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Designed by Welcome to APRACA.

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1 Designed by Welcome to APRACA

2 Contents Establishment Strategic Plan Membership Organization Statutory Meetings Finance Members’ Demand IFAD FinPower Programme Programs with Development Agencies Major Activities Pending Issues APRACA Activity Photos

3 Establishment  October 14, 1977 : 1 st General Assembly, New Delhi, India Constitution (currently Regulations) & By-laws adopted Founding members : 37 Institutions from 15 Countries GA held in conjunction with 3 rd FAO Asian Conference on Agricultural Credit and Cooperatives (Oct. 10-14)  October 1974 : 1 st proposal for the establishment Regional Seminar on Agricultural Credit for small Farmers, FAO-RAP  1975 : World Food Conference on credit for small farmers in developing countries, Rome, Italy Recommended FAO assist its member countries to establish RACAs

4 Strategic Plan VISION: APRACA aspires to work for rural growth and development with priority emphasis on the uplift of rural poor. MISSION: APRACA pursues promotion of the efficiency and effectiveness of rural finance and access to financial services in order to broaden the target group.

5 OBJECTVES: Foster cooperation in improving and planning the financial arrangements for rural and agricultural development Establish a machinery for systematic interchange of information on sustainable rural and agricultural financial services Encourage and assist in undertaking inter-country studies on matters of common interest in the field of rural finance Organize/coordinate training programs on rural finance and facilitate the exchange of personnel/experts among members Provide services related to consultancy, research, and publications Facilitate cooperation on rural finance projects between the members and donors


7 Membership 61 member institutions in 24 countries Philippines 10India9 Sri Lanka6Nepal5 Indonesia4Thailand3 Bangladesh2Cambodia2 China2Lao PDR2 Pakistan2Vietnam2 Azerbaijan1Bhutan1 Iran1Japan1 Rep. of Korea1Kyrgyztan1 Malaysia1Mongolia1 Myanmar1Russia1 Timor Leste1Uzbekistan1

8 Member Institutions by Country Azerbaijan Agrarkredit Joint-Stock Credit Organization of Azerbaijan Republic Bhutan Bhutan Development Finance Corporation, Ltd. Bangladesh Bangladesh bank ASA Bank Cambodia National Bank of Cambodia Rural Development Bank of Cambodia China Agricultural Development Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China India Reserve Bank of India Indian Banks’ Association Government of India National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development National Co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks’ Federation Ltd National Fed. of State Cooperative Banks State Bank of India Oriental Bank of Commerce Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management Indonesia Bank Indonesia Bank Rakyat Indonesia BANK BUKOPIN PT Permodalan Nasional Madani Iran Bank Keshavarzi (Agricultural Bank) Japan Japan Finance Corporation Republic of Korea National Agri. Coop. Federation Kyrgyz Republic OJSC “Aiyl Bank” Lao PDR Agricultural Promotion Bank of Laos

9 Ekphatthana Deposit Taking Microfinance Insitution Malaysia AGRO Bank (Malaysia) Mongolia.XacBank Myanmar Myanma Agricultural Development Bank Nepal Nepal Rastra Bank Agricultural Development Bank Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Ltd. Rastriya Banijya Bank National Cooperative Development Board Pakistan Zarai Taraqiati Bank, Limited State Bank of Pakistan Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Land Bank of the Philippines Agricultural Credit Policy Council Cooperative Development Authority National Livelihood Support Fund QUEDANCOR Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation Strategic Investment Development Corporation CARD MRI Kabalikat para sa Maunlad na Buhay, Inc. Russia National Association of MicroFinance Market Stakeholders Sri Lanka Central Bank of Sri Lanka Bank of Ceylon People’s Bank of Sri Lanka Hatton National Bank Ltd. Seylan Bank SANASA Development Ban k Thailand Bank of Thailand Bank for Agri.Agricultural Cooperatives Cooperative League of Thailand Timor Leste Instituição de Microfinanças deTimor-Leste Uzbekistan Open Joint-Stock Commercial Agro Bank Vietnam Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Vietnam Bank for Social Policies

10 Members by Characteristics Central banks9 Agri./rural development banks22 Coop. banks/federations3 Commercial banks8 Assoc./fed. of banks/cooperatives55 Government agencies8 Microfinance institutions5 Institutes1 Total61

11 Organization

12 Chairman and Vice Chairman One Chairman, one Vice-Chairman Term in office : 2 years Election : General Assembly elects  recommendation by EXCOM Vice-Chairman assumes the Chairmanship in a subsequent biennium Based on common understanding/ arrangement, the Chairmanship is rotated among APRACA member countries

13 Executive Committee  Composition : 17 members -Chairman, Vice-Chairman, 13 from member institutions, 2 Ex-officio members(FAO Officer, SG)  Functions -Implement and execute policies/decisions laid down by GA -Exercise powers, perform functions, discharge duties assigned by the Regulations and GA -Direct activities of the Association, exercise supervision over the Secretariat

14  EXCOM Members Chairman Open joint-Stock Commercial Bank Uzbekistan Vice Chairman National Bank of Cambodia Members Bangladesh Bank Agricultural Development Bank of China National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development Bank, India Bank Rakyat Indonesia Bank Keshavarzi, Iran Japan Finance Corporation National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Korea AGRO Bank, Malaysia Nepal Rastra Bank Agricultural Credit Policy Council of the Philippines Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka Bank for Agricultural and Agriculture and Rural Development, Thailand Vietnam Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development Ex-officio member Regional Marketing and Rural Finance Officer of FAO-RAP APRACA Secretary General

