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New Technology that can run a facial recognition match

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1 New Technology that can run a facial recognition match
Face & Fingerprint Recognition Terminal New Technology that can run a facial recognition match

2 The demand for biometrics is slowly moving toward tighter security, by employing facial recognition for access control. Convenient and easy to use Promotes punctuality effortlessly Eliminates tardiness and buddy punching Accurate data records and automated data analysis Economical and suitable for SMEs and big corporations Centralized data system to reduce administrative costs and frustrations Contactless (face recognition) Provides a complete monitoring system Easy data management Mail Us : Website :

3 Introduced to Access Control with Advanced Facial Recognition Technology
FACE ID 2 iFACE 101 iFACE 302 It is not just in the movies anymore, this is reality! The Face ID 2 brings contactless verification, tighter security and a user-friendly interface all into one compact device. IFace 101 multi-biometric identification time attendance terminal adopts latest Face 7.0 algorithm and large capacity memory . iFace 302, User can identify or verify themselves either by face, finger, ID Card or PIN/Password. The TFT color touch screen of provides ease of use and a rich user experience. Mail Us : Website :

4 Biometrics Gets Advanced with Face Recognition Technology
Next to fingerprint and iris, face recognition technology has been gaining popularity amongst users because it is Quick & Hassle-free – Registration and Verification done in mere seconds! Hygienic – Contactless verification. No touching, just scanning! Convenient – Token less system. No more worries about keys! Anti-Fraud capable – No fake face can take your place! Mail Us : Website :

5 Biometrics Gets Advanced with Face Recognition Technology
Many are skeptical and intimidated by the still-novel facial recognition technology, with many questions still in mind. The misinterpretation that face recognition is too advanced and therefore costly to use in a regular environment. The Face ID is BOTH cost-efficient AND user-friendly. Plus, enrollment and verification is done in an instant! Mail Us : Website :

6 Get Your Value for Money!
The Face ID has all the access control features available in today’s market such as : Multi Verification Face, Card, & Password Speedy Verification Facial recognition within 2 seconds! Wiegand Connection Can connect to third party controllers Multi- Communication Methods Available TCP/IP, RS232/RS485, USB Flashdisk Centralization of Data TCMS V2 provides easy data management and centralization Mail Us : Website :

7 Facial Recognition has never been this advanced!
The Face ID has all the essential requirements of a biometric system 400 face templates, 10,000 cards 200,000 transaction logs Dual camera and infrared face scanning Work code reporting Simple enrollment Full color Touch screen, user-friendly interface Stylish for any environment Speed and Accuracy : Less than two seconds of verification, 99.99% accuracy Data transfer is easy via the commonly used methods, TCP/IP & USB Mail Us : Website :

8 What do you get when you purchase a Face ID ?
Top Quality Hardware Extensive All-in-One CD Online Resources After sales support FCC & CE certified Strictly Monitored Quality Control User friendly software Various Language settings Product manuals & guides Online manuals & guides Product Warranty End-User support website Assistance through various Global Product Warranty for up to 24 months Mail Us : Website :

9 We give you some and then MORE, Makes Things Easy !
Product listing Sales & Marketing Marketing Materials Accessories Online Training Warranty Claims Technical Tips User Support Mail Us : Website :

10 Powerful specifications
Features Face ID 2 iFace 101 iFace 302 MODEL SURFACE FINISHING Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) & Acrylic - TYPE OF SCANNER High resolution infrared camera, Optical fingerprint scanner & RFID antenna High Resolution Infrared PROCESSOR 800 MHz microprocessor Multi Bio CPU 800 MHz MEMORY 256MB Flash Memory & 64MB SDRAM 256 MB Flash, 64 MB SD ALGORITHM Face BioBridge VX8.0, Fingerprint BioBridge VX10.0 Face 7.0 Version PRODUCT DIMENSION (L X W X H), mm 207 x 120 x 145 193.6 X X 101 mm 193.6 X X 111 mm STORAGE Fingerprint templates 10000 2000 Face templates 500 Up to 500 (1:N), 3000 (1:1) Cards 10,000 Transaction logs 200000 1,00,000 Mail Us : Website :

11 Powerful specifications
Features Face ID 2 iFace 101 iFace 302 ENROLLMENT & VERIFICATION Methods Face, fingerprint, card or password - Recommended fingerprint per user ID 2 Fingerprint placement Any angle Verification time – Face, sec < 2 Verification time – Fingerprint, sec < 1 Fingerprint FAR < %, FRR < 0.1% Face FAR < 0.01%, FRR < 0.1% CARD TECHNOLOGY RFID: 64-bit, 125kHz, RF output power (EN ) Yes MIFARE: MFIS50/S70, 13.56MHz Made to order HID: HID 1325, 26-bit, 125kHz Mail Us : Website :

12 Powerful specifications
Features Face ID 2 iFace 101 iFace 302 COMMUNICATIONS Methods TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB flash disk, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 Baud rates 19200 ~ 57600 - Wiegand 26-bit output Output OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Temperature (°C) 0 ~ 45 Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80 Power input DC12V 3A TIME ATTENDANCE Siren Built-in and External Work codes Yes Fast transaction checking Mail Us : Website :

13 Powerful specifications
Features Face ID 2 iFace 101 iFace 302 MULTIMEDIA Display 4.3” 65K color TFT Touch Screen Panel 4.3” TFT Touch Screen Photo-ID Yes - Short messaging Day Light Saving Timer Internal Backup Battery Yes (DC12V, 2000mAh) ACCESS CONTROL EM lock driving output DC12V / Relay output Alarm output NO/NC Antipas back Mail Us : Website :

14 Installation Made Easy
Site visits are very important in the installation process! Take note of the surrounding features such as: Type of door Number of entrances Type of security level needed Mail Us : Website :

15 Installation Process Scout for a good installer to connect door accessories Prepare door accessories Measure the position of installation Inspect wall to avoid damaging other cables during hacking Connect all cables to terminal Install orange software in PC Mail Us : Website :

16 Installation Process Face ID Installation Process
Test network connection between terminal and PC Mount reader on the wall Test the whole system Face ID Installation Process Mail Us : Website :

17 We Are Introduced Orange Time Track Software
Mail Us : Website :

18 The Web -based Attendance Solution
Watch how Face ID really makes things easy ! Its all easy with Orange TimeTrack Mail Us : Website :

Orange Technolab Pvt.Ltd. 7th floor 705 Kataria Arcade, Beside Adani School, Makarba, Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway Ahmedabad , Gujarat, INDIA. CALL US & MAIL US Call Us : Mobile : Mail Us : Mail Us : Website :


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