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Present By ECPAT Foundation in Thailand and ECPAT Cambodia.

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1 Present By ECPAT Foundation in Thailand and ECPAT Cambodia

2 Campaign Objectives Build understanding on Child Sex Trafficking Mobilise government to protect children Provide assistant to child victim

3 What is Child Trafficking? Trafficking of children for sexual purposes mean children are moved from one place to another, so that adults can sexually abuse and exploit them. “child” = anyone below the age of 18 Commercial sexual exploitation of children a child is uses sexually by adult and the adult pays to do this with money, gifts or favors

4 “Recruitment”“Transport”“Exploitation” Tempted for good job/good pay will getting married Unhappy in home/abuse Not succeeded at school minority/suffer discrimination Poverty Kidnapped and sold Confiscation document (passport/ID) Threats of reporting them to authorities Violence and abuse Social isolation Locked up or limited freedom Debt of money etc. Trafficking Process

5 Effect to children Long-term psychological (and possibly physical) traumatisation Health risks – especially HIV/AIDS and STDs – with consequent risks to a productive and meaningful life Stigmatisation by family and close community Economic difficulties resulting from marginalisation – vicious circle leading back to sexual explotation Loss of self-esteem

6 Since 2009, The Body Shop & ECPAT have implemented the ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People’ campaign to take concrete action against the issue by providing immediate relief to child victims through the funds raised and create long‐term changes through awareness-raising with the public and by lobbying decision makers to strengthen concerted action against child trafficking for sexual purposes. ECPAT & The Body Shop Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Campaign Year I : Education & Awareness Raising Year II : Campaign Petition Year III : Campaign Petition Handover

7 Youth power in Campaign Petition 2010-2011 The main advocacy activity for the campaign, is the collection of signatures for a campaign petition. In each country, ECPAT groups and The Body Shop have created a campaign petition which highlights the key recommendations for action by the government. Signatures from the public were collected to show public support for the campaign petition, which will be presented to the government and to the UN to reflect the global efforts of the campaign in late 2011.

8 ECPAT and The Body Shop also wanted to actively engage the youth and young people in the campaign. The ‘Youth Power’ campaign in raising awareness and collecting signatures for the petition. ECPAT youth groups have globally collected over, 158,000 signatures!

9 1.Develop project proposal 2. Planning 3. Implementing 4. Assess and Evaluation 5. Report

10 Petition Campaign in Thailand Success raise public awareness on Child trafficking and collect more than 15,000 signatures

11 At the local Chiang Rai night bazaar, ECPAT youth set up a campaign booth to collect signatures from the community. Stickers and balloons were given to other youth and children who supported the campaign. In order to maximize the reach of the campaign, each team went out to the different part of the market with campaign signs and petition forms to collect signatures. Petition campaign at Night bazaar

12 Petition Campaign at BIC-C Supermarket Adult shoppers, children and just about anyone was approached by the youth teams to raise awareness and collect signatures.

13 A group of children and youth conducted awareness-raising activities on child sex trafficking and collected signatures from children and adults at the Akha Christine Youth Camp Raising awareness and Petition Campaign at Youth Camp

14 Raising awareness and signatures collection during youth-let awareness projects During youth led awareness activities in different places e.g. School, communities and public events. Youth from ECPAT Foundation also collect signature of audiences and communities people.

15 Engage children and young people in advocacy at different level Youth from the ECPAT Foundation succeeded in obtaining the support of Thailand’s Prime Minister, for the ECPAT-TBS campaign. During their visit to the Government House to participate in events for National Children’s Day, ECPAT youth took the opportunity to highlight the ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People’ Campaign with the Prime Minister.

16 Petition Campaign in Cambodia Successes collected 19,873 signatures !

17 Planning Meetings: YPP Youths extensive preparations: 1. Orientation session 2. Q and A session 3. Role Plays 4. Pilot Testing at the market 5.Feedback and Evaluation

18 YPP Youth attend Orientation Session to prepare for the Water Festival Petition Drive.  The campaign drive for three days starting from 20 th – 22 nd November About 5,000 signatures were collected from the campaign during 3 days. Petition Drive during water Festival

19 100 child protection tuk tuk drivers participate in the campaign. Youth Motivators explained the petition form to tuk tuk drivers. About 3,400 signatures were collected by tuk tuk drivers. Tuk Tuk Drivers took part in Signatures Collection

20 ECPAT-Cambodia set up a booth to display materials and launch its campaign drive on 9 th Dec and during the concert to celebrate national day against human trafficking at Olympic Stadium on 24 th December 2010 S upported by high government official including Minister of Women’s Affairs, Secretary of State, and Deputy Director of Anti- Human Trafficking Department. About 1,700 signatures were collected. National Day Against Human Trafficking in Cambodia

21 Three awareness raising micro projects on Child Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism were conducted by YPP youths. About 1,100 signatures were collected from these three micro project activities.  These were excellent local advocacy initiatives as well. Signatures Collection during the Awareness Raising Youth Led Micro Project

22 Five schools and one university joint the petition drive YPP youth worked very hard to convince schools and university directors for permission to launch petition campaign in the school and university premise. The campaign was very successful- 3,800 signatures were collected. Signatures Collection from Schools and University

23 Youth Motivator Oudom made presentation to ECPAT- Cambodia members to support the campaign during the quarterly meeting. 22 members attended the meeting and all support the campaigns but only six members have outreach activities. About 4,1oo signatures were collected through ECPAT members and 500 signatures from children in their shelters Signatures Collection from ECPAT members in Cambodia

24 Advocacy for improve Legislation and policy More cooperate of organizations Cooperation Increase awareness Prevention Protect the rights of child victims Protection Appropriate and efficiency care Rehabilitation and reintegration Actively and Meaningful participation C&Y participation Impact of the campaign

25 Thank you ECPAT Foundation 426/22 Rimkok, Chiang Rai, Thailand 57100 Tel: 66 53 750167 Fax 6653 750164 E-mail: ECPAT Cambodia 10 A, St. 470, Sangkat Tuol Tumpong l Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel/Fax 855 23 213021 E-mail:

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