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HEARTLAND REGION STRATEGIC PLAN 2009 Leadership Comments The Meridian Institute.

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1 HEARTLAND REGION STRATEGIC PLAN 2009 Leadership Comments The Meridian Institute

2 Process  The Meridian Institute worked with RLI and Greater Lafayette Economic Development Corporation to identify key corporate, government, and education leaders in the region for one-on-one, confidential interviews on the draft plan  These leaders were considered as candidates for the Stewardship Council  The leaders had not participated directly in the creation of the draft plan, but their support would be critical for implementation

3 Highlights of Interviews Leaders were asked to comment on whether the report presented the region’s most important global assets in a way that an investor from China, e.g., might find important  To be globally visible and competitive a regional approach is essential  Does regional vision distinguish us from any other US region?  Region stands out clearly in report, but different views on defining global assets—  Water and agribusiness/research  World class educational institutions  Workforce and manufacturing process

4 Highlights of Interviews Leaders were asked to comment on the six strategic directions— were these the right strategies? Are there priorities  Competitive economic strategy for the whole region was universally identified as the number one issue for the region that all strategies should support  Every corporate leader identified improving K – 12 education as a top priority for the region and felt this was not addressed in current action plans  Regional Trustee Council strongly endorsed and rated as critical  Cultural vitality and liveliness of region noted as in need of transformation to make region more attractive to talent

5 Highlights of Interviews Strategies, continued  Biotown may not be seen as a success for the region  Talent is the top issue to address: “if there are talented people, everything will be figured out”  Report needs a tighter focus, more distinctive flavor  The region still does not “feel” like a region, still diffuse and has “twin star” urban centers that are very different

6 Highlights of Interviews Strategies  The region needs to overcome the perception of disconnection  East – West transportation and better rural-urban transportation are critical to being more of a region  Emphasis on Regional Transportation Plan  Develop the river for recreation and regional identity

7 Highlights of Interviews Leaders were asked to comment on the assets and challenges noted in the report—is this an honest look in the mirror? Does it also present the region for marketing?  The region has a unique cluster of rooted corporate leaders who care about the region; asset needs to be appreciated and passed on to a new generation/cadre  There is a generally low level of excitement/energy that stands in the way of transformation  Significant cluster of higher education institutions are in the region  Workforce is bright and dedicated, but not at global standards of creativity  Is this really a region? Can we gain more alignment and common cause?

8 Highlights of Interviews Surprises  Strong endorsement for regionalism  Lack of consensus about what the region’s core global assets are—the primary message to market  Ivy Tech project to redesign manufacturing and market to DOD  Government focus remains largely local and transportation focused  Strong sense of cooperation and opportunity

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