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The Super WiFi Company – Corporate Introduction

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1 The Super WiFi Company – Corporate Introduction
Altai Technologies The Super WiFi Company – Corporate Introduction Date: By Product Marketing Jan 6, 2014 Confidential Information Not for Distribution

2 Contents of this presentation
About Altai Technology Products Portfolio Macro Coverage Micro Converge Pico Coverage Backhaul Management Applications 3G/4G Offload Wireless Broadband Private Networks Case Studies

3 Corporate Overview Background – started smart antenna research in Silicon Valley and continued at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) incubated by the Hong Kong government in Spun off from the ASTRI and found in 2006, privately held Management team – members with US and UK education background and experiences Focus – a high-technology company that designs, develops and markets carrier-grade, innovative wireless broadband solutions Technology – US patented Super 8x8 MIMO antenna technologies enable 10X better coverage & capacity than standard AP Product – complete outdoor/indoor WiFi portfolio for uniform macro, micro and pico cell coverage Organization – headquarter in HK, distribution network in over 70 countries Customers – mainly mobile operators, WISP, service providers and vertical markets Applications – include 3G/4G data offload, wireless broadband and private networks Business model – channel distribution, OEM and proof-of-concept to service providers

4 Super Awards 2011 Hong Kong ICT Awards – Best Ubiquitous Network Gold Award 2009 Hong Kong ICT Awards – Best Ubiquitous Network Silver Award 2008 Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Grand Award 2006 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Award of the Year, Grand Award (Wireless Technology), Gold Award (Innovative Technology) 2006 Asia Pacific ICT Awards: Grand Award

5 Deployments in 70 Countries

6 Our Customers Jamaica Morocco Brazil Bhutan Malaysia Nepal Malaysia
Indonesia Cambodia South Africa Saudi Arabia Cyrus New Zealand Vietnam

7 Market References Installed at Shanghai bund for the World EXPO 2010
Interviewed by FOX about Super WiFi deployments in New York Official WiFi Supplier for the Grand Prix in Morocco 2010 Modern Terminals – one of our customers in the container port market Yahoo free WiFi launch in New York Time Square Boeing silver award and HAECO deployment in Hong Kong

8 Applications Technology

9 US Patented Technologies
Adaptive interference control, US patent application no. 11/842,864 Multi-function wireless systems and methods, US patent application no. 12/470,537 WLAN access point with extended coverage area, US patent 10/903,911, exclusive from ASTRI Low cost, multi‑beam, multi‑band and multi‑diversity antenna for wireless communications, US Patent 10/720,716, exclusive from ASTRI Managing wireless communications using link space information, US Patent Application 10/274,834, exclusive from ASTRI Over 20 other patents available or pending in US and China

10 Super Smart Antenna 8x8 MIMO technology
Designed to overcome inherent limitation of WiFi Designed for challenging large outdoor and indoor environments MIMO Receive MIMO Transmit

11 8x8 MIMO Technology Boosts performance – Altai has developed an advanced smart antenna technology that is part of its Super WiFi base station family and boosts the performance of any standard WiFi client Unique design – Altai’s patented smart antenna technology relies on a uniquely structured 8-element antenna array and a proprietary signal processing algorithm Smart antenna – The user signal information is received through all the 8 antenna elements in the array, much higher in antenna diversity Smart signal processing – The smart antenna technology processes the signal in real time and forms and focuses a high-gain beam toward the WiFi client Super antenna diversity – In addition, it employs a signal phase alignment to obtain angular diversity – based on its 8-antenna array and its multiple independent radios Better link budget – The powerful 8-antenna array also empowers the 8x8 MIMO signal processer that is part of Altai’s base stations, providing further signal gain in both the uplink and downlink

12 Benefits of 8x8 MIMO Super coverage – Altai smart antenna technology gives standard WiFi clients much longer ranges,  more uniform area coverage, and the best indoor penetration Super capacity – Altai’s 8x8 MIMO technology  provides 5 times the median throughput than the standard 3x3 MIMO in complicated NLOS environments Super efficiency – Altai AirFi improves WiFi cell efficiency with smart WiFi-based throughput optimization by a factor of 2, even with a large number of concurrent connections

