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Position Paper W3C Workshop Mountain View

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1 Position Paper W3C Workshop Mountain View
RSA-PSS in XMLDSig Position Paper W3C Workshop Mountain View

2 Konrad Lanz Digital Signature Services OASIS-DSS
IAIK (Inst. f. angew. Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation) SIC Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technology TUG (Technische Universität Graz) OASIS-DSS TC Voting Member W3C Zentrum für Sichere Informationstechnologie (A-SIT) W3C XML CORE Working Group Canonicalization (c14n) XMSSMWG Oasis: Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (

3 Introduction Currently RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 RSA-PSS
Bleichenbacher implementation vulnerability RSA-PSS randomized method tighter security proof <Signature ID?> <SignedInfo> <CanonicalizationMethod/> <SignatureMethod/> (<Reference URI? > (<Transforms/>)? <DigestMethod/> <DigestValue/> </Reference>)+ </SignedInfo> <SignatureValue> (<KeyInfo>)? (<Object ID?>)* </Signature>

4 RSA-DSS Recognition/Adoption
Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS, [RFC 3852]) RSA-PSS signature method ([RFC 4056]). DSS Draft [FIPS Draft] section 5.5 references [PKCS#1 v2.1] and considers RSA-PSS as approved. [RFC 4056] Use of the RSASSA-PSS Signature Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)

5 What do we need? Namespace and identifiers for RSA-PSS
XML schema for the algorithm parameters

6 Namespace Algorithm Identifiers
Algorithm Identifiers SignatureMethod Mask Generation Function Hash Functions specified in XML encryption [XMLEnc] (SHA-256, SHA-512), [RFC4051] SHA-224 and SHA-384 specified in [XMLDSig] SHA-1

7 RSA-PSS Parameters the digest method (dm)
the mask generation function (MGF) the digest method if used in the MGF (mgf-dm) the salt length (sl) the usually constant trailer field (tf)

8 Default (fixed values?)
NIST Drafts - moving away from SHA-1 to longer output lengths of the SHA family. [FIPS 180‑3 Draft], [NIST SP  Draft] and [NIST SP Draft] dm SHA-256 (SHA-1 [PKCS#1v2.1]) MGF MGF1 mgf-dm = dm (SHA-1) sl length(dm)/8=32 byes (20 bytes) tf 1 (corresponds to 0xbc)

9 SHA-1 tarnished SHA-1[NIST SP 800-57 Draft]
less than 80 bits of security, currently asses the security strength against collisions at 69 bits successful collision attacks on SHA-1 reduced SHA-1 steps [WaYiYu] steps [CaMeRe] steps [MeReRei] theoretical attacks on full version (80 steps) op. [WaYiYu] announced 263 [WaYaYa] op. announced [MeReRei] "recent successful collision search attacks" ein paar Korrekturen und weitere Infos: wirkliche Kollisionen: *Wang hat für 53-step variante collision gezeigt. (2005) *Wir (Christophe und ich) für 64-steps (2006) *Wir (Christophe, Florian und ich) für 70 steps. (Referenz, "Collisions for 70-step SHA-1: On The Full Cost of Collision Search, SAC 2007) Theoretische Attacken auf 80-step SHA-1: * Wang, 269,   Announcement ohne Details: 263 * wir (Florian, ich und Vincent) haben kürzlich eine neue Attacke mit 260 Operationen angekündigt (auch ohne Details)  Referenz: CRYPTO Rump Session 2006, "Update on SHA-1"

10 RFC 4055 RSA-PSS parameters
subjectPublicKeyInfo field of an X.509 certificate parameters to be added to the signature unless default values are used dm = dm’ as in the key/certificate MGF = MGF’ as in the key/certificate dm-mgf = dm-mgf’ as in the key/certificate sl >= sl’ as the one in the key/certificate tf = tf’ as specified by the key/certificate (effective val)

11 Examples Example 1 defaults Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
SHA-256, MFG1 with SHA-256, default salt length 256/8=32 bytes, trailer = 1 (‘0xbc’) Example 2 SHA-512, MFG1 with SHA-512, salt length of 512/8=64 bytes, trailer = 1. Example 3 SHA-1, MFG1 with SHA-1, salt length of 256/8=32 bytes, trailer = 1. Example 4 SHA-1, MFG1 with SHA-1, salt length of 32 bytes, trailer = 1. <Signature ID?> <SignedInfo> <CanonicalizationMethod/> <SignatureMethod/> (<Reference URI? > (<Transforms/>)? <DigestMethod/> <DigestValue/> </Reference>)+ </SignedInfo> <SignatureValue> (<KeyInfo>)? (<Object ID?>)* </Signature>

12 Conclusion RSA-PSS as a signature method
plain SHA-1 should not be default any more SHA-256 as default hash algorithm specification and approaches encoding the RSA-PSS parameters with the key or certificate has been discussed

13 Thanks Thanks for your Attention ! References in position paper.
[FIN-BLEICH] Hal Finney: Bleichenbacher’s RSA signature forgery based on implementation error, 17 Aug. 2006, [PKCS#1v1.5] PKCS#1 v1.5: RSA Encryption Standard RSA Laboratories; 1 Nov. 1993, [PKCS#1v2.1] PKCS#1 v2.1: RSA Cryptography Standard RSA Laboratories; 14 June 2002, [RFC 3852] Russ Housley: Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS); RFC 3852; July 2004, [RFC4051] D. Eastlake 3rd: Additional XML Security Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) ; RFC 4051; Apr. 2005 [RFC 4055] Jim Schaad: Additional Algorithms and Identifiers for RSA Cryptography for use in the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile; RFC 4055; June 2005 [RFC 4056] Jim Schaad: Use of the RSASSA-PSS Signature Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS); RFC 4056; June 2005 [XMLDSig] XML-Signature Syntax and ProcessingW3C Recommendation 12 Feb. 2002, [XMLEnc] XML Encryption Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation 10 December 2002 [KAL-PSS] Burt Kaliski: Raising the Standard for RSA Signatures: RSA-PSS, RSA Laboratories 26 Feb. 2003, [FIPS Draft] Digital Signature Standard (DSS) FIPS 186-3, March 2006 [FIPS Draft] Secure Hash Standard (SHS), June 2007, [NIST SP Draft] Recommendation for Using Approved Hash Algorithms, NIST July 2007, [NIST SP Draft] Recoomendation for Key Management, NIST March 2007, [CaRe] Christophe De Canniere, Christian Rechberger: Finding SHA-1 Characteristics; Presented at the Second NIST Cryptographic Hash Workshop (Santa Barbara, California, USA, August 2006), to appear at ASIACRYPT 2006 [WaYaYa] Xiaoyun Wang, Andrew Yao, Frances Yao: Cryptanalysis of SHA-1. Presented at the First NIST Cryptographic Hash Workshop, Oktober 2005 [WaYiYu] Xiaoyun Wang, Yiqun Lisa Yin, Hongbo Yu: Finding Collisions in the full SHA-1; CRYPTO 2005 (Santa Barbara, California, USA, August 2005) Proceedings, volume 3621of LNCS, pages 17–36. Springer, 2005.(editor: Victor Shoup)

14 JAVA XML-DSig (JSR 105) XML-Enc (JSR 106)
XML-Enc (JSR 106)

15 Thanks ! SIC – XSect Toolkit
IAIK XML Signature Library (IXSIL) Successor Java XML Digital Signatures APIs (JSR105) Java XML Digtial Encryption APIs (JSR106) Thanks for your Attention.

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