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Buddhism By: Melanie James, Jake Behn, and Justin Leonardo.

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1 Buddhism By: Melanie James, Jake Behn, and Justin Leonardo

2 Origin ●Based on the teachings of the Buddha (lived from circa 560-463 B. C. E) ●tHE buddha: o Born Siddhartha Gautama o Attained Nirvana  Escaped cycle of suffering/reincarnation ●Mainly practiced in sE/s/E Asia o Started in India, but its influence died in the 12th cent. C.E.

3 Things Buddhists believe 1.Reincarnation a.The belief that your spirit is put back into the cycle of birth, life, and death until you achieve Nirvana. 2. Beginners are handed a list of doctrines: a.The Four Noble Truths b.Five Skandhas c.Eightfold Path 3.the four noble truths a.Dukkha: suffering is real and universal b.Samudaya: there is a cause for suffering c.Nirodha: there is an end to suffering (Nirvana) d.Magga: in order to end suffering, you must follow the Eightfold Path

4 things buddhists believe (CONT.) 4.The Eightfold Path consists of: a.Panna: discernment/wisdom i.Samma ditthi: understanding 4 noble truths ii.Samma sankappa: following right path in life b.Sila: virtue, mortality i.Samma vaca: Right Speech (no lying/condemning) ii.Samma kammanta: Right conduct iii.Samma Ajiva: Right livelihood (don’t harm others) c.Samadhi: Concentration, meditation i.samma vayama: promote good thoughts ii.samma Sati: Right mindfulness iii.samma samadhi: Right concentration; meditation 5.The five precepts not kill not steal not lie not misuse sex not consume alcohol and/or drugs

5 Universal or Ethnic Religion ●Universalizing religion o Def: A religion which is easily traced back to a location (hearth) or founder. o Buddhism is Easily traced back to its roots:  Founder: siddhartha gautama  Hearth: india

6 Hierarchial Structure Levels of hierarchy: 1.buddhist monasteries 2.buddhist monks 3.buddhist nuns 4.buddhist lay people 5.buddhist pilgrims Monasteries: Living places for the people who have devoted themselve to Buddhism. Monks: Highest position, Respected by everyone, and teaches children all about the religion. Nuns: Act as assistants to the monks, but usually spend most of their time studying and meditation. Lay people: Give the monks food, lodging, and medicine, for in return the monks teach them the religion. Pilgrims: Travel to important religious sites and visit various monasteries for knowledge and the teachings of buddha.

7 Diffusion of Buddhism

8 -Spread along the Silk Road to: 1st Century A.D.: Arrived to China via silk road -Dissapearance for some time- 4th Century A.D.: Arrives to Korea, soon following with Japan 609 A.D.: Tibet (not accepted until 11th Century A.D.) -Spread from India: 3rd Century B.C.: Arrived to Bengal then Sri Lanka -Spread from Sri Lanka: -Monks travel to Burma in 5th Century A.D. (not until 12th Century A.D. was it widely established) -Thailand takes on Buddhism in 13th Century AD (Laos and Cambodia following soon after) By 15th Century AD Buddhism had virtually disappeared from India, and has never fully recovered, having as wide as power as it had before such a time and shift. Diffusion of Buddhism Info:

9 Distribution of Buddhism Today:

10 -488 mill. Buddhists worldwide -Three major Branches: Mahayana, Therivada, and Tibetan Buddhism -Vast Majority of Buddhists in Asia-Pacific Seven Countries with Buddhist Majorities: -Cambodia -Thailand -Burma (Myanmar) -Bhutan -Sri Lanka -Laos -Mongolia

11 Sacred Spaces & Places:

12 Sacred Spaces & Places Info: Sacred Spaces: -shrines (homes or otherwise) -temples (Not essential as Buddhism is a way of life, to act at ALL times) Sacred Places: -Go on pilgrimages associated with Buddha’s life such as: -Lumbini Grove (birthplace) -Bodh Gaya (place of enlightenment) -Sarnath (First sermon) -Kusinara (place he died) A religious community of Buddhists is called a Sangha, who live in a monastery.

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