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Pointillism & Georges Seurat

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1 Pointillism & Georges Seurat

2 Georges Seurat Born in 1859 in Paris, France Founder of Pointillism
Died of a sickness in 1891 at the age 32. Influenced art and artists with the great style he created in just a short career. Georges Seurat

3 Pointillism Pointillism is a style of art using only dots.
Georges Seurat, preferred the name Divisionism. Art critics gave it the name Pointillism. “La Parade” by Georges Seurat

4 Pointillism a style of painting in which small distinct points of primary colors create the impression of a wide selection of secondary and intermediate colors When viewed from a distance, the eye blends the dots, in a process called optical blending. Even though no orange paint was used, red and yellow create the effect. = COLOR THEORY/MIXING “The Eiffel Tower” by Georges Seurat

5 “The Papal Palace” by Paul Signac (1863-1935)
Paul Signac is another great pointillism artist

6 Took Georges Seurat 2 years
“Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat Took Georges Seurat 2 years 3,456,000 dots (one at a time!)


8 Pointillism Creating Value
To simulate darker areas • The denser, tighter the spacing of the dots, the darker the tones will appear. • Make larger dots creating darker dots • Draw dots close together • Using complementary or split-complementary colors • Juxtaposed dots of multi-colored paint To simulate light areas • Make the dots finer • Use a soft touch when making dots. • Place the dots farther apart form one another

9 Practice In your sketchbook divide a piece of paper into 4.
Draw 4 different drawings of your choice. A scene or landscape will be better. Think about background, middle ground, and foreground. When done, bring to Mrs. Ewy to get one approved.

10 Directions for Project
Get a 10x12 piece of paper from the back table LIGHTLY sketch the still life in front of you WITH PENCIL When done drawing , get your sketch approved. Once it’s approved (which means it doesn’t need any corrections), you may start POINTILLISM. Did the brush or q-tip in the paint. Use color of paint "dot" in the line design, one dot at a time. EXAMPLE – if you need it to look orange, use dots of red & yellow. Apply paint in a dot like pattern, using juxtaposed dots of multi- colored paint to "dot" in the rest of the design, one dot at a time. The dots are put closer together to make it darker, farther apart to make it lighter

11 Objectives & Rubric OBJECTIVES RUBRIC
Optical Blending using juxtaposed dots of color. COLOR THEORY/MIXING New technique - Pointillism Art History = Georges Seurat & Pointillism RUBRIC Will be graded on the following: Using only dots 20points Using optical blending points Time & Effort points Neatness points Quality of Work for the Student 20 points Total: points

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