15 General Secretariat  Professional staff - Secretary General : 2-year term, appointed by GA through EXCOM -Project Consultant : non-permanent, case by case  Local Staff - Administrative Officer - Accountant - Publication Officer

16 Agencies  APRACA CENTRAB - Training arm based in Manila, Philippines -Services (fee based) : international trainings, exposure visits  APRACA Consultancy Service (ACS) - Consultancy arm based in Jakarta, Indonesia -Services (fee based) : consulting, training, exposure visit  APRACA Publications - Publication arm based in Mumbai, India - Publishes ‘Asia-Pacific Rural Finance’

17 APRACA Centers of Excellence (ACEs)  ACE-NABARD BIRD on Linkage Banking -Bankers’ Institute for Rural Development : training arm of NABARD -Linkage Banking through Self-Help Group (SHG)  ACE-BRI on Unit Banking - Bank Rakyat Indonesia -Provide training/consultancy services on unit banking  ACE-BI on Islamic Banking (or ACE-ib) - Bank Indonesia - Provide training/consultancy services on Islamic banking

18 Statutory Meetings  General Assembly –Every 2 years : 2010-Uzbek., 2012-Cambodia –Venue : The country of the incoming Chairman –Mandates: Elections of Chairman/Vice-Chairman & EXCOM Members, approval of Biennial WP&B, appointments of SG and auditor, determination of membership fee, amendment of the Regulations  Executive Committee Meeting –3 times in 2 years, one with GA : 2010-Uzbek, France, 2011-Iran –Quorum : simple majority

19 Finance  Incomes –Annual membership fees : US$ 3,000 per member –Project income : IFAD, FAO, int’l partners, state donor agencies –Contributions by members  Expenditures –Current mgt. expenditures : 80 % of the total –Project expenditures : 80 – 90 % of the budget –Contributions: 0 – 30 %

20 Members’ Demand for APRACA

21 IFAD FinPower Programme  Title : Programme for Accelerating the Financial Empowerment of Poor Rural Communities in Asia-Pacific through Rural Finance Innovations –To promote financial empowerment of rural poor people in the region through policy dialogue, innovative pilot programmes, and knowledge sharing among actors in the rural finance sector  Grant Org. : IFAD  Period : 2007 -2011 (5 years)  Budget : US$ 1.2 mil., US$ 240 thou. per year  Target Countries : 16 in the region

22  Composition of the Programme –Component 1 : Participatory Policy Dialogue and Policy Forums –Component 2 : Pilot programmes, Exposure Visits and Documentation –Component 3 : Training, Regional Study and Sharing of Innovative Practices  Performances : 20 – 25 projects per year –Regional policy forum (1-2) - National policy forum (3-4) –Regional study (1-2) - Technical support (4-5) –Exposure visit (4-5) - Pilot testing (5-6) –Training course(1-2)

23 Calendar of APRACA Activity (2011)

24 Programs with Development Agencies  GTZ Programme on Linkage Banking - 1995 - 1997, DM 1.2 million - Theme : Linkage Banking and Grassroots Financial Development  ILO –SDC Programme on Collateral Substitutes - Apr. 1998 – Mar. 2001, US$ 756,000  IFAD MICROSERV Programme - Jul. 1996 – June 2001, US$ 900,000 - Strengthening Financial Services for Rural Poor  IFAD FinPower Programme - 2007 – 2011, US$ 1.2 million - Financial Empowerment of Poor Rural Communities

25 Major Activities (2010-2011)  Participation of the 3 rd World Congress on Rural/Agri. Finance –October 28-30, 2010, Marrakech, Morocco  Study on Crop/Agriculture Insurance Program in Asia-Pacific –Commissioned by FAO RAP –Duration : January – July 2010 –Program Budget : US$ 45,000  FishFinance Scoping Mission : Consultation Service for the Introduction of Microfinance Services for Fisheries Sector –Commissioned by Regional Fisheries Livelihood Program (RFLP), FAO –Target countries : 6 in the region –Duration : September 2010 – March 2011 –Program Budget : US$ 72,000

26  Asian Open Forum on Rural/Agri. Finance : Policies & Programs to meet the Challenges of Climate Change –Date and venue : June 13, 2011, Tehran, Iran –Keynote speaker : Dr. S.H. Kim, former Agri. Minister, Korea –No. of participants : 65 (16 local included)  Int’l Training Course on Value Chain Finance –Host Organizations : APRACA, FAO, BAAC –Venue : Pattaya, Thailand –Period : April 25 – 29, 2011 (3-day lectures, 2-day field trip) –Participants : 41 trainees from 11 countries

27 Pending Issues Renewal of Strategic Plan Finalization of FinPower Programme Acquisition of 2 nd Programme from IFAD Securing Program Manager Increase of Members’ Contribution Increase of Working Partners –Currently : FAO-RAP, IFAD, –Target : UN-ESCAP, ICA, AFMA, ACCU, GIZ, JICA, KOICA

28 APRACA Activity Photos














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