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Our Philosophies Ⅰ・ To announce NPOs to public enterprises and individuals To publicize the activities of the support groups ( NPO s), working for Asian.

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2 Our Philosophies Ⅰ・ To announce NPOs to public enterprises and individuals To publicize the activities of the support groups ( NPO s), working for Asian people, to companies and privates by some events so as to improve the quality of their activities by increasing consumers. Ⅱ・ To enhance the activities of NPOs To develop the process toward the problems in each group is promptly led to the solution and the lead execution with the appeal as the network of the support groups ( NPO s) related to Asia. Ⅲ・ To support the fair trade business To announce Japanese fair trade shops by some events to the society, and to offer any kinds of business. Ⅳ・ To offer the chances of education and employment to Thailand To solve the problem of education and work held by the refugee of Thailand, Myanmar, and the races of Tak and Me Hong Son.

3 【 Japan 】 Expected Relations around FAIR ROAD 【 Asian countries] Privates FAIR ROAD Public Enterprises NGO Cambodia Tanzania Pakistan Myanmar Viet Nam Thailand Indonasia Nepal NPO

4 ■ Action agenda We will announce the activity of NPO dealing with the issues in Asia by holding events to improve the quality of it and to get our back up. ProcessⅠ Before the events Putting outlines of each NPOs to event’s advertisement Updating the event on the Web site of FAIR ROAD ProcessⅡ Holding the events Donating a part of event registration fee to each NPO group for financial support Researching interesting NPOs groups from participants, and introducing the individual information of participants to the NPO group Process Ⅲ After the events Informing the details of NPO activity with newsletters and mail magazines for increasing support members Event plans : Charity marathon () Charity music festa Charity world food festa etc… イベント案: チャリティマラソン(2012年12月実施 予定) チャリティ music festa チャリティ world food festa etc… I. To Announce NPOs to Public Enterprises and Individuals

5 Ⅱ・ To Enhance the Activity of NPO ■ Action Agenda We will gather support organizations -NPOs- to make networked linked function out of solving each issue rapidly and ensuring the process to be done. NPO Ⅰ Even after inviting subscriptions for used wears, it was aborted due to lack of space for selling. NPO Ⅱ Planning to build dormitories, without any know- how or skills NPO Ⅲ Shortage of manpower. NPO Ⅰ NPO Ⅱ FAIR ROAD We will construct the data bank out of each NPO's activities -the core mission- and their advantage. The bank will help other organizations in trouble process the assignments by providing appropriate information or advice. Additionally we will support those who need persons, and coordinate the common missions together.

6 Ⅲ・ To Support the Fair Trade Business ■ Action agenda To inform Japanese fair trade shops through events to the society, and to offer all kinds of business by increasing consumers. Producers in Asia Fair trade shops Consumers Announcing the shops by events Acknowledgement of them 消費者増加 Announcing the process of creating Interest to fair trade 消費者増加 イベントで shop を広報 場所や店の 概要を認知 消費者の増加 Opening the shop Letting goods tried 消費者増加 Increasing the consumers and jobs Currently the acknowledgement of `fair trade` is not fully known to people yet. We aim to have them know it through the event. It will be effectively improved to advertise and appeal fair trade toward the general persons. We will be able to become the Data Bank for a sales increase by analyzing the sales tendency and display in each shops. 。

7 Ⅳ・ To Offer the Chances of Education and Employment to Thailand ■ Action Agenda Aiming to solve the problems between the 2 aspects of education and working, held by the refugees at the boarder of Thailand and Myanmar etc., minority groups and mountain tribe in Taak pref. and Meesonghong pref., Thailand. ■ Why we choose Thailand to support Since the foundation of "Solidarity and Promotion Committee of Nursery and Education in Asia" as an NPO in 1993 in Japan, they have been giving 'study tours', whose destinations are mainly southern Asian countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia etc.. Through the tour in association of local NPOs, they have gradually tried to have the citizens, living in the slums or Quarters of refugees, understand what education and cultural exchanges will bring to them. However the achievement of labor provision or the understanding by the NPO is still miles ahead and moreover, because the organization is mostly of the civil services and the labor association members, their activities are in difficulty to be enlarged. Here is what WE can help NPOs like them. We are expecting lots of know-how and skills to be served, resulting in a rapid, rational approaching toward the problems in Thailand.

8 1) Establishing the learning environment Despite the support by NPOs and local people’s effort, increasing the number of children who can attend school, the number of teachers remains insufficient. General pay cannot be received, and they are meals and the salaries living. Therefore, teachers who have young power have gone out to the city to work.. However, it is a school because in the school, there is a teacher. We think, we want to improve the quality of learning by collecting school expenses to offer works with fair trade, and to employ teachers. And, we want to exchange the instructional method of learning with local teachers. 1) Teachers at the school of `Me-ramun` Young teachers take an active part at this school. 2) The principal of refugee school The teacher is work of three months at most in this school. 3) A Math teacher at the school of `Me-ramun` She is a very ardent teacher, so she always informs about the local situation by E-mails. 4) The stuff of vehicular library He is one of the refugees, too. He has acted since it started the activity of vehicular library. Ⅳ・ To offer the chances of education and emplyment to Thailand

9 1) Slums You can see poor living conditions in 2) Sky blue school It is placed next to the 'garbage mountain'. The local children have difficulty spending daily school life. Originally there haven't been any schools there and that is why school is not in the way it should be. In fact what the most pupils are currently doing is to pick up trashes from the 'mountain' to make money out of them. It is their job. 3) School for refugees and immigrants Around the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand are about over 150 thousand people. The pupils go to school mostly without their IDs. Surely education identity is not yet founded there but the learning environment has come to get set with a lot of supports from NPOs. 4) The minority’s area Around Taak pref. the Karen people are making their lives. You can see them shipping grains and sugar beets. Also their folk crafts look truly gorgeous. The atmosphere is apparently peaceful but their society is so closed that it has little possibility to communicate with outer cities. Ⅳ・ To Offer the Chance of Education and Employment to Thailand 2) Current Situation in Thailand

10 Our Roles and Assignments It is very important for NPOs to let the public informed in ordered to get funded. Yet it is true to be said that they have difficulty enhancing the PR due to the shortage of money and time and additionally a lot of their jobs to be done. As long as the market is small, the limited support funding doesn't allow an action, no matter how good it is, to last and forces it ended up being enlarged. The most ever exceptional idea would not mean a thing for NPO’s activities. Our mission should be always helping the organizations that have already dealing with the social issues, and working on PR for the financial support to solve them. That is how we will join supporting Thailand socially considering the problems in a dynamic change. We will be able to contribute on it in a role of announcement to tell the truth with the attitude of leaning and living together with the local. It is not our role to announce or construct networks for the purpose of associating NPOs. It is up to us to build the relations in order to overcome the problems found in each NPO’s trying, qualifying and practicing. What we should do at first are finding the best way to persuade companies to back us up, evaluating the cost in time and money and the increase of our supporters when the method is undertaken, and establishing the methodology.

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