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Charlotte’s Web UOP/RDG350.

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1 Charlotte’s Web UOP/RDG350

2 Introduction Charlotte’s Web Language Arts Lesson Plan
Science Lesson Plan Standards Performance Objectives The basis of the Standard-Based Presentation of Team C is written by E.B. entitled as Charlotte’s Web. The next slides will contain a short summary of the same book which will eventually show contrast of two Standard-Based lesson plans with the use of certain Performance Objectives.

3 Book Information Author : E.B. White Made in print on October 15, 1962
Key Characters Charlotte Fern Wilbur The story revolves around Fern, a girl with a pet pig named Wilbur, and Charlotte, Fern’s best friend spider. The story started when Wilbur knew that he will soon be dead and be eaten by people. Charlotte makes up a strategy to save its life, which will even help him become famous. The story teaches its readers on the importance of valuing friendship.

4 Lesson Plan #1 Lesson: Friendship Objectives: Concept Objectives
To be able to build different viewpoints which would give respect to the pride of every member of a society and to acknowledge that there each member needs one another. Content Objectives To be able to remember certain characters, details, facts, and important events in the story. To be able to widen various written resources like reports, descriptions, letters, stories, and poems. Skills Objectives To be able to make use of different strategies, such as context clues, and to be able to talk about the sense of each sentence. To be able to point out and systematize the most important details of the story both in writing and orally.

5 Evaluation/Assessment
Lesson Plan #1 cont Materials Procedures/Steps Chart tablet Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White Students’ Response Journal Before reading and book introduction, write “A friend is…” in the chart tablet or board. The students should write the Book Title, author, and date of Charlotte’s Web by E.B White inside their Response Journals. Short discussion of the start of the sentence by asking what friends do and how should friends act towards each other. Give minutes for them to answer such questions. Thereafter, let them share it in class. Assign Chapters 1 & 2 of the Charlotte’s Web and talk about vocabulary words significant in the story. Short discussion of both chapters. In their chart paper, answer the ff: Name the 2 main characters. (Fern, Wilbur) Where is the setting of the story? What is a farm? What is the issue? Name the most important event in both chapters On another chart entitled as FRIENDS, give the answers to the ff: How was Fern able to show her friendship with Wilbur? How did Wilbur show that he is Fern’s friend? For reference purposes, post the charts. Evaluation/Assessment Class input to be observed by the teacher

6 Lesson Plan #1 cont Virginia Standards of Learning 2nd Grade Science
2.4 An investigation and understanding of how the animals and plants grow and change will be held by the students. 2.5 an investigation and understanding of the fact that living things comprise a certain system will be held by the students. Virginia Standards of Learning 2nd Grade Visual Arts-Visual Communication and Production 2.7 There will be a collaboration with other students in making an artwork. 2.8 There will be an identification and usage of different resources for ideas for their artwork which may be people, nature, imagery, imagination, and others. 2.9 There will be construction of a 3D art.

7 Lesson Plan #1 cont Virginia Standards of Learning 2nd Grade English
Reading: 2.8 A reading and demonstration will be conducted as to their understanding of the fictional book. 2.9 Reading and demonstration of non-fictions based on their understanding. Writing: 2.12 Writing of different letters, stories, and other brief explanations.

8 Lesson Plan #2 Charlotte’s Web Animal Research Project:
Understanding Farms as Ecosystems Summary: The classical story of Charlotte’s Web is a literature novel with the main characters Fern, a girl with a pet pig named Wilbur with a spider best friend named Charlotte, revolving in a farm setting. With this, our main goal is to search more farm animals stated in the story and identify their roles in the ecosystem of the farm. Projects will be done individually, to be presented by the end of the week. Standards: VA 2nd Grade Science Standards- Life Processes Standard 2.4: An investigation and understanding of how the plants and animals go through changes with their cycle. Standard 2.5:  An investigation and understanding of how living things take a vital role in their system will be conducted by the students. VA 2nd Grade Visual Art Standards- Visual Communication and Production Standard 2.7:  A joint project will be held in creating an artwork. Standard 2.8:  An identification and usage of different resources of ideas with the use of imagery, imagination, people, resources, nature, and the like. Standard 2.9: Making of a 3D artwork.

