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P. R. Hanley Blessed Edmund Rice Founder of the Christian Brothers.

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2 P. R. Hanley Blessed Edmund Rice Founder of the Christian Brothers

3 P. R. Hanley Notice of Copyright Certain materials in this presentation are included under the Fair Use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and/or under the Fair Dealing exemption of the Ireland Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000 Materials are included in accordance with the [U.S.] multimedia fair use guidelines; and Materials are restricted from further use. © EDMAN YOST, J. (1999), Copyright Chaos - An Educator's Guide to Copyright Law and “Fair Use”,

4 P. R. Hanley Edmund Rice Icon Designed by Desmond Kyne The Edmund Rice Icon designed by Desmond Kyne tells the life story and the influences on Edmund Rice. On the icon you can see the great influences on Edmund-his mother, his faith in God, Nano Nagle. You can also see details of his life like his daughter, his hedge school, his work, what he saw in Waterford. God is represented in the Celtic Circles so common on the icon.

5 P. R. Hanley Blessed Edmund Rice

6 The Edmund Rice Story The following is the story of Edmund Rice. It is a story of a truly great Irishman. He lived through one of the most difficult times in Irish History. He received the love and faith of his mother. He was lucky and married and had a baby daughter. Then when tragedy struck he remained faithful to the belief in God he had received from his mother. He saw the great poverty amongst the boys in Waterford. He decided that Education was the best way of helping them. With his friends he founded the Christian Brothers Religious Congregation. Over the next 40 years he saw his dream of schools develop in many towns in Ireland and England.

7 P. R. Hanley Early Years in Callan Edmund Rice was born in Callan, County Kilkenny in 1762.

8 P. R. Hanley Edmund’s House Inside Edmund’s family were farmers and had a good living for Catholics during the Penal Laws.

9 P. R. Hanley Where Edmund was Born

10 P. R. Hanley Edmund’s Early Life Edmund worked on the farm with his brothers. He also played games like: Hurling, Fishing and Raparees which was a game like cops and robbers.

11 P. R. Hanley Edmund Learned from his Mother Edmund learned to be kind to the poor Edmund learned about his Catholic Faith Edmund learned to be honest in business Edmund learned the importance of hard work.

12 P. R. Hanley Education Edmund learned most things from his mother and from occasional visits by a teacher who taught in the local hedge school Edmund also went to Secondary School in Kilkenny

13 Apprentice At 14 Edmund was invited by his uncle to come to Waterford. Edmund learned to be a Ship’s Chandler. He bought land in many counties. He grew wealthy.

14 P. R. Hanley Ship’s Chandler Edmund’s business was supplying sailing ships with all the items they would need for a long sea journey.

15 P. R. Hanley Businessman When Michael Rice died Edmund took over the business. He became an excellent businessman. Edmund was now one of Waterford’s richest men.

16 P. R. Hanley Edmund’s Charity Edmund gave generously to many charities. He often visited the poor in their homes. He visited the prisons and those who were about to be hanged.

17 P. R. Hanley Edmund Marries Edmund fell in love and married a beautiful lady named Mary. Mary was about to have a baby but was killed when she fell off her horse The baby was born but was handicapped

18 P. R. Hanley People Edmund Helped Edmund helped Charles Bianconi set up his stagecoach business. Edmund also helped Daniel O Connell. Later Daniel helped set up the famous O Connell Schools in Dublin

19 P. R. Hanley Edmund Decides Edmund was very sad. He kept up his charity work. He was thinking about becoming a priest and going to France to teach

20 P. R. Hanley Edmund Sets Up School Edmund was visiting a friend. While he was there they heard fighting outside on the street. She suggested that he should do something for them rather than go to France

21 P. R. Hanley School Edmund decided that the best way to help the poor was to set up a school. He bought an old stable and cleaned it up and set up a school. He paid two people to teach but they soon gave up.

22 P. R. Hanley First Volunteers He prayed to God for help and two friends from Callan arrived. The number of boys coming to school increased every day. Over the next year a large number of boys arrived for school

23 P. R. Hanley Mount Sion Edmund sold all his land and businesses. He put money aside for his daughter. He then decided to build a new school on a small hill at the edge of Waterford City. It was called Mount Sion

24 P. R. Hanley Mount Sion, Waterford 1802

25 P. R. Hanley Caring for Poor Edmund noticed that the boys coming to school had no breakfast and were in rags. Edmund Set up a Bakehouse so the boys had breakfast each morning. Edmund set up a tailor shop to make clothes for the boys on special occasions. Bakehouse Tailor Shop

26 P. R. Hanley Brother Edmund Rice In 1809 he decided that he and his helpers should become a Religious Congregation. The new Congregation was called ~The Christian Brothers.

27 P. R. Hanley NEW Schools Over the next 40 years Edmund was invited to set up schools in many towns and cities. In 1816 Edmund was invited to set up a school in Limerick. Many men now became Brothers

28 P. R. Hanley Edmund Dies In 1844 Edmund Rice died in Waterford. In 1996 Pope John Paul II declared Edmund to be Blessed Soon Blessed Edmund will be named a Saint. Room in Mount Sion where Edmund Rice Died

29 P. R. Hanley Edmund’s Work Continues Edmund’s work and charism did not die with him. Christian Brothers can be found in many parts of the world. The Edmund Rice “Family” Today, with the numbers of Christian Brothers dropping, the work of keeping the Edmund Rice charism is kept alive by the Edmund Rice Family. This “family” is made up of parents, students, teachers, ex brothers and friends as well as the Christian Brothers.

