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Oman Premier Fund Presentation 1. 2 Oman Equity Markets.

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1 Oman Premier Fund Presentation 1

2 2 Oman Equity Markets

3 3 Possible impact of oil price fall on Govt budget Government in process to address the gap

4 4 Stable Corporate Performance Earnings have been mostly in line Positive Surprise: Nawras, National Bank of Oman Negative Surprise: Oman Cement, Raysut Cement

5 Valuations 5 Source: Bloomberg Dividend yield of Oman is at 4.7% - attractive for investors

6 Oman strategy 2015 6 SectorOutlookForAgainst TelecomOWSubscriber growth, Data business growth, Dividend yields Royalty hike, cost pressures BankingNWRetail loan growth, Interest rate hike, Cheap valuations Tighter Liquidity, low fee income CementUWVolume growth, Dividend yieldsCost increase, UAE imports IndustrialsNWVolume growth, presence in export markets Higher costs, competition Oil marketingOWStable growth in retail volumes, Dividends Slowdown on commercial business PowerUWDividendNo earnings growth ContractingUWTender awards, preference to local players Cost pressures, competition HoldingUWDividendVolatile earnings MarineNWStable charter rates and long term contracts Slowdown in exploration activities

7 Oman Premier Fund - Summary of terms 7 FundOman Premier Fund Fund ManagerMuscat Capital LLC ObjectiveThe Fund’s objective is to offer a medium to long term capital appreciation through investment principally in securities listed on the Muscat Securities Market, in the Sultanate of Oman. To achieve this objective, the Fund will act as a feeder fund subscribing to the units of Muscat Fund- an open-ended investment fund established under the laws of the Sultanate of Oman and registered with CMA, Oman. Benchmark IndexMSM 30 Index in the Sultanate of Oman Investment StrategyThe Fund Manager invests the subscription amount into the units of Foreign Fund. The Foreign Fund will invest principally in equity securities and equity related instruments such as convertible bonds and warrants. At least 80% of the Foreign Fund’s assets will be invested in securities that are part of the MSM30 Index. The rest 20% of the Fund’s assets can be invested into securities that are not part of the MSM 30 index. Unit price at inceptionSAR 100. Date of InceptionThe Fund was launched on 29 May 2011 Fund TermOpen-ended Minimum SubscriptionSAR 10,000

8 Summary of terms - continued 8 Business DayDays on which banks are open for business in both Saudi Arabia and Oman. 12 Noon is the cut off time. FeesManagement Fee: The Investors will be subject to an annual Management Fee from the Fund and / or the Foreign Fund. The total of such management fees shall not exceed 1.25% per annum Custodian Fee : 0.08% p.a Administrator Fees: 0.15% p.a Subscription Fee : Up to 2% of subscription amount Legal AdvisorsHourani & Associates, In affiliation with Meshal Al Akeel Fund AuditorsKPMG Al Fozan & Al Sadhan Fund BoardDr. Yasser bin Mohammed Al Harby- Independent Board Member Saleh AlHammad - Independent Board Member Abdullah Al Hinai Abdul Wahid Al-Murshidi Salah Saleh Sultan CMA Authorisation No. 08096-37

9 9 Muscat Fund and Oman Premier Fund (as on 28 Dec 2014) YTD1 Year3 Years5 Year Muscat Fund-3.51%-3.13%21.60%13.41% MSM 30 Index-5.83%-5.46%13.33%3.86% OPF-10.6%-10.1%10.7%N.A

10 The information and any disclosures provided herein are in summary form and have been prepared for informational purposes. The information and any disclosures provided herein may be considered confidential. Any use, distribution, modification, copying, forwarding or disclosure by any person is strictly prohibited. The information and any disclosures provided herein do not constitute a solicitation or offer to purchase or sell any security or other financial product or instrument. The current performance may be unedited. Past performance does not guarantee future returns. There can be no assurance that any portfolio or fund will achieve any targeted rates of return, and there is no guarantee against the loss of your entire investment. 10 Thank You

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