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Math Gumbo and RICE V. Martinez

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1 Math Gumbo and RICE V. Martinez

2 RICE Restate Illustrate Compute Explain

3 RESTATE Restate means to say something in a different way.
We restate the important information in the problem. That usually means writing the information that involves some kind of numbers.

4 RESTATE Restate also means to say the question in a different way to make sure you understand what to answer.

5 Restate Addition Problems:
What is the total? How many altogether? How many in all? The sum is…

6 Restate Subtraction Questions
How many fewer? How much change? How many are left? The difference is… How many more? How much greater?

7 Restate - Example Problem: Jeff had 3 nickels and 8 dimes. Marcy has 2 dollars. The children want to buy a present for their Mom that costs $4.25. If the children combined their money, would they have enough money to buy the present. Explain your answer.

8 1.Restate the important information.
Jeff had 3 nickels = .15 and 8 dimes = .80 Marcy had $2.00 Mom’s present = $4.25 2. Restate the important question: Do the children have $4.25?

9 Illustrate This means to draw a picture. Drawing a picture can take many forms. It doesn’t always have to be art. Example: Jeff = Marcy = $ $1.00 ALWAYS LABEL YOUR DRAWINGS!

10 COMPUTE This means that you write a number sentence.
Example: $

11 Explain Your Answer This means to do 2 things:
1. Write the answer in a complete sentence. 2. Tell why you know this answer is your answer in a complete sentence.

12 Now You Try It Jason has $5 in quarters. How many quarters does he have?

13 Restate the important information.
Jason has $5 in quarters. Restate the question: How many quarters does it take to equal $5?

14 Illustrate  = $1.00  = $1.00  = $1.00

15 Write a number sentence.
$1.00+$1.00+$1.00+$1.00+$1.00=$5.00 = 20 quarters

16 Explain Answer: It takes 20 quarters to equal $5.00.
Explain: I know this because there are 4 quarters in one dollar. So 5 dollars has 4 quarters five times.

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