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A New Course for the Nation Chapter 29, Lesson 1.

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1 A New Course for the Nation Chapter 29, Lesson 1

2 Problems in Vietnam Continue  Nixon plans to turn defense of S. Vietnam over to the Vietnamese  Americans are impatient  Vietcong and NVA set up bases in Cambodia along S. Vietnam border  These bases were used to attack across the border against Americans  Nixon allows American troops to attack into Cambodia

3 Problems in Vietnam Continue  North Vietnamese seize control of sections of Cambodia  Cambodians begin to join with NVA  America wants to prevent Cambodian government from collapsing  America begins to send large amounts of supplies and weapons and air support to Cambodia

4 Kent State  News of involvement in Cambodia cause antiwar protests at home  May 2, 1970 Kent state protesters burn a building  Governor orders in National Guard  Soldiers begin shooting protesters  Senate ends financial aid to Cambodia


6 Vietnam War Ends  Nixon is reelected in 1972

7 Vietnam War Ends  George McGovern (D) wanted immediate withdrawal from Vietnam  Many Democrats would not support that and voted for Nixon  1973 Paris France – Vietnam and U.S. sign a cease fire  U.S. will withdrawal all troops but continue to aid S. Vietnam with money and military  N. Vietnam agrees to release American POW’s

8 Vietnam War Ends  This policy is only partly successful  1975 – N. Vietnam invades S. Vietnam  Without U.S. troops South Vietnam could not survive  April 1975 – North Vietnamese capture Saigon  After a decade more than 1 million Vietnamese soldiers died  50,000 American soldiers lost their lives

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