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Bacteria 100 words.

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1 Bacteria 100 words

2 Bacteria Prokaryotes Genetic material is not in a nucleus

3 Bacteria Come in three basic shapes. Sphere : cocci Rod : bacilli

4 Bacteria : cocci Diplococcus

5 Bacteria : cocci Streptococcus

6 Bacteria : bacilli Streptococcus

7 Bacteria : Spiral

8 Bacteria We are not going to get back into cell structure, however, it is at least worth looking at bacteria mobility. Flagellum long whip like structure spins like a propeller Rotary joint

9 Bacteria

10 Bacteria

11 Bacteria Bacteria exist in two Kingdoms. Archaebacteria Eubacteria
Live in extreme environments Acids, intestines, sewage, 110 degree water etc Produce foul odors Eubacteria Live everywhere else Many are beneficial

12 Bacteria Reproduction
Asexual reproduction Reproduction with only one parent binary fission one cell divides to form two identical cells Sexual Reproduction Two parents combine genetic material Conjugation Transfer genetic material through a thin bridge

13 Bacteria Conjugation

14 Bacteria binary fission

15 A tiny glimpse at the Virus
Simple success

16 Virus

17 Virus Non-living Do not use energy to grow
Do not respond to their surroundings Sub-microscopic Unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. A host is an organism that harbors a virus or parasite.

18 Virus Each viral particle, or virion, consists of just two parts
Genetic material, DNA or RNA. A protective protein coat called a capsid.

19 Virus Viruses multiply by entering a host cell and taking over cell function with its own genetic material. The infected host cells then produce more protein and genetic material to assemble new virion.

20 Virus

21 Virus

22 High Resolution photomicrograph of the SimianVirus

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