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Salford Travel Partnership Partners working together for Sustainable Transport In Salford Since September 2001.

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1 Salford Travel Partnership Partners working together for Sustainable Transport In Salford Since September 2001

2 THE SALFORD TRAVEL PARTNERSHIP…..What is it ?  A Partnership of 10 organisations who between them speak for over 70,000 staff, students and other stakeholders working, living or studying in the City of Salford.

3 WHY DID THEY COME TOGETHER?  All Partners have realised they need to influence their stakeholders to consider more sustainable forms of transport.  All Partners further realise that they can work much more effectively TOGETHER, than attempting to deliver this message individually.  All Partners also realise that they could have a great impact on travel generally in Salford, in view of the large numbers of stakeholders they already speak for in the City.

4 Who Are These Partners ?  University of Salford  Salford Royal Hospitals Trust  Salford Primary Care Trust  Salford City Council  North West Ambulance Service Patient Transport  GMPTE  FIRST GROUP – Buses  Northern Rail  Serco Metrolink  Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

5 Full Associate Partners  Greater Manchester Police  British Transport Police  Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service  The Trafford Centre  Halcrow PLC  Salford Community Transport  Chapel Street Regeneration Board  Merseytravel  Arriva Buses  Stagecoach Buses  BlueBird Bus Company

6 Achievements So Far…  Joint promotions of “In Town Without My Car” day.  Negotiations for discount travel and free “taster” travel on specific days  Liaison with senior representatives of the Travel industry to promote Travel incentives  Attendance at exhibitions to promote Sustainable Travel to businesses and students.  Invitation to joint the Local Strategic Partnership as official “deliverers” of transport messages in Salford  Raising the profile of Sustainable Transport by holding 5 annual conferences in the City

7 Achievements so far…..  Sustainable Transport is now firmly on the Agenda of 10 of the largest employers/ operators within the City of Salford area with commitment at Director level in every case.  Other Greater Manchester areas have “copied” the idea of the Travel Partnership and have set up similar groups in at least 3 local Authority areas.  Members of the Salford Travel Partnership have spoken at many conferences, both national and local, regarding their work and have therefore raised the profile of Salford as a centre of excellence in promoting Sustainable Transport

8 PARTNERSHIP AIMS…  “To develop, promote and maintain the use of sustainable transport within all Partnership members and to influence other Salford stakeholders.  To seek to engage the City of Salford Council in the pursuit of these aims and to support its work in encouraging the use of Sustainable Transport”

9 What have the Partnership Members achieved in working together as Partners ? The Ten Partners between them represent over 70,000 employees, students, and other stakeholders and their voice is one to be reckoned with by all organisations with an interest in reducing single occupancy car use and promoting public transport Those delivering sustainable transport and those promoting its use to their stakeholders have a unique insight into each others Agendas..

10 CORPORATE DEALS….. ……There for all businesses  FIRST GROUP – discounts to commuters from businesses taking part in their schemes  GMPTE – “System One” travel card tickets for employee and business use and advice on Company ticket schemes  METROLINK – Season ticket benefits also mean an extra saving of 10% if companies join the Corporate Season Ticket Scheme.  NORTHERN RAIL – Railcards, Day Savers (combined travel tickets), season tickets and special evening Travel tickets

11 Advice and Assistance..  SALFORD CITY COUNCIL – Advice on general Travel Plans and specific School Travel Plans  UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD – advice and assistance on all issues regarding the setting up of working Partnerships and preparation of Travel Plans and Traffic assessments  THE PARTNERSHIP – we are happy to share our experiences and knowledge of setting up similar “multi Agency” Travel Partnerships.  All 10 Partners will happily share their knowledge gathered over the past 5 years of the Partnership activity

12 NOW….FOR YOUR COMMITMENT The Partnership now look for commitment from all those with influence in the life of the City of Salford. Presentations and conferences held to raise the profile of this subject have not always attracted the highest number of delegates from public life Sustainable Transport is not a sexy subject – it is however an essential one for the growth of a safe and healthy City with the minimum of congestion JOIN US……YOU CAN BE AN ASSOCIATE PARTNER NOW AND HELP INFLUENCE BUSINESSES & ORGANISATIONS IN YOUR OWN CITY

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