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The Rice School 2013 - 2014 Open House. NCLB and Title I Schools PURPOSE of Title I In 2001, the federal government passed the NCLB Act which provided.

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1 The Rice School 2013 - 2014 Open House

2 NCLB and Title I Schools PURPOSE of Title I In 2001, the federal government passed the NCLB Act which provided identified schools with federal funds for the purpose of supplementing the instructional program of schools to ensure a high quality education for students that would help them meet the state standard (currently STAAR – State of Texas Assessment for Academic Readiness). These “supplemental” federal funds are used to: Accelerate instruction for struggling students, Provide professional-development for teachers and paraprofessionals, Hire highly qualified personnel, Give additional resources – technology, personnel, materials, instructional programs, software, and Encourage parent and family involvement.

3 Contact Information The Rice School / La Escuela Rice Jamie Wilkes Title I Campus Contact (713) 349 - 1800

4 Meet the 7 th grade Teachers

5 Cluster Expectations 100% Effort Best “Attitude” Forward No Tardies Supplies Adhere to Student Code of Conduct

6 Ideas for Student Success Check your child’s planner everyday - all teachers require students to write down daily assignments and homework. Have a specific place and designated time (the earlier the better) to do homework – have your child do homework as soon as he/she gets home from school. Have your child review the day’s work and notes with you - this will help your child remember what he learned.

7 Make Up Work When a child is absent from school, extra time( five school days – HISD policy) will be given to hand in assignments, exceptions will be off campus choir performance or science fair. Any missed test days will be made up the following class day.

8 How will I know what my child is doing and if he is doing it? Grade reporting: Progress reports every 3 weeks and report cards every 9 weeks Email or call teachers once in between reports You may also access PS Connect to check your student’s current grade

9 This year’s assessments: STAAR Writing – April 1 - 2 Stanford 10 – TBA STAAR Math (Pre AP) – TBA STAAR Math – April 22 STAAR Reading – April 23 TELPAS – March 17- April 11

10 Science with Mrs. Veneziale and Mrs. Hill-Kennedy Class Expectations Spiral Planner/Agenda Website

11 Spanish with Sra. Colion-Hernandez Areas of Focus: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Classroom Expectations Extra Credit

12 English/Reading with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Thompson Writing Process Essays - STAAR Writing Literature - Critical Thinking and Literary Analysis - Open Ended Responses Literary Elements and Devices Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development

13 Do’s and Don’ts Do review their class notes with them each day. Do read the literature with them and discuss it to be sure they understand. Do encourage them to ask questions and seek help. Do review their work and encourage them to do their best. Please don’t: Redo their writing assignments - resist the temptation to revise and edit your child’s paper. It is important that I see each child’s true abilities - strengths and weaknesses - in order to help them improve.

14 Math Ms. Gonzales and Mr. Roberts Classroom Expectations 7 th Regular Math – 7 th grade Math STAAR 7 th Pre-AP Math – 8 th grade Math STAAR Think Through Math Oswego Math – Basic Math skills practice Tutorials

15 Texas History with Mr. Llorens Classroom Expectations Missing Assignments Conduct

16 Technology with Mrs. Willoughby

17 Robotics Engineering Goals To introduce students to the fundamental concepts and skills of Robotics and Engineering To expose students to the possibility of a future in Robotics and Engineering through various projects To introduce students to some awesome and neat things in the world of engineering To introduce students to different careers in engineering

18 Robotics Engineering Expectations Teamwork Be responsible Be respectful Be reasonable Grading Policy 40%- Daily Grades 40%- Quizzes 10%- Homework 10% - Keyboarding

19 Competitions First Lego League (FLL) Ecobot Challenge BEST Robotics Teacher-created class competitions Project-Based contests

20 Communication Website /Cluster Page The planner /Calendar/ Falcon Flyer E-mail or call the teacher (information provided on the business card) Set up a conference by contacting Ms. Colion Receive texts from Remind 101

21 Parent Volunteers Throughout the year 7 th grade will have activities where parent volunteers will be needed (field trips, robotics competitions, etc.) If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill out the Parent volunteer form and become VIPS approved. This process can take as long as 3 weeks so please don’t delay.

22 Remind 101 As a new STEM school, this year the Seventh grade team is sending reminders to parents and students using cell phones. In order to sign up for the text based reminders, you may want to add a new contact and then text the messages as listed below: To find out about all the 7 th grade cluster events Text this message @mscolion to 469- 518-2927 I want to join SCIENCE – text this message @msvenezia to 210-585-2807 I want to join TECHNOLOGY text this message @mswillough to 469-732- 3843 I want to join TEXAS HISTORY text this message @mrllore to 469-270- 3121 I want to join ELA text this message @c98a to 832-589-1437 I want to join SPANISH text this message @colio to 469-518-2927 I want to join MATH text this message @43c5 to 832-589-1437 I want to join Pre-AP MATH text this message @eae55 to 832-589-1437

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