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MFS, MPO 4/8/12-Fiber connectors and Fan-Out assemblies.

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1 MFS, MPO 4/8/12-Fiber connectors and Fan-Out assemblies


3 Introduction MT ferrule construction ➔ MT plastic multi-fiber ferrule are aligned via 2 precision guide pins and mated trough style adapters. Physical contact of the mating surface is ensured trough integrated springs located behind the ferrule. 8-fibers MT ferrule 24-fibers MT ferrule (2 rows of 12)

4 Introduction Factors affecting physical contact ➔ Standard MT ferrules can accommodate up to 24 fibers and are manufactured with tight tolerances aimed at controlling the 3 main geometric factors that impact optical performances. d: Transverse offset θ: Fiber angle s: Air gap Transverse offset is the most influential and is impacted by the following:  Clearance between fiber holes and fibers  Clearance between guide holes and guide pins  Fiber holes and fiber core eccentricity  Alignment between fiber holes axis and guide holes axis

5 Introduction Factors affecting physical contact ➔ Whereas air gaps can be caused by following factors s: Variation of fiber height h: Insufficient fiber height q: Incorrect end face angle Diamond has developed a proprietary polishing process, which yields tighter tolerances on the factors impacting air gaps, resulting in:  Lower IL  Higher repeatability

6 Introduction Diamond’s MT ferrule design Industry Standard MPO/MTP flat End-Face polish Diamond MPO/MFS chamfered End-Face polish PC/APC PC APC

7 Introduction What makes Diamond’s MT ferrule design better Here is why Diamond can offer a 1000 Mate De-Mate life cycle for the MPO and a 500 for the MFS connectors. ➔ Physical contact ensured because of smaller contact end face ➔ Reduced sensitivity to contamination / Easy cleaning process ➔ 100 % interferometer measurement of relevant surface parameters:  Fiber position (height)  Polishing end face angle  Surface radii  Fiber co-planarity Contamination


9 4/8/12-Fiber connector MFS connector system ➔ High density MFS 4x Backplane system construction  supporting up to 48 channels in 25 mm ➔ High density Diamond MFS Single connector system 4/8/12 fibers for front panel applications

10 4/8/12-Fiber connector Available configurations

11 4/8/12-Fiber connector MFS applications ➔ Backplane modules designed for integration into metric backplane system as per IEC 1076-4-100 ➔ Patch cords and Fan-out assemblies ➔ Data and telecommunication Networks ➔ Industrial

12 4/8/12-Fiber connector MFS features and benefits ➔ Each single connector supports up to 12 fibers low cost per termination for high density applications ➔ Active Push-pull mechanism easy of operation ➔ Suitable pre-guiding tracks high repeatability and stability ➔ Precision molded MT ferrule and advanced polishing process Lower IL and higher repeatability ➔ EN 186310 and TIA/EIA 604-15

13 4/8/12-Fiber connector MPO connector ➔ Diamond MPO high-density multi-fiber connector system based on MT ferrule. ➔ Available in 4,8 and 12 fiber versions, PC and APC finishes, for both MM and SM applications

14 4/8/12-Fiber connector MPO constructions Ribbon fiber construction Ribbon cable construction

15 4/8/12-Fiber connector MPO applications ➔ Patch cords and Fan-Out assemblies ➔ ATM and DWDM high speed communication systems ➔ Multimedia ➔ CATV and Video ➔ Data Telecommunication Networks ➔ Industrial

16 4/8/12-Fiber connector MPO features and benefits ➔ Support up to 12 fibers low cost per termination for high density applications ➔ Push-pull mechanism easy of operation ➔ Precision molded MT ferrule and advanced polishing process lower IL and higher repeatability ➔ IEC 61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5A compliant

17 4/8/12-Fiber connector MFS and MPO typical values MMSM 0° PCSM 8° APC Units Insertion Loss (IL)typ. 0.35 typ. 0.25 max. 0.75 typ. 0.25 max. 0.75 dB Return Loss (RL)typ. 30min. 40 min. 60* dB Repeatability of (IL)max +/- 0.2 dB Operating temperature-40 / + 85 ** ° C * Measured with high precision reflectometer ** May be further limited by fiber specifications

18 4/8/12-fibers Fan-Out assemblies Introduction ➔ A Fan-Out cable assembly typically consists of multi-fiber connectors terminated on multiple ribbon fiber or cable on one end, and single fiber connectors terminated on 900um tubing on the other.

19 4/8/12-fibers Fan-Out assemblies Available configurations ➔ High performance splice free fan-out available in 4,8 and 12 ribbon fiber or ribbon cable, assembled with Diamond`s advanced MFS or MPO connectors and almost all industry standard single fiber connectors.

20 4/8/12- fibers Fan-Out assemblies Applications ➔ Used to facilitate the conversion from the ribbon to individual fiber format ➔ High density channel routing between equipment and interconnect racks ➔ Termination of outside plant cable at the customer demarcation point

21 4/8/12- fibers Fan-Out assemblies Features and benefits ➔ High density multi-fiber design 4,8 or 12 channel ribbon fiber or ribbon cable ➔ Compact design easily stacked and secured for high-density applications ➔ Strain relief boots superior bend radius protection resulting in higher reliability ➔ Available in different lengths to support custom applications

22 4/8/12-fibers Fan-Out assemblies Typical values MMSM 0° PCSM 8° APCUnits Insertion Loss (IL) max. 0.1*dB Operating temperature-40 / + 85 ** ° C Storage temperature-40 / + 90 ** ° C * The IL values represent the attenuation only due to the Fan-Out (Excluding contribution of connectors ** May be further limited by fiber specifications

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