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Module 1 Introduction to the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) February 2015.

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1 Module 1 Introduction to the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)
February 2015

2 ברוכים הבאים

3 Welcome: On behalf of the IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT)
Tim Lee Chair, IAQG OPMT Mark Rogers Chair, European Aerospace Quality Group (EAQG) OPMT Susie Neal Chair, Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) Registration Management Committee (RMC) Shuji Komori Chair, Asia Pacific Aerospace Quality Group (APAQG) Japanese Registration Management Committee (JRMC)

4 Module Summary In this module you will learn about:
An Overview of the IAQG The IAQG Legal Entity The Main IAQG Documents and the relationship between them Management of IAQG Standards IAQG Web Resources Please note that throughout this training IAQG documents are referred to in a generic format and not in a sector format e.g. AS9104/1 is referred to as EN is referred to as SJAC is referred to as To many acronyms? Open and save this attached file to your personal library:

5 Welcome: On behalf of the IAQG President - Xavier Sahut D’Izarn
The AeroSpace and Defense Industry is facing ever increasing competitive and demanding challenges. Our products and services are complex and our customers demand performance aiming and reaching excellence. The interdependence between customers, partners and suppliers is tighter and tighter: success will be the result of a team, we are all collectively involved. In this respect, mutual confidence and trust is definitely a key factor. The certification process is a cornerstone of such confidence. The quality of this process relies ultimately on the competence, integrity, intellectual agility and experience of the Auditors and Other Party (OP) Assessors. The IAQG is fully aware of it, and strongly promotes and requests a high level of qualification requirements and moreover a continual improvement of the auditors’ and OP Assessors qualification process. Your participation in this course is a great opportunity for implementing and demonstrating this common thriving effort to excellence that we share; thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm!

6 Welcome: On behalf of the IAQG OPMT Chair – Tim Lee
On behalf of the IAQG Other Party Management Team (OPMT) we greatly appreciate your willingness to participate in this sanctioned training and supporting our globally harmonized Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) shared oversight process. We recognize that this is a complicated process and the training you are about to receive will expose you to the criteria, methods and tools utilized in the oversight process. We encourage you to study the related materials, ask questions, and enjoy the learning journey. The ICOP process relies on conformance by all parties engaged in certification activities and its success depends on Other Party (OP) Assessors that are tenacious, fair and true Quality Professionals. Thank you for your time and effort.

7 International Aerospace Quality Group
IAQG – A Global Team International Aerospace Quality Group IAQG General Assembly Supplier Forums APAQG (Asia & Pacific) AAQG (Americas) EAQG (Europe) Whose mission is to: Implement quality initiatives that make improvements throughout the value stream of products and services

8 The IAQG Mission is to: Implement quality initiatives that make improvements throughout the value stream of products and services For that purpose, the IAQG: Promotes quality culture Establishes and maintains quality management system standards and certification system, recognized by international normalization bodies and regulatory and governmental agencies Collects and offers best practices and processes Promotes cooperation between international aviation, space and defense companies Maintains relationships with regulatory and governmental agencies and other industry stakeholders.

9 The IAQG Objectives are to:
Establish commonality of aviation, space and defence quality systems, “as documented” and “as applied” Establish and implement a process of continual improvement to bring initiatives to life Establish methods to share best practices in the aviation, space and defence industry Coordinate initiatives and activities with regulatory / government agencies and other industry Stakeholders

10 IAQG – Strategy Foundation
The IAQG Strategy is to develop and promote implementation of Common Standards, Shared Auditing and Continual Improvement methods and tools; Assuring Customer Satisfaction through On-Time, On-Quality Delivery of products and services, through the lifecycle Delivering exactly what the customer ordered, exactly when we agreed to deliver it

11 IAQG Members: Step change in Performance On Time On Quality On Cost
Lifecycle On-Time, On-Quality Delivery (OTOQD) Continual Improvements through People, Processes and Tools On Time On Quality On Cost Product Delivery Spares & Services Delivery Parts and Data at all levels in the chain Reduced inventory Continual Safety Improvement Maturity, Reliability & Cost of Ownership Freedom from Design & Manufacturing defects Reduced Waste On-Time, On-Quality Delivery generates continual reduction of cost Step change in Performance

