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Hip Dysplasia In Cats and Dogs By: Kelsey Tinsman.

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1 Hip Dysplasia In Cats and Dogs By: Kelsey Tinsman

2 What is Hip Dysplasia? Condition Affecting “Ball and Socket” joint Dogs vs. cats Genetic or Environmental?

3 Secondary results of Hip Dysplasia Arthritis Lameness in the hind quarters Any dog that already has Hip Dysplasia in one leg,is prone to have knee problems in the other leg. (Anterior Cruciate Rupture)

4 What Hip Dysplasia Looks Like Normal Hip JointHip Dysplasia Joint

5 Hip Dysplasia on the X-ray Normal Hip Severe Hip Dysplasia

6 Signs of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Puppies: 1. Back legs sliding 2. Trouble Getting up Adult Dogs: 1.No exercise 2. Trouble getting up 3. Stairs

7 Signs of Hip Dysplasia in Cats Kittens: 1. Reluctant to get up 2. Limping Cats: 1. Sensitive Hips 2. Walk, Lay down 3. Unwillingness to “Romp”

8 Correcting the Problem Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) - removing head of femur, false joint. Triple Pelvic Ostectomy (TPO) - pelvis cut and rotated for tighter fit. Total Hip Replacement (THR) - replaces head of femur, adult dogs under 40lb only. FHOTPOTHR

9 FHO Femoral Head Ostectomy, removing the head of femur

10 TPO Triple Pelvic Ostectomy, the pelvis is cut in three places rotated, for a tighter fit.

11 THR Total Hip Replacement, replaces head of femur, for adult dogs, 40lbs and under.

12 After Surgery Treatments Treadmill in water, helping the “new” hip Acupuncture, for any pain or discomfort. Working on the Ball, rotating the hip Love and affection Treadmill Water at shoulder height

13 Bibliography Dr. Randall at North Hampton Animal Hospital “Hip Dysplasia”, Long Beach Animal Hospital, Hip Dysplasia In Cats, Colleen Power, What Is Hip Dysplasia?, Canine Inherited Disorders Database (Canada), Hip Dysplasia, Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith,

14 Thank you! Dr. Randall North Hampton Animal Hospital Mrs. Crow

15 The End

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