13 A8n series cover almost identical 3G/4G cell
Super Coverage The 8x8 MIMO technologies provide the following advantages 5 to 10 times larger in coverage, as compared to standard 3x3 MIMO AP in the market Dynamic beam directing towards the WiFi client, which increases the link gain by at least 14 dB, as compared to a standard access point Directed beam towards the user suppresses interference coming from all other directions A8n series cover almost identical 3G/4G cell 3G/LTE Cell

14 Super WiFi Capacity Altai uses two different technologies concurrently, increasing its WiFi base station capacity by a factor of 10: Altai’s patented smart antenna technology – higher antenna diversity supports stronger the signal strength and hence throughput at distance, improving the median throughput by a factor of 5 Altai’s AirFi technology – a throughput optimization algorithm implemented at the WiFi layer, increasing its average efficiency and capacity by a factor of 2 and more Weighting Array 1 Transmitter Receiver D/L Mixer (to IF/baseband) A/D w1 2 D/L Mixer (to IF/baseband) A/D w2 Output signal Target data stream Target receiver - Receiver + M D/L Mixer (to IF/baseband) A/D wM + Ref. signal Adaptive algorithm Smart antenna array Interfering receiver Error

15 Super Interference Immunity
Automatic channel selection selects the channel with the least interference The focused antenna beam attenuates interference coming from all other directions Interfering AP Interfering AP A8n Standard AP Multiple-sector coverage Single-sector coverage When the base station is interfered by adjacent site, only one sector affected and other sectors can still work properly When the AP is interfered by adjacent site, the whole omni sector is affected

16 Products

17 Micro coverage, Backhaul
Complete Product Portfolio Macro coverage Pico coverage A8-Ein A8in A8n C1n C1an U1 Micro coverage, Backhaul Network management A2 A2e DAS AP SC 200 SC 1600 AWMS A2-Ei A2w A2c

18 Macro Coverage – A8n Series
A8-Ein A8in A8n Antenna 8x8 MIMO, Farthest reach, Largest capacity Int. 19 dBi 8x8 MIMO, Plug-N-Play, Int. 14 dBi 8x8 MIMO, Flexibility, Ext. 14 dBi Beamwidth 100º 360º LOS access 1.7 km 1 km LOS bridge 30 km Standards a/b/g/n Data rate Mbps

19 Micro Coverage, Backhaul – A2 Series
A2e DAS WiFi AP Antenna 2x2 MIMO, AP & bridging Ext. 5 dBi+ Long bridging Ext. 20 dBi+ Add WiFi to 3G DAS, Fast deployment To DAS Beamwidth 360º 37º N/A LOS access 500 m 900 m 40 DAS ant. LOS bridge 25 km 50 km Standards a/b/g/n b/g/n Data rate Mbps 150 Mbps A2-Ei A2w A2c Antenna (2.4/5 GHz) Int. antennas, Dual-band Int. 14/15 dBi Indoor, Dual-band, Wall-mount Int. 10/13 dBi Dual-band, Ceiling-mount Int. 2/3 dBi Beamwidth 60º 2.4G 60º 5G 40º 5G 360º 2.4G 360º 5G LOS access 1 km 2.4G 350 m 5G 700 m 2.4G 300 m 5G 400 m 2.4G 150 m 5G Standards a/b/g/n Data rate Mbps

20 Pico Coverage – C1n Series
C1an U1 Antenna 2x2 MIMO, CPE & AP Int. 10 dBi 5G CPE & AP, PTP/PTMP bridge Int. 14 dBi USB CPE for laptop Beamwidth 70º 35º – 45º 30ºH, 70ºV LOS access 600 m 250 m N/A LOS CPE 4 km to A8-Ein 3 km to A2-Ei 1 km to A8-Ein 2 km to A2-Ei 3.5 km to A8-Ein LOS bridge 20 km 13 km Standards b/g/n a/n Data rate 300 Mbps 150 Mbps

