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Southeast Asia Test Review

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1 Southeast Asia Test Review

2 Based on the images below, what is the name of the conflict in Southeast Asia during the 1960s & 70s? Vietnam War

3 Why was the ASEAN Free Trade Area created?
Trade leads to globalization

4 What does pure enterprise mean?
Controlled By Supply and Demand

5 What is this agricultural practice? Is it modifying or adapting?
Terracing - modifying

6 Singapore is an international port city – connecting the Indian and Pacific Oceans. How has this affected the region? Cultural diffusion

7 What are the 2 most widely practiced religions in Southeast Asia?
Islam Buddhism

8 What are 3 hazards that the islands of Southeast Asia face? Why?
earthquakes tsunamis Plate tectonics volcanoes

9 In Thailand, there is a movement to return to Buddhism in rural areas
In Thailand, there is a movement to return to Buddhism in rural areas. Why is this idea being suggested? Cultural transformation Social dislocation Element of culture in Rural areas

10 What factor most contributes to the national boundaries of Indonesia?
Natural ocean boundaries

11 Where would Singapore fall on the economic Spectrum?
Also known as Free enterprise Where would Singapore fall on the economic Spectrum?

12 The economic policies in Southeast Asia have changed in the last decade. Why?
ASEAN Members Increased trade -> Less government control

13 Kombai tribe Subsistence farming
What farming practice would the Kombai use? Subsistence farming

14 Which of the following would the Kombai not do?
Build a road Build a road in the forest Store water in shells Live in the trees to avoid mosquitos Chop wood with a stone axe

15 How do tribes and government disagree on the use of forests?
The Kombai depend On forest for Survival – while Government Sees the trees As economic resource Kombai

16 How is the fishing practice of stunning fish with cyanide having a negative effect in Southeast Asia? Introducing poison to a Organisms in the ocean

17 Why does over fishing occur?
Demand by consumers

18 Which of the following nations most needs to regulate fishing practices? Why?
Indonesia – island nation – Fishing industry essential Thailand Laos Cambodia Indonesia

19 What factor explains the location of these cities?
Port cities for trade

20 The Indonesian government is managing the location of the timber industries. What areas are being targeted? densely Forested regions

21 Pol Pot committed atrocities again the people of what country?

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