, Deterministic, Differentiated-Attribute Networks Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University (ICAIR) 11:30 – 12: Demonstration of a research experiment run on a large-scale network infrastructure Michael Zink, University of Massachusetts, Amherst LEARN Workshop Agenda - morning

5 12 -1 pm LUNCH BREAK 1 – 2:30 pm: Researcher and related talks (20 min each) Network performance measurements and cross-layer communication research opportunities on LEARN Deniz Gurkan, Department of Engineering Technology, University of Houston Using GENI to Verify Automatically Synthesized Network Protocols Alex Sprintson and Christopher Jasson Casey, TAMU Network issues relevant to university infrastructures Willis Marti, Texas A&M University WiMax in UNT Shengli Fu and Kamesh Namuduri, University of North Texas Maestro: A System for Scalable OpenFlow Control Zheng Cai, Rice University 2:30 – 3 pm: Open Discussion on Future Activities LEARN Workshop Agenda - afternoon

6 GENI: Global Environment for Network Innovation GENI funding – GENI Spiral-1 & Spiral-2 (2008-2012): Measurements, Measurements (with Infinera DTN), Integration with LEARN through ORCA – GENI Spiral-3 (TBA): GENI Rack Deployment on LEARN Future Plans – GENI Rack Deployments – University of Houston-LEARN DYNES Follow-up Workshop on GENI and Other Network Research on LEARN Outline

7 UH Spiral-1 and Spiral-2 GENI Funding Spiral-1: – Measurements available on network equipment (embedded or internal measurements) – External measurements – Physical layer emphasis UH GENI (2008 – 2012) Spiral-2: – LEARN-Infinera DTN agreement: measurement handler software – Integration of LEARN as a RON into GENI substrate with VLAN offerings - ORCA

8 ORCA (Open Resource Control Architecture) Control Framework Control/configure network elements (switches, routers, optical boxes) through SSH connections – Resource Broker, Clearinghouse – Measurement and Computational Services as Resources More on this coming up by Ilia Baldine from RENCI… ORCA handlers for ION interfaces will be available summer’11 Introduction to GENI ORCA

9 Phases of Deployment GEC9: An emulation network with Cisco 3400s – QinQ demonstration – Handler testing on emulation network Early Jan’11: Determination of VLAN assignments and translation points Feb’11: Designation of campus and RON connection points By GEC10: Ongoing deployment sequence: UH, Rice, TAMU, and UT-Austin GENI-LEARN Integration

10 Lab Emulation QinQ and Handler Testing RICE UH TAMU UT-Austin

11 Translation Points and Interfaces NLR – LEARN: VLANs from NLR are mapped to reserved range of VLANs on LEARN SETG (Southeast Gigapop) – LEARN: SETG resources take VLANs from LEARN as a distribution point to other institutions Institutions – SETG: Each institution has a pair of VLAN id’s for data and management VLAN Assignments

12 Topology – UH, Rice, and SETG/LEARN

13 Topology – SETG/LEARN/NLR, TAMU, and UT

14 GENI Racks Deployment on LEARN Participated in GENI racks (network equipment and high-speed computation resources) proposal with ORCA team at: – TAMU – Rice – UH Requested funds to pay for LEARN bandwidth Awards to be announced by mid-2011 GENI Spiral-3

15 LEARN and GENI LEARN, UH and Rice have been funded by the Internet2 DYNES initiative (TAMU and others might be added) ORCA-ION handlers – possible extension and added flexibility of connections Performance measurements as resources on LEARN Follow-up workshop with more involvement of the Texas-based high performance computing centers and potential researchers and experimenters Future Outlook

16 Thank you!

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