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Engineered safflower with enhanced omega-6 fatty acid SOURCE: Arcadia Biosciences

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1 Engineered safflower with enhanced omega-6 fatty acid SOURCE: Arcadia Biosciences

2 New rice variety with higher protein and lysine content created by crossing cultivated and wild rice varieties SOURCE: Mahmoud, A.A., Sukumar, S. and Krishnan, H.B. 2008. Interspecific Rice Hybrid of Oryza sativa × Oryza nivara Reveals a Significant Increase in Seed Protein Content. J. Agric. Food Chem. 56: 476–482

3 Altering transport gene in carrot results in more bioavailable calcium SOURCE: Morris, J., Hawthorne, K.M., Hotze, T., Abrams, S.A. and Hirschi, K.D. 2008. Nutritional impact of elevated calcium transport activity in carrots. PNAS 10.1073/pnas.0709005105.

4 Natural mutation results in cow that produces skimmed milk SOURCE:

5 SOURCE: Sunilkumar et al. 2006. Engineering cottonseed for use in human nutrition by tissue-specific reduction of toxic gossypol. PNAS 103: 18054-18059. Significant reduction in toxic gossypol in cotton seeds could provide nutritional source for humans and animals

6 SOURCE: Uauy et al. 2006. A NAC gene regulating senescence improves grain protein, zinc, and iron content in wheat. Science 314: 1298-1301. Gene from wild wheat could improve nutritional value of cultivated wheat

7 SOURCE: Diaz de la Garza, R.I., Jesse F. Gregory III, J.F. and Hanson, A.D. 2007. Folate biofortification of tomato fruit. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 4218-4222. Introduction of single bacterial gene increases folate levels in tomato to levels comparable to spinach

8 SOURCE: Rein, D., Schijlen, E., Kooistra, T., Herbers, K., Verschuren, L., Hall, R., Sonnewald, U., Bovy, A. and Kleemann, R. 2006. Transgenic Flavonoid Tomato Intake Reduces C- Reactive Protein in Human C-Reactive Protein Transgenic Mice More Than Wild-Type Tomato. J. Nutr. 136: 2331-2337. Flavonoid-enriched GE tomato has lower levels of protein associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease

9 SOURCE: Park et al. 2005. Genetic Manipulation for Enhancing Calcium Content in Potato Tuber. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53: 5598-5603. Engineered potato contains 3 times more calcium

10 SOURCE: “Super Broccoli” created by classical genetics contains 3.4x sulforaphane, potential anti-cancer agent

11 Deregulation of High Lysine Corn for Animal Feed - Reduces Need for Lysine Supplements February 2006 Deregulation of High Lysine Corn for Animal Feed - Reduces Need for Lysine Supplements February 2006 SOURCE:February 2006, BIOSPACE

12 SOURCE: Texas A&M University Golden Rice – enhanced pro-vitaminA

13 SOURCE: Arcadia Biosciences Safflower Oil Enhanced with Omega-6 Fatty Acids

14 Improving nutritional quality of sorghum for Africa using plant genes SOURCE:


16 SOURCE: Wirth, J., Poletti, S., Aeschlimann, B., Yakandawala, N., Drosse, B., Osorio, S., Tohge, T., Fernie, A.R., Günther, D., Gruissem, W. and Sautter, C. 2009. Rice endosperm iron biofortification by targeted and synergistic action of nicotianamine synthase and ferritin. Plant Biotechnology Journal 7: 1–14. Engineered rice with 6-times more iron in polished rice

17 The Contraction of Product Quality Innovation in Agricultural Biotechnology SOURCE: Graff, G.D., Zilberman, D. and Bennett, A.B. 2009. The contraction of agbiotech product quality innovation in agricultural biotechnology. Nature Biotechnology, in press (August, 2009). Surveys of actual and expected progress in ten categories of product quality innovations with transgenic plants.

18 SOURCE: “Comment period opens on biotech potato”, Truth About Trade & Technology, 5/2/13 Low acrylamide, low sugar bruising resistance in potato engineered only with potato DNA – under consideration for deregulation by APHIS

19 SOURCE: “Golden Rice: Lifesaver?”, New York Times, August 24, 2013.

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