30 P. R. Hanley Christian Brothers Worldwide Today the Christian Brothers work with the poor in every continent.

31 P. R. Hanley      Christian Brothers are Worldwide        

32 P. R. Hanley Around the World Ireland England United States Canada Argentina Uruguay Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea India Italy Gibralter Zambia Tanzania Sudan Sierra Leone

33 P. R. Hanley Around the World South Africa Zimbabwe Gambia Namibia Kenya Liberia Ghana Hawaii East Timor

34 P. R. Hanley Interesting Information Christian Brothers’ Crest Stamps of Edmund Rice by An Post Beatification of Edmund Rice Our School Crest Bicentenary Today’s Brothers Writing Box Counties linked to Edmund Rice

35 P. R. Hanley CBS Crest

36 P. R. Hanley What the Crest Means Facere et Docere means To DO and to TEACH Celtic Cross = Faith Latin writing = congregation of Christian Brothers Star = Learning

37 P. R. Hanley Stamps of Edmund Rice Twice stamps of Edmund Rice have been issued by An Post.

38 P. R. Hanley Pope John Paul Declares Edmund Rice As Blessed In 1996 Pope John Paul declared that Edmund Rice should be Blessed Edmund. To be made Blessed Edmund it was necessary to prove that a miracle was due to prayers to Edmund

39 P. R. Hanley Beatification Day 1996

40 P. R. Hanley Our New School Crest In 1994 a boy in 5th class at the CBS Primary Sexton Street designed the new school Crest.

41 P. R. Hanley What the Crest Means Hurleys = Sport Celtic Cross = Our Catholic Faith Book = Learning Colours are Maroon & White (School Colours) All joined together so that we grow in all ways

42 P. R. Hanley Bicentenary The year 2002 is the bicentenary of the opening of the first school. It was opened at Mount Sion, Waterford in 1802.

43 P. R. Hanley Edmund Rice Camps These are camps which started in Australia but now take place in many cities in Ireland also. Students and young people, especially from disadvantaged areas come together and enjoy a range of activities together.

44 P. R. Hanley Today’s Brothers Today the number of Brothers is at its lowest ever. However the growing Edmund Rice Family means that the work and ideals of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers continues. The EDMUND RICE FAMILY This is the growing number of people, teachers, parents, students, exBrothers, Brothers and friends who work to keep the charism of Edmund Rice alive in the world.

45 P. R. Hanley Beatification Beatification Beatification is when the Pope declares a person to be Blessed. People are beatified after it is proved that they lived holy lives. It must be proved that they helped mankind in some way. Beatification is the first big step on the way to canonisation, that is making someone a Saint.

46 P. R. Hanley Writing Box One of the few items which we have that Edmund Rice used was a Writing Box. Writing boxes were used by people especially people who travelled. It would have secret compartments.

47 P. R. Hanley Waterford Waterford is a county and city in the south of Ireland. Waterford is famous for its crystal. Waterford is still a busy city and port.

48 P. R. Hanley Kilkenny Kilkenny is a county in South East Ireland. Kilkenny was a Norman centre and has an excellent medieval Castle. Kilkenny is also a great sporting county. Its favourite sport is Hurling.

49 P. R. Hanley Additional Information Icons Thatched Cottages Penal Laws Web Links

50 P. R. Hanley Icons Icons are usually used to tell the story of a famous person or to tell the story of Jesus. They are used to help people pray. Icons are most popular in Eastern Europe

51 P. R. Hanley Thatched Cottages Thatch was available in fields near the house. It helped keep the house warm especially in Winter. Thatching would last for many years. Thatch allowed the rain to flow off at the edges. Sometimes the thatch could catch fire quite easily.

52 P. R. Hanley Penal Laws The Penal Laws were introduced by the English Government to control the Irish Catholics. The laws banned Catholics from owning property, having a horse, having a weapon, going to Mass, being a Priest, going to school. The Penal Laws were removed by the Catholic Emancipation Act 1829 which was the greatest work of Daniel O Connell. Mass Rock People had to go to Mass and School in secret

53 P. R. Hanley Charles Bianconi Charles Bianconi came to Ireland as a refugee. He, with the help of many people including Edmund Rice, set up the first stagecoach business in Ireland. It began in the Clonmel and Waterford region.

54 P. R. Hanley Charles Bianconi Charles Bianconi ROUTE ESTABLISHED Clonmel/Limrick 1815 Thurles 1815 Waterford(10a.m) 1816 Ross 1818 Waterford(regulator) 1820 Waterford(telegraph) 1821 Cork 1821 Kilkenny 1821 Tipperary(3oclock) 1828 Tipperary(nightmail) 1828 Dungarvan 1831 Roscrea 1842 Gould’s cross 1849 Areas where Bianconi Coaches travelled

55 P. R. Hanley Web Links

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