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Tighter British Control/Colonial Resistance Grows – 2 day lesson

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1 Tighter British Control/Colonial Resistance Grows – 2 day lesson

2 The Colonies & Britain Grow Apart
After French and Indian War King George III – Tightens control of colonists

3 Quartering Act Proclamation Act: Colonists couldn’t settle past Appalachian mountains To enforce this – King George III kept 10,000 soldiers in the area (expensive) Parliament passed the Quartering Act (Colonists feared these troops were put in place to control their movements and restrict their freedoms)

4 No Taxation without Representation!!!!
Parliament Taxes the Colonists French and War was expensive – England had huge debt, so Colonists were taxed… 1765: Sugar Act – Placed tax on sugar, molasses and other produced shipped to the colonies. 1766: Stamp Act – Required all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax had been paid. (Colonists believed Parliament had no right to tax the colonies- that was job of colonial assemblies and that no tax should be created without their consent) No Taxation without Representation!!!!

5 Patrick Henry House of Burgess Member – One of the 1st to call rebellion against Britain, but others argued this would be treason. “If this is treason, make the most of it!” Later, will say “Give me liberty or give me death”

6 1st Attempts to Unite Against King George III
1776: Delegates from 9 colonies met and drafted a petition, protesting the Stamp Act and claiming the right to tax themselves. Sons of Liberty Secret societies formed to oppose British policies – sometimes encouraged people to attack officials and burn the stamps

7 Boycott – Kinda worked? Many colonists began to refuse to purchase goods from England. 1766: Stamp Act repelled, but passed the Declaration Act: Gave Parliament supreme authority to govern the colonies

8 Tightening British Control
Declaration Act Purpose: to reassert Parliament’s control over all the colonial affairs…. Colonists ignored this Act

9 Townshend Act With Stamp Act out – England still needed money….. Charles Townshend: Townshend Act -placed duties on numerous imports to the colonies such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea. Writs of assistance – (search warrant to look for smuggled goods)

10 Colonists Protest Colonists begin to unite and protest the Acts and writs of assistance….. Daughters of Liberty: urged colonists to weave their own cloth and to us “American” products instead of English Colonial leader (at this point) urge people to remain calm – do not want violence (some colonists threaten to form mobs)

11 Boston Massacre - Play Divide Class into groups:
Activity: 10 minutes to design a short skit…. Explaining the Boston Massacre using previous slide and page 164 as your guide Rest of hour - present your skit

12 (next day) Boston Massacre
March 5, 1770 Groups of youths and dock workers surround soldiers in front of the State House Began arguing and throwing snowing snowballs Soldiers fear they are under attack and fire into the crowd – 5 people die (including Crispus Attucks)

13 Results of Boston Massacre
Soldiers who fired into crowd arrested and charged with murder John Adams – defended the soldiers to support the idea that all men have a right to fair trail……jury agreed that soldiers were acting in self defense Relations grow worse between colonists and England

14 Townshend Act repelled - kinda
1770 Parliament repeals the Townshend act, but leaves tax on tea (to show they still had the right tax) Again - Colonist protest by boycotting English items Colonists began smuggling tea from Holland

15 Tea Act 1773 British Tea merchants loosing money – so Parliament passes the Tea Act Gives East India Company exclusive right to sell tea to the colonies

16 Committees of Correspondence
Developed to communicate with neighboring towns….. Sent secrete letters dealing with colonial affairs and British policy

17 The Boston Tea Party Throughout the colonies – people protested East India Company’s monopoly on tea In Charleston, SC – colonists unloaded tea and let it rot on the dock In New York City & Philadelphia – colonists blocked tea ships from landing In Boston, MA – A group of men disguised as Native Americans boarded 3 tea ships docked in the harbor. They destroyed 342 chests of tea

18 Results of the Tea Party
Colonial leaders agreed to pay for the tea if Parliament agreed to repeal the hated Tea Act England refused, this pushed man Americans into open rebellion!!!!!

19 Questions Explain the significance of the following terms/people in relation to the Declaration of Independence (what is it, and why did it anger the colonists): Proclamation of Sons of Liberty Quartering Act 9. Townshend Act Sugar Act 10.writs of assistance Stamp Act 11. Daughters of Liberty Boycotts 12. Tea Act 6. Committees of Correspondence

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