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Poster Design Workshop: Adobe Illustrator March 21, 2012 Catherine Tucker.

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1 Poster Design Workshop: Adobe Illustrator March 21, 2012 Catherine Tucker

2 Example Poster

3 Introduction This workshop will outline the basics of constructing a poster in Adobe Illustrator – Basics of Poster Making – Using Adobe Illustrator – Tips and Tricks

4 Basics of Poster Making Text – All text should be legible at a distance of 3 to 4 feet. Use at least a 24-point type size for the main text. The title type should be at least 1.5 inches high. – The title should be kept as short as possible so that it can be read quickly. – Use upper and lower case type throughout the poster. ALL UPPER CASE TYPE IS MORE DIFFICULT TO READ. – Serif fonts (such as Times New Roman ) are generally easier to read in the body of the text. Sans serif fonts (such as Arial or Tahoma ) are best used in titles, headings, and captions for emphasis. – Print all text using a laser printer. – Use bold and/or italics for emphasis.

5 Basics of Poster Making Layout – Keep at least a 1-inch margin on all sides. – Layout should encourage the reader to “follow” their way through the poster – Poster can be NO MORE THAN 40 INCHES TALL

6 Images Maps – Always use projections vs. – Map outlines for all countries and states are available for free through the Wikimedia Commons Map outlines

7 Using Adobe Illustrator Creating a new poster – From the File menu, select New – In the dialog box that pops up, enter a name for your poster, the width and height of your poster, and RGB Color. Image and Text Courtesy of Tara Murray

8 Using Adobe Illustrator Toolbars – If you cannot see any of the tools needed, select View from the toolbar and check the tools needed. They will pop up in your window

9 Using Adobe Illustrator Placing text in your poster – To create a text box, click on the Type Tool and then click and drag to draw a box on your poster. – You can type in your text box, or copy text from another application (such as a word processor). Image and Text Courtesy of Tara Murray

10 Using Adobe Illustrator Layers – To select an object, click the circle to the right of its name. The object and the circle will be highlighted in blue. – Click the eyeball icon next to the object to make it visible or invisible. – Click the lock icon to lock or unlock an object. Locking prevents an object from being moved or edited. For instance, locking the background will keep you from accidentally selecting and moving the background while you are arranging images on your poster. Image and Text Courtesy of Tara Murray

11 Using Adobe Illustrator Saving as a PDF – From the File menu select Save as – Under Save as type, select Adobe PDF – This is the format needed for printing

12 Using Adobe Illustrator Graphs – Best to create in Excel Charts – Best to create in Word Import them as multiple elements – Allows you to change individual things within Adobe Illustrator – Avoid pasting as a picture *Remember to use the shift key when changing the size of your charts and graphs

13 Tips and Tricks: Design Alignment Guides

14 Tips and Tricks: Design Grouping Arranging

15 Tips and Tricks: Helpful Shortcuts Alt + center click – Zoom in and out Shift + left click – Select multiple items Ctrl + left click – Select one item in a group Ctrl + C Ctrl + V

16 Common Troubleshooting Why can’t I select something? – Check to make sure that you have the arrow tool selected My Excel graph/Word chart isn’t pasting correctly – Make sure you’re using Excel 2008 or later. Select the graph/chart you want to copy and use the ctrl+C and ctrl+V commands. All of my text isn’t showing up – Check for a red box at the bottom right of your larger text box and adjust your font size

17 Printing Information Allow for at least one week to print your poster Consider laminating your poster Engineering Copy Center 101 Engineering Unit A (campus map showing Engineering Units) 863-1612 Engineering Copy Center campus map showing Engineering Units Multimedia and Print Center Hostetter Building 865-7544 Multimedia and Print Center

18 Resources and Citations research-methods/poster-design-tips research-methods/poster-design-tips package/adobe-illustrator/handout- illus.pdf/view package/adobe-illustrator/handout- illus.pdf/view Thanks to Tara Murray and Greg O’Toole

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