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GE Energy.

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1 GE Energy

2 GE Energy

3 GE Today GE is an advanced technology, services and capital company with the scale, resources and expertise to take on the world’s toughest challenges. Dedicated to innovation in the areas of energy, health, transportation and infrastructure, we’re committed to leadership, partnership and human progress. 3 Energy overview revised: 11/10/11

4 GE Works as a U.S. job creator >834,000 jobs are supported by GE
$166.2 billion in U.S. economic activity is generated annually by GE’s operations, pensions, and dividends 133,118 U.S. based GE employees 701,123 Jobs supported by GE operations 834,241 Total U.S. jobs GE plays a role in 1 out of every 208 jobs in the U.S. Source: Tripp Umbach study - Economic impact of GE on the U.S. economy

5 Forging strong relationships with U.S. suppliers
GE purchases more than $40.6 billion annually from U.S. suppliers GE purchases more than $15.5 billion annually from U.S. small businesses and diverse suppliers Nearly $2 of every $5 GE spends goes to small and diverse suppliers Take away box refers to GE’s direct and indirect impact.  Our operations, and the money that flows through the economy as a result, contributes to this figure.  GE is not solely responsible for $1 out of every $87, but we contribute $1 out of $87 due to the way the money ripples through the economy.  Think of it this way – GE pays your salary, you in turn go to a restaurant for dinner which helps to generate money in the pocket of the server, the cook, the bus boy, the owner, the utility company, etc.  They then do the same . . . GE helps contribute to $1 in every $87 in the U.S. economy Source: Tripp Umbach study - Economic impact of GE on the U.S. economy

6 Energy is a global scale business
GE Energy 25% of GE revenue Technology partner for customers Oil & Gas Power & Water Energy Management Drilling & Surface Global Services Measurement & Control PII Pipeline Solutions Subsea Systems Turbomachinery Aeroderivative Gas Turbines Gas Engines Nuclear Energy Power Generation Services Renewable Energy Thermal Products Water & Process Technologies Digital Energy Industrial Solutions Power Conversion Energy is a global scale business

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GE Energy works © 2012 General Electric Company

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connecting … people and ideas © 2012 General Electric Company

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everywhere © 2012 General Electric Company

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to create © 2012 General Electric Company

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advanced technologies © 2012 General Electric Company

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for powering a cleaner, more productive world © 2012 General Electric Company

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GE Energy works connecting people and ideas everywhere to create advanced technologies for powering a cleaner, more productive world © 2012 General Electric Company

14 Our culture We invest in people and develop global leaders in a high-integrity environment. We perform with excellence focused on organic growth, productivity and risk management.

15 Next decade industry challenges for oil and gas …
environmental and operational regulations ... efficiency and safety Tighter Generational New life for old fields … Enhanced Oil Recovery Reserves are more difficult to find … deepwater, unconventionals, arctic, sour and acid gas gap and domain expertise emerging as an issue Key Challenges: New life for old fields … today’s recovery rates from a typical field are ~40% … this can be enhanced by EOR techniques to be closer to 70% GEO&G’s main plays are in water re-injection (viz application for BP in the North Rumaila where we have sold HP pumps driven by Waukesha gas engines) & CO2 reinjection (viz Gorgon where we are re-injecting CO2 stripped during LNG liquefaction) Reserves more difficult to find … & produce. Product is also harder to handle (eg Kazakhstan product is typically ~30% H2S) Tighter environmental & operational regulations … governments around the world are demanding that oil & gas production is achieved safely, with lower environmental impact … customers want to “sweat” their assets – they demand higher efficiency … higher availability Talent … Last big influx of people into the industry was in the 70s/80s … now getting close to retirement (viz 50% of senior instrumentation engineers are +55yrs old ... ie will retire in next 10 years) … also NOCs are demanding high % local employees (viz in W Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Ghana etc) targets are +70% local staff … > 50% 15

16 Global electricity demand growth
Billion kWh Non-OECD OECD* 4.4% CAGR 1.2% CAGR BEST CASE SCENARIOS It’s easy to imagine worst case scenarios—blackouts, economic instability, shortage of supply—but it’s just as necessary to imagine best case scenarios and then find ways to make them happen. ALTERNATE ABUNDANCE—Developing renewable technologies to supplement—and ultimately replace—hydrocarbons. Demand to increase by 85% … portfolio improvements needed Source: GE Energy 2011 outlook *OECD includes: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and U.S..

