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©3E | A NAKED TURBINE FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS 2011 Wind Diesel Workshop 2010.

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1 ©3E | A NAKED TURBINE FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS 2011 Wind Diesel Workshop 2010

2 ©3E | Background Design drivers Technology Status Conclusions 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |2 CONTENTS

3 ©3E | 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |3 3E - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Consultancy - Based in Brussels, Belgium - Presence in China, Turkey, South-Africa and France - Services in Wind -Site screening, feasibility, resource assessments and data analysis -Design & technical advisory -Due diligence -Monitoring & continuous performance optimization - Targeted services for project developers, investors, lenders -

4 ©3E | 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |4 3E ACTIVITIES IN HYBRID POWER SYSTEMS - Focusing on feasibility studies, system dimensioning and system integration - Projects in Vietnam, Mali, Cambodia, Antarctica, Haiti, Cape Verde…

5 ©3E | System characteristics - Village community - Retrofit wind-diesel system - Electricity tariff 15 ¢€/kWh - Utility unwilling to expand 3E tasks - Wind resource assessment - Technical-economic feasibility - Technical project plan 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |5 3E HYBRID POWER PROJECTS Timbuktu, Mali

6 ©3E | System characteristics - Main harbour in the country - Retrofit wind-diesel system - Low-wind speeds 3E tasks - Wind resource assessment - Selection of system configuration - Tendering procedure 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |6 3E HYBRID POWER PROJECTS Sihanoukville, Cambodia

7 ©3E | System characteristics - Stand-alone research base - PV-wind-diesel system - 100% renewable 3E tasks - System design - Component selection - Detailed engineering 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |7 3E HYBRID POWER PROJECTS Polar Station, Antarctica

8 ©3E | 1. Overall investment cost is still too high - Custom engineering adding on to the total cost - Complex BOP components further increase cost - Foundations in uncooperative soils can drive the cost up - Transport & installation often overlooked and exorbitant 2. Reliability still an issue - Wind turbines do need maintenance - Lack of ownership, especially in less developed regions 3. Yield at low-windspeed sites could be better - Turbines are installed close to load centres - We need low-windspeed rotors that can cope with extreme conditions 2011 International Wind-Diesel Conference |8 TURBINES ON REMOTE LOCATIONS Issues 3E has come across as hybrid-power system integrator


10 ©3E | A RADICALLY NEW TURBINE 2011 XANT: Xtremely Austere, Nimble yet Tough International Wind-Diesel Conference |10

11 ©3E | ELIMINATING THE DRIVE TRAIN INCREASES ROBUSTNESS 2011 XANT Drive Train Direct-drive generator Permanent magnet rotor One set of bearings One single rotating component Modular stator Benefits Lower parts count No need for alignment Easy repair & replacement International Wind-Diesel Conference |11

12 ©3E | SIMPLIFY CONTROL & ELECTRONICS 2011 XANT Control Eliminated active servo systems Reduction of number of sensors Electronics in controlled environment Benefits Reliability through fewer connections Less Maintenance International Wind-Diesel Conference |12

13 ©3E | INCLUDE BOP IN SCOPE OF SUPPLY 2011 XANT integrated BOP Integrated dump-load & storage One single interface Benefits Smooth grid-side output No need for custom-engineering Less commissioning errors International Wind-Diesel Conference |13

14 ©3E | XANT HALVES COST OF TRANSPORT 2011 XANT Logistics Transport in 40-foot container Limited component weights Benefits Avoided heavy equipment during installation Suitable for complex terrain and remote sites International Wind-Diesel Conference |14

15 ©3E | OFF-THE-SHELF COMPONENTS & STANDARD MANUFACTURING FOR GLOBAL SOURCING 2011 XANT components Standard tubes for structural components Standard blade manufacturing techniques Off-the-shelf bearings and yaw-drive components Innovative but not exotic Benefits Capex reduction by global sourcing Supply chain control by multiple supplier strategy glass-fibre reinforced plastics & epoxy resin dry lay-up & resin- infusion moulding NdFeB Magnets M330-50A stator core off-the-shelf bearings S355 J2 steel EN 10 210 steel tubes EN 15 614 welding International Wind-Diesel Conference |15

16 ©3E | AVOID USE OF EXPENSIVE CRANES 2011 XANT Tower Tilt-up guyed tower On-site assembly Erection without crane Benefits No crane needed for installation and maintenance Lightweight and Low cost Smaller foundations Lower tower shadow and noise International Wind-Diesel Conference |16

17 ©3E | SWEPT PLANFORM BLADES REDUCE LOADS WHILE STABILISING YAW MOTION 2011 XANT Rotor Swept-planform blades Standard manufacturing technique Benefits Load reduction Noise reduction Stable yaw behaviour Innovative “looks” International Wind-Diesel Conference |17

18 ©3E | A POWER CURVE THAT PEAKS WHERE IT MATTERS 2011 XANT-21 Power Curve High up in 7-11m/s range Drop off above 20m/s Benefits Increased energy capture International Wind-Diesel Conference |18

19 ©3E | 2011 DEVELOPMENT CYCLE & STATUS XANT-21 Design Conceptual Design Preliminary Design Final Design Certification Development Accompanying Assessment GL Design Assessment Prototype Component prototyping Full-scale prototyping Testing Type Certification Field tests 2008 2010 2009 2011 2012 International Wind-Diesel Conference |19

20 ©3E | 2011 CONCLUSIONS International Wind-Diesel Conference |20  Bring the project cost down  by reducing the cost of engineering: “a few sizes fits all”  by reducing the cost of transport & installation  by reducing the cost of BOP components  Expand the market beyond these niche markets of industrialised regions with high COE to the developing world  We need very reliable turbines that require minimal maintenance  We need turbines optimised for low wind-speed sites that can cope with extreme conditions

21 ©3E | CONTACT DETAILS Werner Coppye 3E Vaartstraat 61 1000 Brussels +32 476 55 28 10 2011 Alex De Broe 3E Vaartstraat 61 1000 Brussels +32 485 57 92 32 International Wind-Diesel Conference |21

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