21 Network Management AWMS Service Controller 200 Service Controller 1600
Capacity 2,000 Network elements 10,000 CPE Features Fault management, Configuration management, Administration management, Performance management, Security management, RF management, Bridge link management, CPE management and Network map management Service Controller 200 Service Controller 1600 Throughput For PoC 200 Mbps 12 Gbps Network interface 5 Fast Ethernet ports 12 Gigabit ports No. of users 100 2,500+ Features Bandwidth control, Access control, Backhaul routing, Firewall, VPN server, DHCP and proxy server, Tools

22 A8-Ein Specifications Operating mode: AP (dual-band) and bridge
Access radio: b/g/n (8x8: 2) Backhaul radio: a/n (2x2: 2) Transmit power: 27 dBm (max.), 24 dBm (per chain) 2.4G antenna: internal 19 dBi array 5G antenna: external 20 dBi panel, 16 dBi sector or 9 dBi omni Power source: PoE injector Power consumption: 30W (typical), 65W (max.) Weatherproof: IP67 Operating temperature: -40 to 60 ºC Humidity: 100% (condensing) Wind loading: 217 km/h (survival) Dimension: 467 x 439 x 111 mm Weight: 8.2 kg without mounting kit Mounting: pole or wall-mounted Network interface: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port

23 2.4 GHz Coverage Comparisons
A8-Ein A8n A2-Ei 19 dBi 14 dBi 14 dBi Beamwidth 100º (-8 dB) 80º (-3 dB) 80º (-6 dB) 60º (-3 dB) 70 to 360º 2.4G access range up to With C1n CPE Without CPE A8-Ein A8n, A8in A2-Ei Open area 4 km 2.7 km 3 km 1.7 km 1 km Rural 1.8 km 1.3 km 1.5 km 800 m 500 m Suburban 1.2 km 350 m Urban 650 m 250 m The range will be varied depending on NLOS and interference conditions

24 Applications

25 Altai A8-Ei super WiFi base station co-locating with CMCC mobile site
1. Mobile Site Co-location for 3G/4G Data Offload Altai A8-Ei super WiFi base station co-locating with CMCC mobile site

26 Co-location at rooftop
Mobile Site Co-location for 3G/4G Offload Application Co-location at rooftop using 3 x A8-Ein A2 series wireless backhaul Mobile BTS & A8-Ein 3G + WiFi coverage L2/L3 Network Co-location at tower using 3 x A8-Ein Mobile client

27 Benefits of Super WiFi 3G Offload by Co-location
5 to 10 times coverage – using 8x8 MIMO smart antenna technology, as compared to most 3x3 MIMO in the market Installation is possible in limited space – as close as 0.5 m to the 3G/4G antennas is possible when the installation space of mobile site is limited Super interference immunity – even installed at close proximity to 3G/4G antennas, no gradation to both the cellular and WiFi equipment; whereas most others in the market require at least 10 m separation Fast deployment – just plug-and-play; much less site acquisition, setup and radio planning works; pay as you grow 10 times capacity – the smart antenna technologies improve the median throughput by 5X, and the Altai AirFi optimizes the average throughput by 2X Lowest TCO – as low as 30% of investment as compared to using standard AP; only 10% of site requirement, but 10X faster time-to-market deployment

28 TCO Cost Analysis Top two cost elements, Site and Backhaul costs, added up to 58% of TCO Altai 3G offload by co-location can lower these costs significantly Savings in CAPEX and OPEX – including site acquisition, site set up, radio planning, site facilities reuse e.g. site rental, backhaul and power supply

29 TCO Cost Analysis Using Altai Super WiFi co-location can reduce the cost for every cost element Saving in TCO total cost of ownership could be up to 68%!

30 Mobile users, travelers
2. Wireless Broadband Application Residential users A8n or A2 series A2 wireless backhaul C1n repeater C1an Dual-band access 5G PTP links C1an 5G CPE C1an C1n 2.4G CPE U1 Commercial users Mobile users, travelers

31 Benefits of Super WiFi in Wireless Broadband
Broadest coverage – using A8n series for large coverage supports up to 1.7 km in range, extendable to 4 km with a C1n (2.4G) or C1an (5G) CPE Lowest cost of deployment – traditional Internet access provisioning by copper wire or fiber is cost prohibitive in sparsely populated rural areas. The wireless access equivalent using A8n-C1n is a very cost effective solution to deploy wireless broadband in rural areas Short deployment time – while traditional fiber takes months to deploy, wireless access just need a few days; and you need to pay as you grow High bandwidth broadband – with the use of a pair C1an for PTP bridge, service provider can offer high speed broadband for commercial users up to 120 Mbps download and upload per PTP link Support mobile users and travelers – beside residential and commercial users, the same WiFi network can also serve mobile users and travelers, who can subscribe the WiFi service on needed basis by means of prepaid card

