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Rice starting small with a Genetically Modified food product Teri Wright.

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1 Rice starting small with a Genetically Modified food product Teri Wright

2 Why Rice? Areas where rice is a daily food source Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa, The Philippines, and Vietnam Humanitarian project Deliver a traditional crop with an added trait or traits Increased income to areas of poverty Sustainable Crop Familiar to farmers Familiar to population

3 What Genetic Modifications? Less enviromental harm –Increased absorption of CO 2 for use in photosynthesis Increased yeilds –Use of up to 35% less agricultural land Increased nutritional value –Golden rice (beta carotine) –Iron and Zinc

4 Can you see the difference? Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) Impaired vision Irreversible blindness Exposure to infection Reduced Immune response Malaria Impaired hematopoiesis Skeletal growth

5 How it’s made! Biochemical pathway for β -carotene production in the grain Two genes used –Daffodils (2005 replaced by Maize) –Erwinia uredovora, a soil bacterium Expression in the Rice Endosperm Concentration of β -carotene  golden color

6 Potential of ONE seed Potential for 20,000 tons of rice in 2 years –Feeds 100,000 for an entire year –Reducing Vitamin A malnutrition One Seed One Plant 1000 Seeds

7 Social Controversy “If some people decide that they want blind children and white rice, it’s their decision. I’m offering the possibility of yellow rice and no blind children. But the decision what people want to eat is theirs." Dr. Potrykus “Malnutrition is not merely a nutrition problem, it is also a social problem.” Dr. Samson Tsou Greenpeace claimed Golden Rice is “not effective” and “superfluous”

8 Political Controversy Delayed processes Permits Lack of support Regulatory requirements Large corporations Public sector –Loss of investments and opportunities –Increase cost

9 Coming Soon! Golden Rice should be on Sale in the Philippines by 2012

10 References Text – df – –,8599,98034,00.html – 3568(2005)055%5B0726%3ATGRCUS%5D2.0.CO%3B2?cookieSet=1 – – Photo – 2576061e4814f7e8686263fec7& talstudies%2Fstudents%2Fprojects%2Fcitizenscience2007%2Fgeneticallymodifiedcrops%2 Fimages%2Fgoldenrice.jpg – – – – –

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