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Alpha Anywhere Product Roadmap and Overview

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1 Alpha Anywhere Product Roadmap and Overview
Selwyn Rabins President and Co-Chairman Alpha Software

2 Overview Alpha Anywhere - Full-stack, low-code, platform for developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

3 Recent Developments Version 3.0
Major enhancements to the List control in the UX to support disconnected applications Many other enhancements

4 Roadmap Server-side Client-side Deployment

5 Server-side Roadmap Server-side JavaScript Node.js Oauth Reporting
Datasources NoSQL databases 

6 Server-side JavaScript
Why? One language client side and server side  Most popular language in the world  Fast Multi-threaded V8 engine is cross-platform Demo .a5w page written in JavaScript that does a SQL query .debugging server-side JavaScript

7 Server-side JavaScript (Cont’d)
Xbasic to Javascript translation (demo) User Code System code (goal is to allow Alpha Server to run on Linux) Components.a5w Server-side event handlers in either JS or Xbasic

8 Node.js Calling Node.js services from Xbasic (or Server-side JavaScript) Exposing Alpha services to Node.js

9 OAuth Authentication done (login with Google, etc).
Consuming services (e.g. Google drive, calendar) OData

10 Datasources Strong SQL support Web services Odata Salesforce SAP
Siebel, etc.

11 Reporting Custom data sources (demo)
JSON and XML datasources from web services Templates 

12 NoSQL Databases Mongo (demo) Couch
Pouch - Built-into Alpha (Pouch runs both SS and CS)

13 Client-side Roadmap Disconnected application enhancements
Touch optimized forms Large Single Page Applications (SPA) Client-side data store 3rd Party Library Integrations New style builder 

14 Disconnected Apps Local storage for pure HTML5
PhoneGap file system for hybrid apps Image capture (both HTML5 and hybrid) Video/audio capture Static HTML pages / Application Cache (demo)

15 Touch Optimized Forms (Demo)
Editors Many fields share same editor - benefits? Editors are instantiated in slide-in Panels or Windows Text editing can at top of screen Template driven layout  Keyboard optimization Built on new 'ViewBox' (demo) User-defined keyboard/keypads

16 Large Single Page Applications
What is a SPA? Why do you need large SPAs? Disconnected Applications UX ‘Sections’ Advantages of a SPA over dynamically loading child components One namespace Light DOM load to keep performace good

17 Client-side Data Store
MVC Pattern Angular ‘friendly’ Fits well with disconnected applications Bind UI controls to the client-side data store

18 3rd Party Libraries Angular  3rd party control libraries - e.g. KendoUI

19 New Style builder More 'SASS' friendly Easier to use
Map 3rd party styles (e.g. Bootstrap) to AA themes

20 Deployment Roadmap IIS  Alpha Cloud

21 IIS Benefits of IIS Tighter integration into IDE
Tight integration with Performance Scaleability No need for Always Up Tighter integration into IDE  Eventual goal of replacing existing Application Server

22 Alpha Cloud 3rd deployment option Self hosting ISP hosting Alpha Cloud

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