32 3. Private Network Applications
A2 series wireless backhaul with redundancy Management servers A8n or A8 series Universities and schools A2 series Hotels and resorts Warehouse Video surveillance Container stacks Mining, gas, oil and manufacturing Mobile terminal Vessel Railway logistics Container ports and marinas Airport MRO

33 Benefits of Super WiFi in Private Networks
Both outdoor and indoor coverage – many private networks require not only indoor but large outdoor coverage in one network, e.g. airport, container port, university campus, manufacturing plant and resort etc. When other WiFi doesn’t work for you – the Altai Super WiFi can perform extraordinarily good in NLOS environments that are blocked by metallic stuffs, e.g. quay cranes and container stacks in container ports, hangars and cockpit in airport MRO, machineries in manufacturing plants etc. Custom made enclosures for hazardous and explosive proof environment Backhaul resilience – A8n can provide backhaul redundancy and failover switching and recovery for mission critical applications e.g. contain port, airport, logistics etc. High bandwidth surveillance – the C1an can be used as low cost PTP bridge which supports high definition surveillance up to 100 Mbps Boost up production efficiency – many production systems already support WiFi terminals; A8n or A2 can be used to build the wireless network in different scales to improve the efficiency and convenience of production system such as WIP, RFID and bar code etc.

34 Case Studies

35 Jiangsu Mobile, China Mobile
Location: Kunshan, Jiangsu, China Application: 3G data offload by co-location Product: A8 and A8n Super WiFi series Quote: “The Altai Super WiFi base station can be co-located with the existing TD cellular site, providing 360º or sector coverage with robust performance. It is very flexible in deployment and highly scalable for future expansion.” Challenge: Highly NLOS environments, serious interference, high user capacity Solution: 3 A8-Ei were installed co-located with TD-SCDMA base station Result: Both A8-Ei and TD base station operate properly without interference to each other Maximum throughput 20 Mbps was measured 6.5 Mbps downlink and 5.6 Mbps uplink at 650 m were measured Over 80 concurrent users under one A8-Ei was reported at peak hour Over 300 sets of A8, A8-Ei and A8-Ein were deployed in Jiangsu eventually

36 Quanzhou Telecom, China Telecom
Location: Quanzhou, Fujian, China Application: 3G data offload by co-location at hotzones Product: A8 Super WiFi series Quote: “Using Altai’s product is one of the best decisions we have made. The co-location with 3G service can helps us to solve the problem of data offload. It helps us to save the cost and provide better services to customer.” Challenge: Serious interference, large no. of users Solution: A8 were installed along the streets utilizing existing PHS, 2G or 3G sites and lampposts Result: Each A8 could cover 180 m in range when the width of street is 25 m, and 280 m when the width of street is 40 m Totally around 100 sets of A8 were installed in the district On average, there were more than 100 users per A8 per day, with total traffic of about 1.2 GB per day The project was well appreciated by the Quanzhou Government

37 Qingdao China Telecom Location: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Application: 3G data offload by co-location for university campus Product: A8-Ei Super WiFi series Challenge: With increasing data traffic from an university, the EVDO data capacity is overloaded Solution: Offload existing traffic by WLAN making use of existing EVDO site Result: 3 A8-Ei were installed at existing EVDO site Covering the university campus and surrounding areas Both A8-Ei and EVDO BTS operate properly without interference to each other One month later, the data traffic of 2 of the A8-Ei exceeded the EVDO Peak daily traffic of 38.3 GB was recorded A8-Ei EVDO antenna