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GE Energy works connecting people and ideas everywhere to create advanced technologies for powering a cleaner, more productive world © 2012 General Electric Company

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Electricity to enhance quality of life RENEWABLE POWER SUSTAINS THE QUALITY OF LIFE—AND THE ECONOMY Wind power is now a mainstream fuel that represents 42% of all new electricity added to the grid in In the last three years the wind industry has installed more than 16,000 megawatts–enough energy to power nearly four million homes. North Dakota alone could theoretically produce enough wind-generated power to meet the needs of more than a fourth of U.S. electricity demand. Smart grid technologies will help more homes in the U.S. benefit from renewable power, deliver increases in energy efficiency, improve power reliability, and empower consumers to manage their energy usage. According to a report prepared for the GridWise Alliance, government investments of $16 billion in smart grid could create up to 280,000 new jobs. GREENER AND LEANER TECHNOLOGY IS MATURING Solar power is maturing Wind energy is blending into the landscape Cleaner coal technologies can access abundant fuel sources Charles Steinmetz, one of the founders of GE, helped foster the development of alternating current, which in turn grew the electric power industry in the United States. ENERGY EVOLUTION DIDN”T STOP WITH EDISON AND STEINMETZ GE is supporting pioneers in several industries who can make comparable leaps in technology © 2012 General Electric Company

19 © 2012 General Electric Company

20 30% of the worlds population is water stressed today …
60% by 2025 © 2012 General Electric Company

21 More Global … by connecting people and ideas everywhere

22 Energy’s global footprint …
Operating in over 165 countries • 100,000+ employees Countries Energy is doing business/operations Countries Energy is doing business

23 Expanding emerging regions capability
Kaluga, Russia – power technology Shenyang, China - manufacturing Perth, Australia - services Hai Phong, Vietnam - manufacturing Dammam, Saudi Arabia - manufacturing and technology Boufarik, Algeria - services

24 Diverse energy solutions
Gas Renewables Water Technologies Smart Grid Top 10 technologies … 1 – 2 – Renewables … combine wind and solar (bag nuclear) 3 – Distributed power … replace with biomass 4 – Electrification 5 – Asset Health 6 – split O&G … deep sea exploration and production … LNG, what Distributed Power Electrification Asset Health Enhanced Oil Recovery Subsea Systems

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Supplying power generation equipment for Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Gas Development projects RUWAIS Project Name: IGD, Ruwais 4th NGL Project Buyer: JV GS &C (Korea)/Petrofac Country Buyer: South Korea/UAE End user: GASCO Country End User: UAE Project Location: UAE, Ruwais Scope of Supply: N°2 x Propane Refrigerant Compressors (3MCL1005) EM driven (32.2 MW VSDS System) + N°2 x Cooling Gas Compressors (BCL503) EM driven (3.3 MW VSDS System) + Capital Spares+ Supervision to Site Activities GENP Total Order amount: 42 MM€ splitted as follow: 41 MMe Turbomachinery portion/ 1 MM€ Service (Supervision to Site Activities) Portion Effective Date LOA: 27th September 2009 DAS ISLAND Project Name: IGD, Das Island Buyer: HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries) Country Buyer: South Korea End user: ADGAS Project Location: UAE, Das Island Scope of Supply: N°3 x Turbocompressors Fr5D + BCL 406/A + Capital Spares + Supervision to Site Activities Status: Contract not yet awarded - still under negotiation with EPC Competitor: Siemens GENP Potential Total Order amount: 69.0 MM$ splitted as follow: 66.5 MM$ Turbomachinery portion MM$ Service (Supervision to Site Activities) Portion HABSHAN PROCESS Project Name: Habshan 5, Process Buyer: JGC Country Buyer: Japan Project Location: UAE, Habshan Scope of Supply: N°8 x Compressors Steam Turbine Driven + N°6 Compressors VFD Driven + Capital Spares + Supervision to Site Activities Status: GE out of last negotiation run due to pricing target very far below GE actual costs Competitors: MHI, Hitachi, Ebara Powering upstream production © 2012 General Electric Company

