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Menu Planning: Creating Nutritious & Reimbursable CACFP Meals.

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2 Menu Planning: Creating Nutritious & Reimbursable CACFP Meals

3 What makes a meal reimbursable?  CACFP Requirements:  U.S.D.A. meal pattern requirements  State Agency memos

4 Reimbursable meals require documentation!!  Documentation:  Menus  Child Nutrition (CN) Labels / Product Formulation Statements (PFS)  Delivery tickets (if applicable)  Receipts and invoices  Point-of-Service meal counts CN 000000 One 5.00 oz Pizza with Ground Beef and Textured Vegetable Protein provides 2.00 oz equivalent meat/meat alternate, CN ½ cup serving of vegetable, and 1-1/2 servings of bread/ alternate CN for the Child Nutrition Meal Pattern Requirements. (Use of this logo and statement authorized by the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA 05-07.) CN

5 I have a Food Service Management Company to take care of all of our meals. Why should I care?

6 Resources for reimbursable meals  Resources available:  CACFP Creditable Food Guide  Food Buying Guide  State Agency technical assistance memos  Sample menus

7 Using the Food Buying Guide

8 FBG: Section 1: Meat/Alternates

9 FBG: Section 2: Vegetables/Fruits

10 FBG: Section 3: Grains/Breads

11 FBG: Section 4: Milk

12 FBG: Quick Calculations

13 Putting It All Together! Broccoli, Cranberries, Chicken, and Brown Rice Toddler-approved lunch!

14 Putting It All Together I have 32 children ages 1-2 and 34 children ages 3-5. How do I make sure I’m buying enough food for all of them? Use the Child Meal Pattern Chart and Food Buying Guide Calculator!

15 Child Portion Sizes 1 – 2 year olds (32)3 – 5 year olds (34) Broccoli, Cranberries, Chicken, and Brown Rice Brown rice = FBG = 2.25 lbs to purchase Broccoli = FBG = purchase 6.75 lbs (fresh untrimmed) Chicken = FBG = purchase 7.25 lbs (boneless tenderloins) Cranberries = FBG = purchase 2.50 lbs (dried) Milk = FBG = 3.00 gallons to purchase

16 Menu/Meal Components: Portion Sizes

17 Portion Sizes for Children

18 Portion Sizing: Troubleshooting Common problem areas with food components: Meat/Meat Alternates More meat please!

19 Portion Sizing: Troubleshooting Fruits/Vegetables: Canned to fresh/frozen - introduction of greater variety How can I pay for these though?

20 Choosing Affordable Fruits FruitPrice Per Cup of Edible Fruit Fresh Watermelon17 ¢ Fresh Bananas21 ¢ Fresh Apples28 ¢ Fresh Navel Oranges34 ¢ Fresh Pears42 ¢ Canned / Jarred Applesauce46 ¢ Fresh Honeydew Melon45 ¢ Fresh Plums48 ¢ Fresh Nectarines49 ¢ Canned Pineapple49 ¢ Source: U.S.D.A. Economic Research Services, 2011

21 Choosing Affordable Vegetables VegetablePrice Per Cup Edible Vegetable Cooked Dried Pinto Beans13 ¢ Cooked Dried Lentils15 ¢ Cooked Dried Great Northern (White) Beans16 ¢ Cooked Dried Black Beans17 ¢ Cooked Dried Navy Beans17 ¢ Cooked Fresh White Potatoes19 ¢ Cooked Red Kidney Beans20 ¢ Raw Carrots25 ¢ Cooked Fresh Cabbage27 ¢ Raw Cauliflower31 ¢ Cooked Fresh Carrots32 ¢ Raw Celery33 ¢ Canned Sliced Carrots34 ¢ Canned Cut Green Beans34 ¢ Frozen Cut Green Beans37 ¢ Source: U.S.D.A. Economic Research Services, 2011

22 Portion Sizing: Troubleshooting Milk Are you buying enough milk for all of your children? Can use the Food Buying Guide – Section 4!

23 Questions?

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