12 IAQG Strategic Focus: 3 Axes Aligned to Address Challenges
IAQG Operating Management System IAQG Other Party Management Team

13 Operationally the IAQG:
Started in 1998 Currently 70 members companies, all key Aviation, Space & Defense (ASD) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) General Assembly: Forum of IAQG members setting IAQG policy, purpose and objectives, review/approval of proposed initiatives Responsible of oversight and implementation activities Supplier Forum (optionally 2 x year): Communication Forum extended to the worldwide Aerospace community (OEMs & Suppliers) Dedicated working teams with representation from 3 Sectors

14 Organisation: General Assembly Strategy Executive Working Committee
Voting Members from each Sector SWG Leader, President, Sector Leaders, Leaders from: Communications, Operating Management System, Finance, Other Party Management, Relationship Growth Strategy, Requirements, Product and Supply Chain Improvement, People Capability, Performance, Integration Team, and Secretary Executive Committee President Americas Sector Leader (AAQG) Europe Sector Leader (EAQG) Asia Pacific Sector Leader (APAQG) Strategy Working Group Communications Other Party Management Relationship Growth Strategy Improvement Strategy Civil Authorities Space Defense Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Trade Associations Requirements Operating Management System People Capability Product and Supply Chain Improvement Finance Performance

15 IAQG Council – 26 voting members
AMERICAS SECTOR EUROPEAN SECTOR ASIA-PACIFIC SECTOR The Boeing Company Airbus AVIC GE Aviation Airbus Defence & Space Fuji Heavy Industries Parker Aerospace Airbus Helicopters IHI Lockheed Martin AgustaWestland Kawasaki Heavy Industries Northrop Grumman Alenia Aermacchi Korea Aerospace Industries Raytheon BAE Systems Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Rockwell Collins Rolls-Royce Honeywell SAAB Triumph Group SAFRAN United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Thales

16 IAQG Members: Americas Asia Pacific Aerojet ATK Ball Aerospace Boeing
Bombardier Eaton Embraer GE Aviation General Dynamics - Gulfstream Honeywell Lockheed Martin Moog Northrop Grumman * Parker Aerospace Raytheon Rockwell Collins Rolls-Royce North America Spirit AeroSystems Textron-Cessna Triumph United Technologies Asia Pacific AIDC AVIC COMAC DSO EGAT * Fuji Heavy Industries Indonesian Aerospace IHI Kawasaki Heavy Industries KAL-ASD Korean Aerospace Industries Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shin Maywa Blue Indicates Voting Member * Indicates Sector Lead

17 IAQG Members: Europe Advanced Electronics Company
AgustaWestland Airbus * Airbus Defence & Space Airbus Helicopters Alenia Aermacchi GE Avio BAE Systems Dassault Aviation ELBIT Systems Eurocopter FACC Fokker Aerospace GKN Aerospace Engine Systems HEGAN (ITP) Israel Aerospace Industries MBDA Meggit Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Motor Sich MTU Aero Engines PFW RAFAEL Rolls-Royce Russian Helicopters SAAB Aerospace SAFRAN SAGEM Selex ES SNECMA SONACA Thales Turbomeca TAI – Turkish Aerospace Industries UAC Zodiac Aerospace Blue Indicates Voting Member * Indicates Sector Lead

18 IAQG Improvement Strategy: Strategic Objectives
MRO Develop an Aviation & Defense Industry consensus standard on MRO QMS and accreditation scheme that is valued and recognized by all stakeholders, resulting in reduced audits and performance improvement Space / Defense Ensure needs of all ASD Industry segments are addressed by IAQG activity Increase the involvement of ASD Industry from emerging Countries in IAQG activities 1 A 2 B C

19 IAQG Improvement Strategy: Strategic Objectives
Requirements Continually improve the architecture and content of the requirements standards, ensuring that they are current, relevant, and provide value in line with the strategic mission/goals and support other strategic goals of the IAQG As part of the standards life-cycle management, ensure on- going validation of requirements and incorporate value added emergent concepts into the requirements portfolio. 3 D E

