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Slide 1. © 2012 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks.

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2 © 2012 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks of Invensys or its subsidiaries. All third party trademarks and service marks are the proprietary marks of their respective owners. SSE-01 Refinery Wide Performance & Profitability Joseph McMullen SimSci-Esscor Product Marketing Manager Sl id e 2

3 Slide 3 Dominance in Refining Standardized on SimSci-Esscor in Refining Primarily Uses SimSci-Esscor In Refining

4 Slide 4 Dominance in Refining Other Users of SimSci-Esscor In Refining

5 Slide 5 SimSci-Esscor is Refining. Products – Innovation – Experience - Acceptance

6 Slide 6 Solutions Across the Refining Spectrum Heavy Oils – Workforce Enablement – Enhanced Performance and Profitability

7 Slide 7 Heavy Oils

8 Slide 8 Heavy Oils Proprietary Property Prediction Technology Aids in Simulation Superior Heavy Oils modeling provide more accurate models of heavier feedstock so that refiners can adapt their processes accordingly Thermodynamic methods are applicable in various stages of design, operations, and optimization

9 Slide 9 November 2007 Characterization Option July 2008 Liquid Viscosity November 2009 Liquid Thermal Conductivity March 2010 Mercury Solubility In Progress Hydrogen Solubility Solution Crude Feed preparation Characterization Viscosity Thermal conductivity Upgrading Hydrogen balance –Hydrogen solubility Contaminants Mercury

10 Slide 10 Workforce Enablement Software & Solutions to Train and Enable the Workforce Operator Training Simulators, mobile workforce guidance, Wonderware Intelligence dashboards speeds up operator effectiveness and aids in knowledge transition

11 Slide 11 Workforce Enablement

12 Slide 12 Workforce Enablement Products & Solutions 1.Operator Training Simulations (OTS) 2.EYESIM 3.ArchestrA Workflow 4.Mobile Workforce Guidance 5.Wonderware Intelligence

13 Slide 13 Upstream17 Gas Processing20 Refining85 Petrochemicals29 Chemicals14 Total HPI Projects165 Hydrocarbon Processing 165 Projects (with majority in refining) Power 154 Projects Over 300 OTS projects delivered to clients All models suitable for engineering studies and operator training Dynamic Simulation Suite – Products, Services and Training Simulators

14 Slide 14 Operator Training Simulator PlantDynamic Process Model Control system DCS + ESD Software Emulation Operator consoles HMI Same or similar

15 Slide 15 Immersive Virtual Reality Plant - EYESIM IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL REALITY PLANT is a comprehensive solution linking Control Room Operators… means of high fidelity Process Simulation and a Virtual Walkthrough Plant Environment for complete PLANT CREW Field Maintenance Operators

16 Slide 16 Benefits: Optimize the training period of all Operators in all activities Provision of more realistic environments for trainees and the opportunity for practice in training sessions React quickly and correctly in medium- and high-stress situations Improving skills for rarely-performed, but safety-critical tasks (e.g. emergency shutdown) Optimized transfer of skills from the training environment to the work environment Reliable and valid evaluation of operational procedures and performance Team training: control room, field, shift and operational managers (Communications)

17 Slide 17 Invensys proprietary & confidential Value Proposition Saving time and costs for “on-job-training” (30- 40%) Reducing time of startup (for planned/ unplanned shutdown) from warm/cold conditions (15-20%) Saving on maintenance budget (1-3 %) E.G.: greenfield refinery 200 K bpd   3 - 4 M $/y

18 Slide 18 ArchestrA Workflow – Business Process Management Maintenance event occurs at shop-floor Event automatically captured and context prepared Communication with context sent to Maintenance Maintenance notified ( SMS, Email ) Maintenance performs inspection and submits report Communication shared with Supervisor Decision to HOLD production Concurrent communication with Production Scheduler & EAM Application Maintenance order created in EAM app. Scheduler updates production schedule Supervisor notified ( SMS, Email ) Maintenance Tech. completes order Production continues Workflow Initiated NY Communication with Maintenance Tech. Maintenance Tech. receives maintenance order on mobile device Concurrent communication with Production Operator & EAM Application Maintenance order closed in EAM app. Production Operator notified to start production

19 Slide 19 How It’s Done with IntelaTrac Field worker logs into Mobile IntelaTrac on handheld computer Asset is properly identified using RFID or barcode label Tasks are date/time stamped as completed Actual field conditions can trigger “focused advice messaging” which directs the field worker to: Input more information such as notes Perform a special procedure to mitigate the condition Take additional measurements Results: Pump Repair $10K Exchanger Repair $0K Lost Production $0K Savings = $210k