38 Liaoning Mobile, China Mobile
Location: Liaoning, China Application: Wireless broadband at rural areas Product: A8-Ei Super WiFi Quote: “It offers telecom operators and wireless Internet service providers a cost-effective, easy-to-install high performance wireless broadband solution.” Challenge: Low cost, short deployment time Solution: co-located with 2.5/3G base station at 30 m height cell tower; CPE installed in house; 2 Mbps per family Result: Over 7,000 A8-Ei were installed When connect together with CPE, each A8-Ei can achieve a radius of 3-4 km in LOS environment The WiFi network covers farmyards and surroundings to provide seamless wireless access to over 120,000 families

39 Dekal Wireless Location: Jamaica, Caribbean Sea
Application: Wireless broadband for residential and commercial users Product: A8, A2, B5 and C1 series Quote: “We are delighted to have partnered with Altai whose team effort in completing the network has been fantastic. We have proved that WiFi does not need to be confined to hotspots and can be deployed as a typical cellular wireless service.” Challenge: Lack of Internet outlet, power supply, difficult to acquire installation site Solution: A8 and A2 were installed at city for major coverage, C1 as CPE for remote user, A2 for wireless backhaul; end-to-end solution including service control, billing and pre-paid card systems Result: Over 300 A8 and A2 were installed in 30 major towns which serve over a million of the population The wireless Internet service is subscribed on a pre-paid basis. The connection speed can be up to 10 Mbps. Local residences and tourists from US and the world can now enjoy Super WiFi service across the island using the same login name and password via their WiFi-enabled device

40 Colombia “Vive Digital” National WiFi
Location: Colombia municipalities Application: Wireless broadband for towns and villages – a National Plan to improve access to information and promote the mass use of Internet services through WiFi for hard to reach areas Product: A2 series Quote: “Currently the Vive Digital plan is considered a pioneer in the world for its great social impact.” Challenge: Lack of site and high tower Solution: A2 with external high gain omni antenna for flexible coverage; central management using AWMS. Installation sites started with municipalities, fire stations, hospitals, libraries and schools. Result: 220 A2 were installed in 80 towns The project is currently expanding to 40 additional municipalities

41 Community Wireless, Silicon Valley
Location: East Palo Alto, California, USA Application: Wireless broadband for community users Product: A8 and A2 series Quote: “The total 3-year investment for city-wide WiFi networks can save almost 60% by using Altai system. The payback period is shortened substantially, the retail service subscription fees is more competitive and the whole city-wide WiFi investment is more financially viable.” Challenge: Limited investment budget, need to cover 70% of 2.6 sq. mile, large no. of users Solution: Only 12 A8 were required to cover 1.6 square mile. Installation sites make use of roof tops of schools, churches, and other city based non profits Result: Each A8 covers 0.2 to 0.3 mile NLOS in distance A2 WiFi bridges are installed 1.24 to 1.86 mile away as backhauls. The throughput can go up to 35 Mbps. Users typically have 2 or 3 Mbps throughput with low latency It provides coverage to over 35,000 residents. Local residents feel a more stable and higher throughput service during their Internet access There are smooth transmissions of triple play services including interactive applications, VoIP and video streaming

42 Yahoo! Free Wireless Internet Service
Location: Times Square, New York City, USA Application: Wireless broadband for public hotzone Product: A8 series Challenge: High rental charge at the most busiest district, short of power supply, high new site acquisition cost, high interference Solution: A8 was installed at a pole attached to the existing billboard, which shares the power and provides Internet connection. The smart antenna technologies give good performance in highly interfered environment Result: Web surfers can log in on their laptop or phone at the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza, where there is an areas with tables and chairs Loaner laptops are also available on a first-come, first served basis

43 Union Square Park Location: New York City, USA
Application: Wireless broadband for park visitors - a WiFi service program launched by the Union Square Partnership, comprised of 800 businesses. The purpose is to create leading edge WiFi network to support local community and business Product: A8 series Quote: “The extraordinary capabilities of Altai A8 WiFi base station have make it our antenna of choice. For cutting through noisy RF environments and giving people the range and quality they want and expect in public W-Fi, there is nothing like it.” Challenge: Highly NLOS environment, best to be installed at locations not easily noticeable by the public Solution: 2 units of A8 were good enough to cover the entire Union Square and the surrounding storefronts. The A8 were sprayed the same color as the building for camouflage Result: Supports Wi-Fi enabled cell phones, laptops etc. to surf the Web or the neighborhood for free via local community portal Each A8 supports100 simultaneous users A8 A8