20 IAQG Improvement Strategy: Strategic Objectives
OPMT Continually improve the globally harmonized Industry Control Other Party quality management system certification program to be efficient, recognized, and bring measurable benefits to stakeholders Enhance the competency of Auditors, Other Party (OP) Assessors and stakeholders that are engaged in ICOP activities 4 F G

21 IAQG Improvement Strategy: Strategic Objectives
Product & Supply Chain Improvement Product & Services Quality and Delivery will have improved 20% per year throughout the product lifecycle Focus on prevention and best practices sharing throughout the product / service lifecycle 5 H I

22 IAQG Improvement Strategy: Strategic Objectives
People Capability Skills of quality professionals are aligned with Aviation Space & Defense industry needs and are relevant to the products and services across the value stream Provide Quality Professionals the ability to effectively develop/assess and manage a Global Aerospace Quality environment with a focus on Prevention and Business financial improvement. 6 J Performance Develop a credible independent metric that assesses industry performance and improvement in providing conforming product at all levels of the supply chain 7 K

23 IAQG – A legal Entity IAQG is a legal entity.
Headquarters: 10 Rue Montoyer Brussels, Belgium Please review the code of conduct & ethics:

24 IAQG Document Relationship

25 Management of Standards Issued by the IAQG
Each Standard issued by IAQG shall have : an IDR (IAQG Document Representative) who is the identified IAQG focal for each Standard issued by the IAQG; typically, the IDR is the Project Leader of the IAQG Team for the specific Standard. Three SDR (Sector Document Representatives), one for each Sector, who are the identified focal for each Standard issued by the IAQG. When more than one language version is issued in a Sector, there may be a corresponding SDR for each language version Standard issued by the IAQG. Typically, the SDR is the leader of the Sector’s Sub-Team or Writing Team for the specific Standard.

26 Management of Standards issued by IAQG:
All standards issued by IAQG are balloted in the three IAQG Sectors before publication. The ballot process is managed by the IAQG SML (Standardization Management Leader) using the three Sectors Focal points (SAE for Americas, ASD-STAN for Europe and SJAC for Asia Pacific). When the ballot is complete and the Standard is ready then is published by: SAE in the Americas Sector as ASXXXX ASD-STAN in the Europe Sector as prEN XXXX SJAC in the Asia Pacific Sector as JISQXXXX or SJACXXX

27 Management of Standards Issued by the IAQG
The IAQG maintains a list of all published Standards and a Standards register for IDR/SDR support. Links: Standards Register Published Standards

28 Where to obtain documents:
During this course you will see many documents referred to: Please remember that all IAQG and ISO Standards are subject to copyright IAQG documents can be purchased from : SAE ASD-STAN SJAC Following adoption by CEN, IAQG Standards published in Europe can be purchased from each European country National Standardization Bodies (e.g. BSI in UK, AFNOR in France, DIN in Germany, UNI in Italy, etc.)

29 Other Useful Information:
ISO Standards can be also purchased from The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Mandatory and Guidance documents can be downloaded for free from publications section IAQG Resolutions Log is available in the help and guidance section of the OASIS database at The IAQG have made available deployment support materials for different IAQG standards at

30 Linkage to IAQG Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found on the IAQG Requirements Page Link is provided below: IAQG REQUIREMENTS Example: Specific to the oversight process is the FAQ: FAQs

31 OP Assessor Training Outline
Pre-learning Introduction to the IAQG Introduction to the ICOP process Instructions and Communications Face-to Face Training Focus Introduction and Bridge from pre-course modules and reading Introduction to Oversight Support Processes The Oversight Process ( ) Oversight of a Certification Body (CB) Audit Calc Future Changes

32 OP Assessor Training Outline
Post-Learning Focus (continuation) Oversight of an Accreditation Body (AB) Oversight of an Auditor Authentication Body (AAB) Oversight of a Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB) Oversight of Training Provider (TP) Courses Oversight of Sector Management Structures, Certification Body Management Committee and the OASIS Database

33 OP Assessor Training Please open Module 2 to learn more about the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) Scheme

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