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Update to the College Access Affinity Group January 22, 2014.

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1 Update to the College Access Affinity Group January 22, 2014

2 Page 2 Noble’s College Team—campus driven with campus choice for structure and program College Counseling: 2-5 people working with 100-230 seniors Some campuses working with juniors Some campuses working with (some) freshmen and soph. Some influence on advisory curriculum Alumni Coordination: 1 (mostly) full time person, if have alumni 10 campuses with seniors (2 with soph, 2 with only freshmen) Right Angle Exec Dir: Works with campus coordinators to send ~30% of sophomores to summer programs (15- 50% by campus) Chief College Officer: Support all college work across network: provide strategic direction and develop tools Alumni Data Manager: Supports Alumni Coordinators (data and practice) and helps share our alumni database

3 Page 3 College Success pipeline—definitions are first step to data clarity & transparency 12 th grade profile ACT GPA/Rank Intangibles Schools Applied to # of applications Over/undermatch Application quality FAFSA sub. (100%!) Schools accepted to #/% accepted Over/ undermatch Packages School choice (spring) 6 yr grad rates 1 st yr retention College CounselingAlumni Coordination School matricul- ation (fall) % matriculating % change schools 1 st year persist- ence % retention % transfer % leave/ enroll Cohort persist- ence % retention % transfer % re-enroll Gradua- tion % Bachelor’s % Associate’s % Trade/job?

4 Page 4 Tools for matching—”Robot” and ”Portfolio tracking”

5 Page 5 Tools for Alumni Coordination—Alumni Database (we share this for free)

6 Page 6 A path to 75% 11% low income bachelor’s attainment nationally Everest: 75% of 2014s with bachelor’s by 2020 33%, Noble first five cohorts 42%, 2012 proj. grad rate 46%, 2013 proj. grad rate ~48%, 2013 rate w/ new college institutional rates 54-57%, 2014 with tighter bottom half (potential) CCS in 9-12 and better Alumni Support

7 Page 7 College Completion Standards A. College application process B. College navigation C. Financial literacy A. Time management B. Studying and learning C. Problem solving D. Balance A. Social support system B. Effective communication C. Positive personal relationships D. Diversity and dominant system of power A. Goals B. Personal strengths C. Passions & interests D. Current & future self E. Perseverance 1. Internalize College & Life Vision 2. Social, Academic, & Career Integration 3. College Knowledge & Unwritten Rules 4. Unstructured Environments Main focus of advisors & instructors (1&4)Main focus of College Counselors (2&3)

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