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PROMOTING LOCAL INNOVATION in ecologically-oriented agriculture and natural resource management.

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1 PROMOTING LOCAL INNOVATION in ecologically-oriented agriculture and natural resource management

2 - Prolinnova is an international partnership program that was initiated under the umbrella of the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR) by the stakeholder group of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and is operational since 2003. - The Program has brought together innovative farmers, local NGOs, research and development organizations, and institutions of higher learning to review experiences in participatory agricultural research and development (ARD) as a basis for developing their own Prolinnova country programmers. INTRODUCTION

3 A world where farmers play decisive roles in agriculture research and development for sustainable livelihood VISION

4 MISSION Foster a culture of mutual learning and synergy in local innovation process in agriculture and natural resources management

5 GOAL To develop and institutionalize partnerships and methodologies that promotes processes of local innovation for environmentally sound use of natural resources

6 PROLINNOVA CAMBODIA The general objectives of PROLINNOVA Cambodia are: - To build an inter-institutional partnership in promoting local innovation and participatory approaches in agricultural research and development - To institutionalize participatory approaches in agricultural research, extension and education institutions

7 PROLINNOVA CAMBODIA (cont.) - Cambodia was in inception phase and member of PROLINNOVA since 2004 - There are 21 institutions participating in the Program (4 NGOs, 2 Departments under MAFF, 10 PDAs, 3 education institutions, 2 farmers institutions) - National Steering Committee (NSC) consisting for 5 members - National Working Group (NWG) consisting for all members

8 MAIN ACTIVITIES and RESULTS - Capacity building for 404 development practitioners, researchers and farmers were trained in PID and PTD and related topics -199 farmers actively participated in the field experimentation to test innovations as well as to further develop existing local practices which organized by partners through Prolinnova and LISF fund support - 8 local workshops on local innovation have been organized by the 8 partners' institution. There are 449 people participated the workshop. 10 farmers from these workshops have been selected to join the National Forum on Local Innovation.

9 MAIN ACTIVITIES and RESULTS (cont.) - A national forum on local innovation was organized at Juliana Hotel, Phnom Penh. There are 136 people (30 women) participated in the workshop. The workshop was presided by H.E Dr. Chan Sarun, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery. - 8 lecturers and 161 students from high educational institutions of RUA, KCNSA and PNSA were facilitated to conduct field study to meet experimenting farmers in Kampot, Battambang and Kandal province. - 1 exchange visits has been organized to Department of Agriculture from Pursat. There was 10 staff of the department participated in the exchange visit.

10 KEY FACTOR TO ACHIEF THE RESULTS - There are a small group of key person representing different institutions who play leading role in promoting Prolinnova - Continuous development of team spirit among all stakeholders - Have a strong support from the governments institutions, as well as from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery -Accountability and transparency in decision making and financial management -Participatory planning and monitoring

11 KEY FACTOR TO ACHIEF THE RESULTS - Good reputation of CEDAC in institutional management and implementing ecological agriculture and rural development - Demo-farm, and publications for exchange experiences among development professionals and farmers - PROLINNOVA seeks to build capacity of farmers, researchers, extensionists in PID/PTD -The bottom-up process in management and implementation -Availability of small grant to implement farmer led experimentation

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