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Improving Management of the New Hampshire Bob Minicucci May 28, 2014 CWSRF or SRF 1.

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1 Improving Management of the New Hampshire Bob Minicucci May 28, 2014 CWSRF or SRF 1

2 How Education in Management Science & Lean Tools Revamped a Program 2

3 Certified Public Manager Program Through NH’s State-Wide Bureau of Education & Training Open to public sector throughout NH CPM/CPS is national program “Thesis” project required 3

4 Wave of Retirements 2010 – 2011 NH Budget Many Retirements Not all positions re-filled No knowledge transfer 100 % turnover in SRF staff, incl. their boss 4

5 New Staff See A Problem Moving + $30 million/year with no written procedures Staff not doing things in consistent manner Customers not getting consistency 5

6 A LEAN Project CPM thesis Process Standardization 5 mornings in early Nov 2011 External customers in from the start 6

7 Process mapped 7

8 Note the additional ideas This is the important point 8

9 This project achieved: A common understanding Provided the basis for SOP-writing 25% fewer days staff-time to process loan application – The customer cares about this measure 15% fewer days to process disbursement – 55% after two years 9

10 Additional ideas focused on: Improvements to forms & instructions Improved (organized) e-filing Electronic doc transfer Elimination of a major step Explicit deadlines, even if suggested 10

11 They’ve gone on to… Write SOPs Strategic plan for CWSRF program Fiscal analysis Threat analysis – there is competition 11

12 Current Focus Address Davis-Bacon perceptions – Calculator to balance incr. admin. costs vs. lower interest rate Apply SRF tool to new problems Tighter management of program 12

13 CWSRF Balanced Scorecard ObjectiveGoal Customer Satisfaction Effective Resource Management Improve CWSRF Performance Initiative Minimize State Requirements Minimize Federal Requirements Improved Communication Financial Incentives Measure Increase Use of CWSRF State Match Decrease disbursement period Interest Rates Promote refinance option Principal Forgiveness Env-Wq 500 Rules Changes Aggressively Seek Customers Partner with other Bureaus Partner with outside Groups Small equipment, Sec. 319/320 Investment Earnings Regular updates, trainings, outreach materials from NHDES Obligate repayment funds 104% Loan Commitments Partnership with CLF/MBB State Match from General Fund > $88k or 0.08% Improve Sustainability of the CWSRF Competition for CWSRF Cost Benefit Analysis of CWSRF Stormwater/NPS/air loans Separate loans for multiple phases Rates low, but flexible Increase eligible entity definition; use “equivalency” for environ. review, DBE, etc. Internal policies and procedures should be streamlined Optimal environmental benefit Applicants understand CWSRF loan eligibilities and process Affordability, energy audits, asset management, NPS, etc. Intra-bureau communication Enforcement, operations, etc. 3 to 4 year disbursement period; issue and close loans efficiently 13

14 Thank you! Questions ? 14

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