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Cambodia Workshop Brief By Col. Kosal Sovanvisal 12 August 2014.

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1 Cambodia Workshop Brief By Col. Kosal Sovanvisal 12 August 2014

2 Proposed Location 1. Phnom Penh (Capital City) Phnom Penh International Airport

3 Proposed Location 2. Siem Reap (Main tourist attraction city) Siem Reap International Airport

4 Proposed Date 12 - 18 February 2017 7 February 2017 – National Holiday

5 Cultural Brief 1. Cultural Tour (Phnom Penh) a. Royal Palace b. National Museum c. Genocide Museum d. Cheong Ek Genocide Museum

6 Cultural Brief 1. Cultural Tour (Siem Reap) a. Tour visit to most famous temples b. War Museum

7 Cultural Brief 2. Cultural Dinner a. Will be held at the 4 stars hotel besides the hosted hotel for the workshop along with the traditional cultural shows.

8 Host Nation Training Priorities Cyber Security IA/CND

9 Visa on Arrival can be obtained at our Visa Counter upon arrival at Cambodia International Airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. E-Visa available online Please note that not all foreign passport holders can apply for a visa on arrival, therefore, they should check with the nearest Royal Embassy of Cambodia or online website above for the specific visa requirements for their countries. 9 Applying for Visa

10 Entry Visa requirements: 1. Passport valid for at least four (4) months from the expiry date 2. One recent photograph (4 x 6) 3. Visa fee payment 4. Supporting documents for Business & Official Visas. Visa Fees (payment in U.S. Dollar only): Tourist Visa: USD 20.00 Business Visa: USD 25.00 10 Applying for Visa (Con’t)

11 CountryDipl. & OfficialNormal Brunei14 days14 days Indonesia14 days30 days Malaysia30 days30 days Philippines30 days21 days Singapore30 days30 days Thailand30 days14 days Vietnam30 days30 days India60 daysN/A 11

12 A big no-no in Cambodia and in most of Southeast Asia is to touch anyone on top of the head, except maybe for very young children. It is not considered polite to point your feet at anyone and especially not at a Buddha statue or a monk. If entering a temple, it is not a good idea to sit cross-legged. In temples, men should wear long pants, so no hairy legs poking out, and women should avoid any clothing that exposes the shoulders. Avoid handing anything to anybody with your left hand. To pass things politely, touch your left hand to your right elbow and pass the object with your right hand. It is polite to remove your shoes before entering someone’s house and obligatory in a temple. 12 Don’t

13 Arrival and Departure Notice DON’T: Make jokes about bombs or security threats, as it is a serious offense at Cambodia International Airports. Pack sharp objects such as knives, scissors, corkscrews, or sharp objects in your hand carry-on bag. Refuse screening. Leave your hand carry-on bag unattended at any time. If you refuse to be screened or have the frisk or pat down search when requested, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

14 Question?

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