9 Lesson Plan #2 cont Lesson objectives:
By the end of the lesson students will be able to: Show awareness of the uniqueness of an ecosystem and how it functions collectively and individually. Show awareness of certain animals and their importance in a farm. Recognize and make use of a different materials in creating a 3D project and artwork.

10 Lesson Plan #2 Day#1 Materials:
Group Project Instructional Sheet, Scissors, Glue, Markers,and random materials such as leaves, grass, Charlotte’s Web book, Charlotte’s Web Movie Clip, etc.; Individual Project instructions and informational resources sheet, Animal Section sheet and Student/Parent Acknowledgement sheet. Steps: Ice breaker- A short clip of the movie Charlotte’s Web will be shown to the students. Thereafter, questions will be given by the teacher which will be answered by the students as to the main characters and the setting. A KWL- chart will be finished by the students which would contain their knowledge of farms and its importance. They will present a short skit showing what they know about ecosystems and itsfunctions. The other students will be asked to point out important characters, and 2 students will write it on the board. Thereafter, they will be divided into groups having 4-5 members each and will make a mini ecosystem after finishing the same, they should go back to their properr places. Afterwards, they will be asked to make individual project instructions and informational resources sheet, while their Animal selection and student/parent acknowledgment sheet will be answered in a form of a homework. They will select two that cannot be chosen by another student. This will be a first-come-first-serve method.

11 Lesson Plan #2 Day#2 Materials:
Individual Project Instructional Sheet (Students should bring sheet to class), Preprinted names of each student, Re-enforcement worksheet, Computers, Blank Poster Board, Library, and Charlotte’s Web book. Steps: Ice Breaker- the group work will be presented in class, followed by a question and answer portion to make sure that they all understand everything about the ecosystem. All of them will then make an acknowledgment form individually and will also make a writing re-enforcement exercise with the use of important vocabulary words used in the book as well as in the ecosystem lesson. Upon finishing the aforementioned, they will then form a line to go to the library wherein they will have permission to borrow the books, take notes they saw from the encyclopedia, and have a print-out of only one informational sheet found in the internet. Thereafter, they will go back to their classroom and they shall be excused in working for their assignment in Science and be given only few Language Arts homework for the week.

12 Conclusion “Charlotte’s Web”, written by E.B. White, contains a lot of information that are useful for classroom discussions. It may be for Science pertaining to the ecosystem and the animals, or even in English and in Language Arts, teaching about literary works and vocabulary. Their analyzing and writing skills are also tested by them being bale to identify the parts of a story. With this, the students will be able to gain knowledge while they enjoy reading through the story.

13 References Virginia Department of Education. (2011). Retrieved from x.shtml White, E. B. (1952). Charlotte’s Web. Illus. Garth Williams. New York: Harper & Row.

14 Rubrics Rock and Roll! Pretty good Getting by Oops Book Activities
Rock and Roll! Pretty good Getting by Oops Book Activities 8-10 slides show addition of the book in reaching the objectives or principles of language arts and another subject area. 8-10 slides show addition of the book in reaching the objectives or principles of language arts. Another subject area shall also be analyzed in a non- performance standard. Fewer than 8 slides show addition in reaching objectives or standards in language arts. Performance standards are not seen. Standards Every standards are incorporated and applied to the lesson. A single standard is incorporated and applied in the lesson. Standards are referred, but was failed to be stated straightforwardly. Standards failed to be included. Appearance and Sequencing Information is offered in a logical series and slides are eye-catching and simple to read. Addded information may be incorporated in the notes part of slides. Information is offered in a logical series and slides are eye-catching and simple to read. Slides come into view messy with a lot of text or graphics. Slides failed to have the necessary information.

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