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CitectSCADA V7.20. 2 CitectSCADA V7.20 Objectives Reduce development time & risk Make smarter decisions Optimise assets production & resources Adapt to.

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1 CitectSCADA V7.20

2 2 CitectSCADA V7.20 Objectives Reduce development time & risk Make smarter decisions Optimise assets production & resources Adapt to new business requirements Secure the automation investment Helping you to … System Values

3 3 What’s New – V7.20

4 4 What’s New ●Make more educated decisions as tag extensions provide more tag context information ●Minimise system downtime thanks to server-side online changes that enable server reloads without restarting ●Take advantage of the new widescreen LCD templates, named associations and metadata to reduce development time and effort Simpler to build, smarter to operate and more secure to maintain!

5 5 What’s New (continued) ●Prolong the life of your system with the introduction of support for Windows 7 ●The ability to integrate Pelco cameras for remote monitoring of operation and security ●New OFS driver for tighter integration with Schneider Electric hardware ●Take advantage of security, performance and quality improvements to stay ahead of your competitors ●Use Process Analyst to better understand your process by plotting new data against historical data

6 6 Benefits at a glance ● Optimise your assets, production and resources ● Gain a more holistic picture of your processes ● Make more informed decisions ● Improve operator effectiveness ● Tighten asset security ● Reduce development cost, time and risk

7 7 Optimise assets, production and resources

8 8 Server-side Online Changes Change the configuration, recompile and ask the server to reload the configuration

9 9 Online Changes ●Alarms, Trends & Reports ●Able to add a new set of alarm, trend and report configurations to the system without restarting ●Process ●Reload new configuration on demand, adapting to changes in operational requirements ●Rapid application of changes during production is now possible without system interruption via the server-side online changes.

10 10 Minimise Downtime ●Alarms, Trends & Reports ●Minimise interruption to processing the valid configuration even if servers are reloaded with unexpected issues ●Process ●System changes can be automatically detected and applied by the client ●The operator will be alerted if the new page is affected by system changes

11 11 Secure your automation investment

12 12 OFSOPC Driver ●Take advantage of tighter integration with Schneider Electric hardware through the new OFSOPC driver for use with the OPC Factory Server (OFS). ●Take advantage of specific OFS features such as “ push data ” and individual element array writes ●Added ability to collect a number of write operations to be executed in a batch ●Easy to get up and running as no INI settings need to be applied ●Driver is Pre-tuned to give the optimal performance

13 13 Windows 7 Support ●Support for the latest Microsoft operating system – Windows 7 ●Managing risk through enhanced security and control ●No functional differences when migrating from Vista to Windows 7

14 14 Continuous Improvement ●Security ●Enhanced inter-server security ●Roles available for all user types ●Quality ●Frequent Service Packs ●Better Diagnostics tools ●Logging Synchronisation ●Performance ●Improved... Overall, about 83% of tested V7.20 functions have significantly surpassed V7.10 and V6.10 performance.

15 15 Adapt to new business requirements

16 16 Rich Tag Information ●Time-stamped data and its quality provide a more holistic picture by providing additional information ●See when the value last changed ●See when the quality last changed ●See when a communications update occurred ●Tag extensions hold the value, quality and multiple time- stamps for each variable tag ●Time-stamps are distributed system-wide from the I/O Server ●Some RTU-based protocols get the time-stamp at the source

17 17 Tag Extensions ●A Tag Override function allows you to manually define a system value if there is a sensor or device problem ●Indicates that a particular value cannot be trusted ●Displays a value that has been reported by direct observation ●The Control Inhibit function allows changes to be blocked to ensure unexpected changes do not impact system operation ●Protect against system failure

18 18 Applications ●Alarm state changes are time-stamped based on the variables’ time-stamps ●Better indication of the actual sequence in which events occurred ●Improved synchronisation between servers in the event of disconnection ●Trend tags have an individual dead-band ●Stores every update even when limiting the frequency of updates to clients to save network bandwidth ●Saves on storage space by not storing minor value deviations

19 19 New Installation Options ●A runtime-only option for the client and server install ●Eliminates unnecessary access to the configuration environment by staff who should not be making system changes ●Reduces maintenance by limiting the software installation footprint ●Installation is faster thanks to the reduction in components ●A single-file version of the runtime-only client ●Ready to download and install from an easy-to-access location in the system so new clients can be installed quickly and easily

20 20 Make more informed decisions

21 21 Pelco Camera Integration ●View video feed from Pelco cameras directly on the control system displays ●Keep a closer watch over secured areas and high-value equipment and materials to improve security Effective remote monitoring functions via pre-programmed positions of the camera pane ●Protect equipment by visual verification of the system operation in conjunction with the live operating metrics ●Reduce risk to field staff in potentially hazardous situations

22 22 Improved Data Analysis ●Instant Trend Variable Tags ●See a short-term trend of any variable in the system without the need to configure a Trend tag ●Historian connection ●Compare historical process patterns with a current process ●Gain access to a far greater amount of process data across much longer time periods

23 23 Reduce development cost, time and risk

24 24 New Templates ●Improved user interface ●Modern look and feel in line with the latest applications ●New Tab Style menu system ●More functionality with less code ●New Page functions to make systems easier to design ●Aspect ratios for modern display resolutions 1280 x 1024 [5:4], 1920 x 1200 [16:10], 1920 x 1080 [16:9], 1024 x 768 [4:3]

25 25 Object Enhancements ●Metadata added to all the animation objects to hold custom object specific information that can be used for almost any purpose ●Hold operating parameters ●Complex object data store ●Supports Genie substitution ●Super-Genie associations ●Built-in functions ●Less user Cicode ●Shorter development time ●Easier project maintenance

26 26 Page Enhancements ●Named Associations are now available for use in SuperGenies rather than having to remember/record what number applies to each association ●Easier project maintenance ●More powerful SuperGenies ●Default value ●Used if no Association is set ●Value on Error ●Used if the Association did not succeed ●Description ●Document the application

27 27 New Application Icons ●Introduction of a new set of application icons that illustrate some of the key software functions in a more intuitive style

28 28 Make the most of your energy.

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