20 Slide 20 Wonderware Intelligence Production/Process Information Platform Self-service access to information & content authoring Share content & Collaborate User-friendly Configuration & Administration Wonderware & Non-Wonderware Data sources Incremental approach

21 Slide 21 Performance and Profitability Optimize Operations of Enhanced Profitability Refinery-wide Optimization solutions aid in performance enhancements to various processes that yield enhanced profitability

22 Slide 22 Performance & Profitability

23 Slide 23 Performance & Profitability Products & Solutions 1.Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS) 2.ACA.HF 3.Off-sites Solutions 4.ROMeo 5.Integrated Off-sites to ROMeo 6.Invensys Yield Accounting Solution 7.Wonderware Intelligence 8.Connoisseur 9.Condition Manager 10.ArchestrA Workflow

24 Slide 24 Dynamic Simulation: DESIGN to TRAINING Highlights of Where we are Today Over 200 DYNSIM/ FSIM Plus / TRISIM Plus simulators provide more than just training: - PC Power Plants - Refinery Units - LNG - IGCC - Ethylene Distillation Column Relief Load Calculation Reduction - Over twenty users Training Simulators to replace a retiring work force Compressor Triconex TMC Checkout PROCESS DESIGN DCS CONFIGURATION STARTUP and TRAINING PLANT OPERATION Integrated control room / outside operator training using 3D Virtual Reality DCS Checkout against dynamic models reduce commissioning time in the field.

25 Slide 25 Logic Validator Automated test harness integrated with simulation geared toward Safety Instrumented System (SIS) verification and validation Tests and documents SIS logic in an emulated environment Easy to configure and use Excel-based interface to build logic validation scripts Connects to SIS/PLC/DCS emulators either directly or via OPC UA, DA and Modbus protocols Soft emulators include Triconex, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE Siemens, CCC, Woodward, Foxboro, ABB, Emerson, Yokogawa, Honeywell, etc. Connect to real hardware, if necessary

26 Slide 26 ACA.HF The ACA.HF Measurement Solution ● SAFE & SIMPLE online analysis of %HF, %Water and %ASO in HF alkylation catalyst ● Affordable alternative to FTNIR² with reliable accuracy ● Exceeds the precision of HF analysis with FTNIR ● A multivariable analyzer¹ based on the application of proven Foxboro measurement technologies that are long-established in HF service ¹ Patent Pending; international rights apply ² ABB FTPA2000-HP20 FTNIR-based HF Acid Analyzer The ACA.HF is the new standard in safety, simplicity, reliability, and accuracy for HF catalyst analysis

27 Slide 27 Off-sites Off-sites refers to the tank farm that contains the crude feedstock oil that feeds the refinery and the tank farm that contains the products of a refinery (gasoline, diesel, etc)

28 Slide 28 ROMeo Process Optimization software would optimize the actual refining process, everything in blue. ROMeo

29 Slide 29 Integrated Off-sites

30 Slide 30 Yield Accounting Yield Accounting works to develop a material balance, or a record of everything that comes into the red dotted line (refinery) versus everything that leaves the red dotted line. In a typical process, in = out You can’t produce more than you put into the process, and everything you put in has to come out eventually A typical 250,000 bbl/day refinery could save $8.5 Million USD/yr by cutting their unaccounted material loss by 0.5%

31 Slide 31 ROMeo + Wonderware Intelligence SharePoint ROMeo Real-Time System Scheduler WW Historian InFusion Enterprise Control System Automatically Trend and Store Advanced Application Data Analytics Dashboard Real-Time Analysis User-friendly Configuration & Administration Portal/Case Manager Intelligence Server Plant Technical DetailsInformation Display Real-time Actionable Plant Details and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Real-time Plant Information and Measurements

32 Slide 32 Wonderware Intelligence Dashboard

33 Slide 33 Advanced Process Control Connoisseur improves process profitability by enhancing quality, increasing throughput, and reducing energy usage – all by accurately controlling your process within a tighter tolerance

34 Slide 34 Avantis Condition Manager Condition monitoring and management capabilities turn huge volumes of production data into actionable asset intelligence in real-time, enabling informed decision-making at every level of the production enterprise. Key benefits include: Increased operational safety Optimized costs of maintenance Improved sustainability of operations Lower energy consumption Reduced variance in the response of the maintenance personnel


36 © 2012 Invensys. All Rights Reserved. The names, logos, and taglines identifying the products and services of Invensys are proprietary marks of Invensys or its subsidiaries. All third party trademarks and service marks are the proprietary marks of their respective owners. Thank you!

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