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Two decades of HIV education & support projects with workers and unions How has our work evolved?

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1 Two decades of HIV education & support projects with workers and unions How has our work evolved?

2 First projects Philippines, 1989-93, Council for Health & Development





7 Kanaky/New Caledonia Working with indigenous health movement ADSPPK Context of the independence struggle First publications in 10 of 36 languages Role of Kerrie Arabena & Australian indigenous HIV workers

8 1991 South African Unions & AIDS unions developing policy & programs

9 Zambia: rural youth loss of students, teachers, integration of HIV into culture

10 Vietnam National AIDS Council study tour to Australia & Thailand, 1992 Non-judgemental IEC with: Women’s Union, 31 provinces 1994-97 Vietnam General Federation of Labour, 1994-96 Hanoi Teacher’s Retraining College: curriculum & television soap opera, 1994-96 Pilot projects, eg. Ba Dinh district in Hanoi, 1994-95

11 Hanoi AIDS Committee, 1995


13 Vietnam Women’s Union youth booklet on HIV, 1997

14 Vietnam Women’s Union booklet on HIV, 1995

15 Vietnam Women’s Union 1996, explicit posters for rural clinics

16 Vietnam Women’s Union

17 VGCL: Thanh Hoa Fed. of Labour, 1996 Modelled on Australian union materials: work safe, play safe, for workers in trade union guest houses and their guests

18 VGCL: Thanh Hoa FoL, 1996


20 Cambodia Including sexual & reproductive health and HIV in vocational training Unions & HIV Cambodian Women’s Development Agency and Cambodian Prostitutes’ Union Entertainment Workers

21 Cambodia Kim Song leading HIV education session

22 Cambodia: APHEDA, ILO & Unions Poster about solidarity against HIV with faces of officers from all union federations and unions

23 Cambodia info for Khmer and Vietnamese sex workers: “women’s health”

24 Cambodia info for Khmer and Vietnamese sex workers

25 Cambodia info for Khmer and Vietnamese sex workers: “women’s health”

26 Cambodia prostitutes organise for their rights

27 Cambodia: entertainment workers, role plays on occupational safety and HIV education

28 Philippines PAFPI : support for people living with HIV, education for migrant workers

29 Philippines: PAFPI provides pre-departure education for migrant workers

30 Philippines

31 Lao PDR: Lao Federation of Trade Unions Occupational health & safety/HIV, construction, factory & timber workers HIV education with hotel workers with ILO

32 HIV education with Lao workers

33 HIV education with Lao security workers

34 Hotel workers


36 South Africa HIV & Community development projects HIV & rural women in five districts Sexual violence in the workplace COSATU education, shop-stewards' handbook, & advocacy Treatments Action Campaign Community projects meeting needs of orphans and vulnerable children

37 Winterveldt AIDS Project a large squatter township near Pretoria/Tshwane metro

38 Vukani centre, Winterveldt

39 Rural Women’s Movement HIV education & support in five rural communities

40 COSATU union delegates’ HIV education handbook 2002 (30,000 copies)

41 COSATU poster maintaining solidarity against HIV discrimination, 2001

42 Unions demonstrate for treatments garment & textile workers in Cape Town

43 South African unions support mass social mobilisation for treatments access, that gives positive impact world-wide. Zackie Achmat with Madiba

44 Women with HIV working as carpenters recycling wood for furniture, in Missionvale squatter camp, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro/Port Elizabeth

45 Mineworkers at World AIDS Day rally, South Africa’s North West Province

46 Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions: Clementine Dehwe runs ”couples” workshops to empower women and men workers to become HIV education and resource people among younger workers

47 Thai-Burma border Primary health care (with Shan Clinic and Mae Tao clinic) Health promotion for refugee/migrant workers, with MAP

48 Thai-Burma border

49 Papua New Guinea HETURA HIV education project for all unions, supported by Australian unions

50 Vietnam: Australian unions support district clubs of people living with HIV (eg, Kinh Mon dist.). People with HIV are accessing treatments and want to be reintegrated into the workforce.

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