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Miljöförvaltningen Basmati rice-for real and safe?

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1 Miljöförvaltningen Basmati rice-for real and safe?

2 Miljöförvaltningen Why basmati rice? Food fraud – important control area Basmati rice has special characteristics Experience in UK from food fraud in this area Food safety (non-organic arsenic, lead and cadmium)

3 Miljöförvaltningen Basmati rice Long grain rice which is cultivated in India and Pakistan It has special characteristics; regarding taste, aroma and cooking qualities The rice is popular and the price is often higher compared to other types of rice Pictures:

4 Miljöförvaltningen Control of Basmati rice Verify that rice sold as Basmati rice is Basmati rice Pilot project to test if the DNA-analysis according to the ”British retail Consortium Code of Practice” could be used to determine whether the rice is authentic or not The samples were also analysed for the content of non-organic arsenic, cadmium and lead

5 Miljöförvaltningen Project 5 companies, 10 samples of rice of different brands Analysis of DNA and heavy metals Questions to the companies regarding traceability, labelling, complaints, storage conditions

6 Miljöförvaltningen Results 8 of 10 samples fulfilled the requirements in the COP 1 sample from India contained 89 % of the type Pusa 1121-approved by Indian authorities 1 sample from Pakistan contained 39 % non basmati rice according to the COP

7 Miljöförvaltningen Results The results regarding lead and cadmium where below the legislative limits and the values for non-organic arsenic was below the proposed EU-limits The hygienic standard was good The companies had no special routines for verifiying that the rice was authentic basmati rice, but in some cases the consignment had a certificate from the country of origin

8 Miljöförvaltningen Conclusions Important to check for food fraud Small project to test new control method Complicated legislative area - need for central guidance Expensive analyses - need for coordinated actions Need for further control Companies must have routines for verifying authenticity Good results for the analyses of heavy metals

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