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DEFENCE SUPPORT OPERATIONS (DSO) Estate Works Program BSR Presentation for RFC - Dec 14 Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) National Program.

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1 DEFENCE SUPPORT OPERATIONS (DSO) Estate Works Program BSR Presentation for RFC - Dec 14 Directorate of Estate Works Program Office (DEWPO) National Program Services (NPS)

2 Agenda Presentation and explanation of the new BSR model, key players, roles and responsibilities, & POC Conduct of the RFC: –Collaborative forum to provide regional input into draft project list –Discussion on urgent/new requirements –Explain process for escalating issue through to Heads of relevant Groups and Services for National Facilities Conference (NFC)

3 DEWPO – Organisation Chart

4 DEWPO Team Contact Details

5 Estate Works Program Context The EWP comprises works to maintain the Defence owned/ leased Estate. Predominantly projects < $7M, and are low to medium in terms of risk and complexity Will notify PWC of projects >$2m, but will not deliver projects where PWC referral is required (compulsory referral over $15m GST Inc) Delivered to all areas of the Defence Estate in Australia. Typical projects include: –Maintenance, repair and demolition of facilities –Consultancies such as Condition, Design, Heritage and Environmental –Land management projects such as indigenous species and range management –New facilities to support capability development.

6 Summary of BSR elements

7 Three Phase Delivery Process Phase 1: Scope and Feasibility General inclusions for this phase are:  Initial scoping study;  Initial stakeholder identification and engagement;  Feasibility assessment; and  Reporting Phase 2: Design General inclusions for this phase are:  Full Scope and Design;  Schedule Management;  Cost Management;  Risk Management;  Stakeholder engagement;  Procurement/Contract Administration where required;  Prepare documentation for procurement; and  Reporting Phase 3: Delivery General inclusions for this phase are:  Facilitate engagement in accordance with procurement decisions, manage tender, establish contracts;  Project Delivery Management;  Provision of technical advice;  Cost Management;  Stakeholder Management;  Deliverable management (Scope, Variations, Time, Cost, Quality);  Handover/takeover;  DLP management; and  Reporting 2nd Pass Approval Required

8 Sponsor Funded Works Basic Principles Will not affect delivery of the EWP Must come with $ and DEPSEC minute NPS can assist with CSIR preparation Sponsor Funded –SCAC direction that all discretionary Estate Maintenance Funding be prioritised. DEPSEC Minute of 16 Dec 2013 (to VCDF, CAF, CA, CDS, CN, DEPSEC I&S) Tighter budgetary situation. Group & services CFO Endorsement CFO / COO Endorsement DEPSEC DSR Endorsement Reporting of Sponsor Funded Works

9 Sponsor Funded (cont) Need to ensure that All Estate Works is prioritised no matter what the delivery process That all delivery methods for Estate Work are addressed in single process –Sponsor Funded Works are funded by the sponsor Group or Service but managed and delivered by DSR –Sponsor Delivered Works Qualified Works are funded, managed and delivered by the sponsor Group or Service using a unit authorised to deliver Qualified Works General Works are funded, managed and delivered by the sponsor Group or Service using ADF construction trade courses or local unit personnel, tools and materials –Sponsor Managed Works are funded, managed and delivered by the sponsor Group or Service. (This is the least preferred option)

10 Defence Expectations of BSR Model Nationally consistent approach Improved Value for Money outcomes due to greater certainty in terms of time and cost Flexible resourcing model to meet Defence requirements Improved National consultation process with Groups and Services in program development Clear National prioritisation process to inform Senior decision making process Improved data from condition assessment Streamlined and consistent procurement process, and contract documentation using AusTender Adult contracting

11 NPS (DTZ) Team – Organisation Chart

12 NPS (DTZ) Locations

13 Regional Leaders RoleLocationPhoneMobile Michael Chant National Program Director Campbell Park (02) m Pat GagelProgram Management Lead Campbell Park (02) Jon CarrollQLD Regional Relationship Mgr Enoggera(07) Matthew Henderson NNSW Regional Program Admin Defence Plaza Sydney (02) om Natalie Attenborough SNSW Regional Relationship Mgr Brindabella Park (02) Robert Carrick VIC/TAS Regional Relationship Mgr Defence Plaza Melbourne (03) m Tim MenadueCW Relationship Manager - Adelaide Edinburgh(08) TBCCW Relationship Manager – Darwin Leeuwin(08) TBC CW Relationship Manager – Perth Berrima(08) TBC DTZ Contact NPS (DTZ) Team Contact List

