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Event Management Return on Investment EventTracker Prism Microsystems, Inc March 6, 2008.

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1 Event Management Return on Investment EventTracker Prism Microsystems, Inc March 6, 2008

2 EventTracker Executive Summary Increased focus on IT efficiency  Reduce cost around device management  Transfer operations to less costly resources Increased demand for high level of service Criticality of IT infrastructure to mission A wealth of info in event log data  Can streamline security incident response  Simplify reporting for auditors  Provide trend analysis for management Automating event management saves money

3 EventTracker Scope of Business Case Q. How does initiative parallel business objective? A. Automating Event Management can  Reduce cost of IT Human Resources  Improve network security  Provide necessary reporting for compliance  “Do more with less”  Increase service level without increasing staffing  Free up experienced people to handle other tasks

4 EventTracker Business Objectives Improve  Reliability through Performance Monitoring  Internal customer service  Customer satisfaction through SLA  Operational efficiency through alerts/reports Reduce  Expenses through resource reassignment

5 EventTracker Constraints Budget  Present a positive ROI by cost containment Schedule  Quickly implement via phased deployment Interface with existing tedchnology  Support Windows, Solaris, Unix, Linux, Cisco etc Training  Services must be available and require less than one person month of involvement Support levels  Must reduce load on Support Staff

6 EventTracker Base salary assumptions Salary  Sr. IT Admin$85K/year ($41/hr)  Jr. IT Admin$55K/year ($27/hr)  End User$75K/year ($36/hr)  Customer Service$45K/year ($22/hr) Assumptions  Total servers50  Total users100

7 EventTracker Benefits Event Management can pay for itself with both direct and indirect benefits  Increased Productivity – Admin savings  Improved Availability – respond faster  Better Internal Customer Service – Help Desk  Tighter security – decreased exposure time  Improved Usability – avoid downtime

8 EventTracker Increased Productivity Experience from a regional financial institution showed a Sys Admin can increase their admin area from 15 to 25 servers (40%)  Sys Admin spends 6 mins/day/server Retrieve, analyze and archive logs  Drops to 3 mins/day/server with automation  Only Jr IT Admin time saved Savings of $24K/year (see next slide for table)

9 EventTracker Productivity Savings AssumptionManualAutomated # of servers requiring admin50 Jr. IT – hours per day/server0.10.05 Sr. IT – hours per day/server0.02 Cost/day/server$3.46$2.14 Cost/year/server$1,260$779 Enterprise cost$63K$39K Savings$24K

10 EventTracker Improved Availability Respond faster to system events that require manual attention  Manual reaction forces a reactive posture  Automation permits IT Staff to be proactive  30% of reactive events cause downtime  Automation can reduce reactive events by 90% Savings of $11.7K/year (see next slide for table)

11 EventTracker Availability - savings AssumptionManualAutomated Reactive events/server/year88 Total reactive events/year400 Only 30% cause unplanned downtime120 Sr IT Admin spends 2 hours/incident$82 Jr IT Admin spends 1 hour/incident$27 Total cost/incident$109 Reduction in reactive events is 90%-12 Total annual cost$13,080$1,308 Savings$11,772

12 EventTracker Better internal customer service Help desk can better diagnose and respond to end user problems  Reduce need to escalate  Reduce time to resolution Savings of $4,680 (See next slide for table)

13 EventTracker Internal Customer Service - savings AssumptionManualAutomated Total Users100 Number of calls/month/user0.5 Number of calls/year600 Calls that are simple to resolve (e.g., password reset)50% Reduction in number of calls due to event management-30% Number of calls/year needing event log data for resolution300210 Time to resolve in mins – Jr. IT Admin30 Time to resolve in mins – Sr. IT Admin15 Time saved due to event management-50% Cost/call$24$12 Total Annual cost$7,200$2,520 Annual Savings$4,680

14 EventTracker Tighter security Its not a question of if but when the attack will occur FBI survey (2004) lists anti-virus, DOS, theft Average loss/incident is $165,600 Over 80% performed a 3 week forensic investigation after the incident Savings of $12,460 (see next slide for table)

15 EventTracker Tighter security - savings AssumptionManualAutomated Average cost per incident$165K Number of incidents/year0.2 Estimated reduction-30% Average cost/year$33K$23K Forensic Investigation by Sr. IT Admin (hours)120 Reduction in Forensics Time50% Cost of Forensic Investigation$4,920$2,460 Total Cost$37,920$25,460 Savings$12,460

16 EventTracker Improved Usability Proactive Monitoring can minimize disruption Server downtime affects global user base In a survey a major financial institution reported unscheduled downtime decreased from 2 hours to 15 mins per week Annual Savings of $9,000/week (See next slide for table)

17 EventTracker Improved Usability - Savings AssumptionManualAutomated Number of Users100 Unscheduled downtime (hours/year/user)82 Affected users20% Loss of productivity (hours/year)16040 Loss of productivity/year$12,000$3,000 Savings/year$9,000

18 EventTracker Conclusion Event Management provides tangible cost savings  Productivity$24,000  Availability$11,772  Better help desk$4,680  Tighter security$12,460  Improved Usability$9,000 Total Savings$61,912 Automating event management saves money

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