44 Modern Terminals Ltd. (MTL)
Location: Hong Kong Application: Private network – container port logistics control for mobile data terminals, trucks and quay cranes Product: A8 Super WiFi series and AWMS Quote: “Over six months’ testing on stability and performance, the results proved that the Altai A8 WiFi system not only meets all the specifications but also exceeds our expectation. The same test was conducted for another AP at the same time, and all the test results of Altai outperform that of traditional AP.” Challenge: Series blockage by containers and quad crane, multiple coverage to each client, limited installation sites, supports data, video and interactive applications Solution: 5 A8 mounted on the 30 m high light towers to provide total coverage to berth no. 1, 2, 5 and 9; 20 A8 were installed for fully triple coverage Result: 7X increase in coverage versus mesh AP system used before Covers 600 m over cranes and 300 m across container stacks Backhaul failure protection and interference mitigation By reducing the number of mounting locations, the entire cost of deployment and maintenance was lowered The AWMS not only provide performance and fault monitoring on network, but it also provides a lot of statistical information on mobile client management

45 Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. (HAECO)
Location: Hong Kong Application: Private network – aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) Product: A8 and A2 series Quote: “The test results conclude that Altai Super WiFi system outperforms traditional AP and is a robust system to use in various NLOS environments. We will further extend to other warehouse and building areas in future.” Challenge: Large area coverage, serious blockage at cockpit, limited installation site Solution: 5 A8 were installed at wall of hangar higher than aircraft top; A2 were equipped at maintenance vehicle as mobile repeaters Result: NLOS coverage up to 500 m Good signal level of -64 to -76 dBm at ground level, -66 to -82 dBm at cockpit & aircraft interior areas Endorsement from Boeing Aircraft, their customer

46 Kunming Municipality, CRIntermodal
Location: Kunming, Yunnan, China Application: Private network – railway terminal logistics operations Product: A8 and A2 series Quote: “We are completely satisfied with the system’s stability throughout the use in the last year. We are planning to upgrade the existing system using Altai for the other railway terminals.” Challenge: Severe signal loss and interference, large area coverage 100% of the 800,000 m2 but at minimal cost Solution: Using A8 which provides 10 times in area and 5 times in median throughput and therefore minimize the cost. A2 provides a low cost supplement for filling coverage holes Result: Significantly larger coverage and higher throughput capacity than the Cisco access points they used before Fewer base stations are required per square kilometer Operating well in high interference environment without degradation Now has wireless coverage across the whole terminal. Staff can access wireless internet using their handheld terminals in every corner of the site The accuracy and efficiency of daily operations at the Kunming Terminal is highly improved

47 Car Manufacturing Plant
Application: Private network – car manufacturing for plant production and test control Product: A8 and A2 series Challenge: Support very large outdoor and indoor areas, lack of installation site, support large number of different work-in-progress systems and terminals Solution: A8 were used to provide full outdoor coverage. A2 were used for warehouse indoor coverage Result: Support 500 m near LOS range Support WIP mobile terminals Support RFID system Support bar code system The production efficient is now highly improved

48 Sultan Idris University of Education
Location: Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia Application: Private network – university WiFi access for students Product: A8 and A2 series Challenge: Have to cover the whole campus of 1 km2 in the town. Expensive and long deployment time using Ethernet cabling Solution: A8 were installed at the rooftop to serve the academic buildings, dormitories and campus areas Result: Normally over 50 students associated to each base station, and goes up to 100 students at peak hours Average 1 to 2 Mbps throughput per user was recorded

49 Hotel Cambodiana Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Application: Private network – hotel wireless access Product: A8 and A2 series Challenge: Lack of wired infrastructure for broadband coverage. Hotel Cambodiana, located on the banks of Mekong River, is the most popular hotel in Phnom Penh for business travelers and tourists, fast deployment without influence to guests is required Solution: 2 A8 were installed at lampposts located at the opposite front of the hotel. WiFi signals cover the whole 300 hotel rooms from the window. Hotel is selling pre-paid cards for tenants to access Internet Result: Surprisingly fast deployment without impact to the hotel daily business

50 Thank You

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