26 © 2012 General Electric Company
Thermal Power Gas turbine Largest installed base of any gas turbine provider Rapid low cost installation and leading edge technology Steam turbine World leader in manufacturing – first went into operation in 1901 Variety of sizes and applications depending on customer need (GE HEAT, IGCC, Non-reheat, Fossil Steam, Nuclear Steam, etc) Generator Over 100 years experience; 14,000 shipped Air cooled, hydrogen cooled and water cooled Gasification Largest installed fleet of industrial gasifiers 618 MW Duke IGCC under construction Talking points... GE Energy is a technology leader with a wide spectrum of combined cycle, nuclear, and coal-fired steam turbine solutions and is actively investing in the continued advancement of steam turbine technology. Our award winning combined cycle HEAT steam turbines have set the standard for operational reliability and safety, and we are continuing to invest in the next generation of HEAT steam turbines to further improve performance across our combine cycle product line. The first HEAT steam turbines now have more than 15,000 operating hours. In this past year, we announced new, faster start capabilities for our 50 Hz A-Series and 60 Hz D-Series steam turbines and are now looking to apply that technology across all of our combined cycle models. Additionally, we are evolving our steam turbine products for applications like IWPP, IGCC, industrials, and other applications - CSP &and geothermal. GE offers supercritical steam turbines ranging from 500 to 1000 MW, and has provided more than 18 GW of super critical steam turbines in the South Korean market over the past 15 year. As a result of that experience, GE was awarded a 600 MW super critical steam turbine for South Carolina in 2006. GE Energy also is finalizing development of a next-generation ultra supercritical (USC) 1000 MW turbine incorporating the latest technology advancements in steampath design, materials, and sealing. Initial launch is planned in South Korea. GE continues to provide sub-critical steam turbines ranging from 350 MW to 600 MW are also available. GE has received recent awards for these machines, including a 350 MW project in Kentucky, 600 MW project in South Carolina, and a 2x350 MW in South America.  GE Energy can provide steam turbines for both PWR and BWR nuclear plant applications. Proven designs support applications up to 1600 MW, including a new 1455 MW design for PWR applications in South Korea. A 1550 MW steam turbine is being developed that will incorporate the latest nuclear steam turbine technology for use in GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR). © 2012 General Electric Company

27 Creating solutions around the way you operate your plant
Power Generation Services Empowering customers through life cycle solutions Plan & Install Operate & Maintain Upgrade & Optimize Repower/Retire Economic forecasting Generation planning Flexible operations O&M optimization Parts/repairs reliability Outage solutions Performance Asset life extension Total plant solutions Decommissioning Repurposed assets Asset repowering Creating solutions around the way you operate your plant

28 Water & Process Technologies
8,000 global employees • $2.2B 2010 annual revenue Addressing global challenges … water availability, quality, productivity, energy and the environment Delivering solutions through global research centers located in India, China, Germany, Brazil and the United States with committed experts developing water and process solutions for industry challenges Providing chemical monitoring solutions and equipment systems for key industries … power generation, mining, petrochemical, oil & gas, steel, food & beverage, municipal and unconventional gas

29 Digital Energy Smart Grid Power Equipment Prolec GE JV Electrical energy transformed into mechanical energy by a motor Mechanical energy transformed into electrical energy by a generator Adjusting frequency and current through a converter or an inverter Metering & Sensing Systems Grid Automation Smart Grid Solutions Power Quality Power Delivery Power Sensing Power Transformers Distribution Transformers Autotransformers & Shunts End-to-end vision, technology and expertise to build a smarter grid. Today.


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