14 Role Program development, management and support services to facilitate the effective delivery of the National EWP

15 Contract Deliverables PS01 Support DEWPO to coordinate and develop the national EWP PS02 Develop and maintain a rolling 3 year EWP delivery plan PS03 Provide QA oversight and advice for effective management of the EWP PS04 Provide expert advice PS05 Manage program financial requirements PS06 Provide reports and audits in accordance with the reporting regime

16 Responsibilities Develop, manage and maintain a rolling three-year EWP delivery program. Incorporate the following into the Program. Cash carry over/multi year pro. National and Regional projects. Land management, EU and DOTAM. Urgent works. Sponsor Funded Works and EPVR.

17 Responsibilities (cont) Provide QA, expert advice and governance of program delivery Coordinated approach across the Defence Estate Facilitate cross-program efficiencies Coordinate and facilitate the delivery of Sponsor Funded Works Provide consolidated reporting and auditing

18 Project Delivery Services Enhanced project delivery capability – separating maintenance planning from delivery Providing the flexibility and scalability of two National providers Augility and Aurecon

19 PDS - Aurecon - Contacts by Region Regional Leaders Office Phone Work MobileWork addressWork Fax Craig Seaton Regional Leader SNSW Jamie Smith Regional Leader QLD Michael Dunn Regional Leader NNSW Kate Emerson Regional Leader Vic/Tas Kelly AnsellRegional Leader CW

20 PDS - Augility Contacts by Region Augility Contract Administrator and Client Relationship ManagerDamon HowesCanberra Program DirectorDuane LoaderSydney National HSEQ ManagerDavid SnapeCanberra Regional Project Managers QueenslandDarren GreenBrisbane Northern NSWHutch BykerkSydney Southern NSWJohn ParkerCanberra Victoria/TasmaniaQi ChenMelbourne Central West ( SA and WA )Paul HeinePerth Central West ( NT )Darren GreenBrisbane

21 Current status EWP –CMS program $38m, forecast $19m –NPSS program $213m, forecast $229m –NPS program $179m, forecast spend $148m –Aurecon –Augility –>1080 projects bundled and prioritised –No EA from EMOS –Total budget $389m –Total program $430m –Total forecast $396m

22 Current status (cont) EWP –> 1200 projects to be bundled and prioritised –Limited EA from EMOS –Prioritisation process –Approx $400m program EWP to be built from EA/AU data –Currently developing a 2 year program whilst awaiting Estate Appraisal (EA) to be carried out by EMOS –DEWPO is requesting $200 million to be moved from to program to balance longer term program effort to around $400 million average annual spend

23 Prioritisation process Raw CMS data Fundamental principle is logical task bundling to deliver efficiencies in procurement and delivery How: –Separate National projects –Package by risk, complexity, delivery timeframe, region, site, similar trade specialisation, value proposition, or a combination of factors –Dynamic program – EPVR, SFW, Ph 1 processes –Accept advice from PDS –Accept advice from market re delivery

24 What it could look like (eg EWP) CBD – Adelaide (2 sites) CBD - Darwin (8 sites) CBD - Perth (11 sites) Remote - North (7 sites) Remote – South (1 site) CBD – Canberra (7 sites) Remote – Riverina (6 sites) Remote – South Coast NSW (3 sites) CBD - North (11 sites) CBD - South (13 sites) Remote – Central (3 sites) Remote – North (5 sites) DS-SNSW 16 Sites $24.0m DS-QLD 32 Sites $28.6m DS-CW 29 Sites $47.3m DS-NAT $26.1m DS-NNSW 22 Sites $27.8m DS-VT 26 Sites $17.4m 9 Design Consultancies Specialist Works Packages CBD – Hunter (6 sites) CBD – Sydney (16 sites) CBD – Melbourne (7 sites) Remote – Victoria East (4 sites) Remote – Victoria NW (6 sites) Remote – Tasmania (9 sites)

25 Milestones EWP 15/ /16 Program developed by mid Nov 2014 Regional Facilities Conference Dec 2014 National Facilities Conference Feb 2015 Presentation of 2015/16 Program for 1 st Pass Endorsement Apr Intent to move bulk of program delivery to first half of the FY for delivery

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