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Research Into Use Programme Supporting Innovation - Changing Lives Andy Frost For FANRPAN Workshop May 2007.

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1 Research Into Use Programme Supporting Innovation - Changing Lives Andy Frost For FANRPAN Workshop May 2007

2 Overview Who we are 1 What is the Research Into Use programme 2 What we propose to do and how we intend to do it 3

3 Who are the Research into Use management partners? Our Management Team What We Do NR International UK NIDA Uganda Michael Flint (& PARC) UK Getting Research into Use Monitoring & Evaluation Impact Assessment Key Team Director Tim Donaldson PROGRAMME ADVISORY BOARD

4 What is the Research into Use programme? Research Into Use Programme (RIU) is a new initiative funded by DFID UK – not a traditional research programme It proposes to scale up research and maximise impact from DFID’s previous agricultural research investment (1995-2006) in SSA and South Asia It will capture lessons to increase the understanding of how promotion and widespread use of such research can contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth It is a £37.5 million programme which will run for five years linking to existing scaling up initiatives in SSA and South Asia To be launched on 14 th June at the FARA AGM

5 East Africa Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda Southern Africa Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe South Asia Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam West Africa DR Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone Where?

6 How Linked to existing initiatives e.g. the AU NEPAD Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme’s round table processes, national and regional initiatives, e.g. FARA, FANRPAN and ASARECA scaling up initiative (TUUSI), the Indian National Agricultural Innovation Programme

7 Five interlinked themes for scaling up research outputs Policy Advocacy & Partnership Development to work with agencies with common purposes in scaling up successes and to broker new coalitions of partners Communications and Information Markets to improve access to research information and improve promotion of success stories Capacity strengthening to improve stakeholder participation and sustainability of interactions beyond the programme Innovation platforms to stimulate new approaches in transforming research knowledge into goods and services for the poor Monitoring and learning to assess what has been achieved and how lessons can be shared with wider stakeholders

8 The RIU concept: Greater focus on research users Working DOWN from the information supply from research Interpret, summarise, collate, transfer, annotate, reformat, organise, archive, Build users’ capacity to source, evaluate and apply information in decision-making Working UP from research users Information markets Marketplace for agricultural information El Sistema de Información y Conocimiento Tecnológico para el sector Agropecuario y Forestal (SICTAF)

9 Demand, supply assessments and matching exercise Jan-March 2007 1600 DFID projects Supply assessment of research information from 400 outputs High/Low demand in focus countries 25 DFID target countries Demand diagnoses in 6 focus Countries/regions High/Low supply of information

10 Scheme for determining appropriate intervention type for scaling up research outputs (how we will work) (New research) Strengthen capacity to supply Promote ‘best-bet’ technologies and processes Partnership building Develop information markets Strengthen capacity to innovate Strengthen communication and learning Partnership building Strengthening communication and learning Strengthen capacity to demand and supply (New research) Partnership building Strengthen communication and learning Strengthen capacity to demand Effective demand for information products and services High Low High Low Current Supply of relevant information products and services

11 Research Into Use work plan (July 2006 - March 2007) Scoping studies of the five intervention areas –To identify opportunities and the development of strategic plans Establishment of governance structures Demand for research knowledge identified through in-country and regional assessments e.g. CAADP Round Table processes and RIU country assessments (six to date) Supply of best research knowledge identified (technologies, processes and policies) from previous research activities Process to develop a matching exercise to identify priority initiatives in countries and regions and intervention points for RIU

12 In summary Acts as a catalyst & conduit to maximise poverty reducing impact of existing and new knowledge Unblocking the barriers through supporting innovation to improve livelihoods

13 Thank you

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