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Living Openly: Rin Sabai, HIV positive, Cambodia.

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2 Living Openly: Rin Sabai, HIV positive, Cambodia

3 Living Openly: Mickey Dimakatso Sex worker, Lesotho

4 Heng Sok Rithy & Princess Rattana Deve Norodom, Cambodia

5 Building capacity of local sexworkers encouraging them to promote condom-use amongst truckers at the border, Zambia

6 “Hunger will kill me faster than HIV/AIDS” Sex worker, Swaziland

7 Police raid on brothels in Phnom Penh

8 My husband got infected with HIV/AIDS... After I found that I was positive, I told my relatives. They were very angry...They came and took my oldest daughter... A few months later my husband's condition became worse. He ordered me to call my relatives to see the face of his daughter before he died. But they ignored his plea. My husband said it did not matter if he died or lived as he had lost his daughter. My husband died on April 21, 2002. Dam Savy, 41 years old, Cambodia.

9 a policy environment… what works? what doesn’t? …examples in action Kevin Osborne, USAID ANE/ENE SOTA October 8 2002

10 …introduction  what is an ideal policy environment?  what are the steps for developing meaningful policy?  what are some of the challenges and successes?

11 the POLICY project… POLICY facilitates development of comprehensive policies to promote and sustain access to high quality HIV/AIDS/FP/RH services by…  developing political and popular support  improving planning and finance  ensuring informed decision-making  enhancing local capacity

12 “Sometimes we are judged as bad people. Often those closest to us stop loving us. We see fear in their eyes…We are asked to leave our homes. We fear for our safety. I’m Cambodian. I know what ignorance and hatred can lead to.” January 2002 Heng Sok Rithy – Coordinator CPN & ‘Human Security and HIV/AIDS’ with HRH Princess Rattana Deve Norodom, Cambodia

13 …key elements of an hiv/aids program  creating an enabling environment Leading the Way: USAID Responds to HIV/AIDS  prevention  mitigation

14 …an enabling policy environment Stigma & discrimination reduction Involvement of communities infected & affected Multisectoral engagement Human & institutional capacity development People level impact Policy dialogue Advocacy Quality information, research & economic impact Human rights protection Political commitment M&E

15 …levels of hiv/aids policy impact  Political commitment  Adequacy of financial resources  Human resource capacity Key responses of government, civil society & donors  Stigma and discrimination’s affect on design of prevention, care, support, and treatment policies Factors & behaviors impacting on HIV/AIDS transmission Operational policies  Possession of condoms  Needle exchange  Blood testing

16 …key considerations  challenging our notions of policy  stakeholder involvement and ownership  infected and affected communities  rewarding our efforts

17 …the policy stakeholders * NB Success depends on meaningful involvement of all stakeholders, especially communities

18 …why has there been little involvement? Western Concepts Charity vs. Self- help Activism vs. Service provision Cultural and contextual issues Capacit y Gate keepers-increasing bureaucrazition Profound Sadness Value Added Mix of Communities Redefining notion of ‘experts’ Human Rights Stigma & discrimination

19 challenges …  what is meaningful inclusion?  when do you have it?  when don’t you have it?

20 …when it fails  police raid on the boeung salang brothels in phnom penh  The official governmental policy is to gain the trust of both sex workers and brothel owners to have them all participating in the 100% Condom Use Programme and its consultations.

21  ironically, these brothels were the first to participate in the national 100% condom use programme in Phnom Penh.  this raid and subsequent arrest of all sex workers and owners sends a negative signal to a community whose participation in medical programmes is essential when tackling HIV/AIDS. …when it fails

22 …when it works  thailand 100% condom campaign  the launch of the first pilot programme for 100% condom use in brothels in 1989 showed the programme was significantly effective in  STI reduction  HIV prevalence reduction  Changing attitudes and practices regarding condom use  preliminary results suggest that the programme could have prevented over 2 million HIV infections over a six years period. H owners and managers of commercial sex establishments agree to: H enforce condom use as a condition of commercial sex H Instruct sex workers to refuse sex with any customer who refuses to use a condom. H if all sex establishments enforce this policy, clients have no choice - they either use condoms or they don't have sex. H how the 100% condom use programme works

23 In August 2002, the South African Law Commission released an Issue Paper on Adult Prostitution. This paper is the first stage of a process that will ultimately result in recommendations on law reform being presented to Parliament. The paper sets out the many issues surrounding adult sex work and discusses various approaches to dealing with sex work. The paper also calls for public comment and suggestions on this issue. If new laws are to be developed for the sex industry, it is essential that role players in the industry be consulted. Sex workers are being encouraged to input to this process directly, to participate in this law reform process.  law reform in south africa …when it works

24 Sex worker compound, Lesotho

25 Police raid on brothels, Cambodia

26 Queen Mother, Zambia … ‘Queen Mothers’ are the target of many condom campaigns as they have access to large groups of sex workers

27 Police raid on brothels, Cambodia

28 Communicating openly with border officials, Zambia

29 Police raid on brothels, Cambodia

30 The POLICY Project 1050 17th Street NW Suite 1000 Washington DC 20036 USA Tel 202 775 9680

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