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EXO Foundation: Guiding Exotissimo Travel on the responsible path

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1 EXO Foundation: Guiding Exotissimo Travel on the responsible path
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2 Why EXO Foundation? Background
Exotissimo’s previous involvement in charitable actions Milestones Cyclone Nargis Relief Efforts in 2008 Biggest charity initiative in Exotissimo’s history Collected almost 200,000$ of donations In 2011 Exo Travel decision to create a separate foundation to …integrate ethical positioning within the Exotissimo brand … give back to communities … redirect clients’ donations charity is not responsible tourism

3 Our Mission Using tourism to make destinations better places for people to live in and, for travelers to visit BY Sharing: Support sustainable human, social and economic development of local communities in the destinations Advising clients where and how to give Promote Responsible Travel within Exotissimo: Advise and accompany Exotissimo to become a leading responsible TO

4 1. Sharing: donations Funding sources Cautious project selection,
Exotissimo $1 per traveller Clients’ donations; MICE & individuals Planned Opt-in option to donate 1$ per pax on invoices to travel agents Cautious project selection, Purpose of project ; contributing to sustainable development, NGOs, small enterprises Preference for small, local organizations and projects Upon provision of a coherent activity & financial reports Priorities for EF funds: supporting responsible tourism initiatives, and waste management in tourism destinations support creation of economic activities for disadvantaged people

5 Fight against human abuse & trafficking Health & Sanitation
Education & Vocational training Fight against human abuse & trafficking Health & Sanitation pics Environmental Protection Economic Development Cultural Revival & Emergency relief

6 How can you play your part?
Advise clients willing to donate time or money direct them towards List of selected projects per country and, per theme Paypal donation via website, bank transfer 100% goes to selected project Possibility of tax deduction in France

7 2. Promote Responsible Travel within Exotissimo
Exo Travel core value: we aim to be responsible What is responsible tourism? Why is it the right time to commit for Exo Travel? Why you need to promote responsible tourism? How can you contribute? How to develop RT?

8 What is responsible tourism?
Making donations is charity, it makes us feel good, it is great…. BUT it is not responsible tourism … it does not prevent any harmful impact and sometimes even create unforeseen negative impacts

9 SO, What is responsible tourism?
Put simply, sustainable tourism creates holidays that are beneficial for local communities, the environment, holidaymakers and, tourism businesses. It is to contribute through tours to a sound and sustainable development of destinations By minimising negative impacts and optimising positive ones. It is not limited to ecotourism or CBT but applies to all forms of tourism. Actually it is even more crucial to apply principles of responsible tourism to mainstream tourism and luxury tourism It is not only about ecotourism and CBT but all forms of tourism can become more responsible

10 SO, What is responsible tourism?
The purpose of responsible tourism is to develop a virtuous circle, to generate positive impacts & reduce negative ones Tourism can contribute to human, social, economic and cultural development while being a tool for biodiversity conservation. It all depends on how tourism is developed, organised, managed and consumed. The term ‘responsible’ stresses the fact that everyone has a role to play; tourists, TO, guides, transport, accommodation, hosts, governments, and YOU

11 Why Exotissimo decided to enforce a Responsible Tourism Policy?
Responsible tourism is synonymous of quality, authenticity travelers are looking for; it is part of the Exo Touch. To respond to customers increasing demand for authentic,‘ethical’ and ‘green’ holidays It brings significant business advantages: savings, brand value, respect To give you pride to contribute to the local economic & social development of your country & your people, instill meaning into your work: not only to gain money but to do well •    93% of Conde Nast Traveler readers surveyed in 2011 said travel companies should be responsible for protecting the environment. •     58% said their hotel choice is influenced by the support the hotel gives to its local community. •    The 2012 National Travel & Tourism Strategy of Americans traveling abroad found, “Nature-based, culture-based, heritage and outdoor adventure travel represent a significant segment of the outbound tourism market,” totaling about half or some 10 million U.S. travelers. •    66% of consumers around the world say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society, according to a 2012 Nielsen Wire survey. •    Companies that adopted environmental, social, and governance policies in the 1990s outperformed those that did not, according to a 2011 study by the Harvard Business School. “Adoption of these policies is not just cheap talk; rather these policies reflect substantive changes in business processes,” the study states. •    Ecotourism can return as much as 95% of revenues to the local economy, compared to only about 20% for “standard all-inclusive package tours,” according to a 2011 UN-supported study by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests.

12 Why Sustainable tourism?
Tourism can destroy the very assets it is built upon if not developed mindfully Pollutions: air, sea, water, noise Prices inflation Destruction of Natural areas, coasts, mangroves, for construction of hotels Sex tourism, street kids, commoditisation of culture, ethnic minority exploitation, etc. Tourists harassment, being sold overpriced items or services or paying 20 to 30% more than normal prices in shops (guides’ commissions)

13 How to develop RT? It is implemented by acting on four main pillars:
Social: supporting human development Environmental: minimising negative impacts, avoid pollution & waste (air, litter, paper, water, forest), and protect biodiversity Cultural: promoting local culture, traditions, crafts, music Economic: supporting local initiatives, economic development and benefit sharing with local communities

14 How to become responsible?
Develop mindful business that contributes to the destinations well being, not for business sake only Within the offices: Earth Check assessment for office operations in HCMC & PP Tour design: select responsible suppliers Sensitising tourists

15 Within the office: Earth Check
Save the earth, save energy, water, natural resources Turn off / down air con, lights Limit paper printing to strict minimum Turn off completely computers, printers, scanners, tvs, etc. Avoid use of styrofoam, plastic bags Savings 
If all students at Texas A&M University turned off their computers at night for 6 hours, it would save over $650,000 in electricity costs annually!

16 Design & sell responsible tours
You have a key role to play, select suppliers and activities contributing to fair and equitable local economic development, conservation of natural and cultural heritage: Fair wages for the staff, training, sharing benefits Accommodations with a green and pro-active social policy Excursions benefiting the poor & small local businesses, and contributing to conservation Promote local culture, fair trade shops Transports: limit planes, use biofuel, ask drivers stop engines when vehicle is stopped, etc.

17 Responsible suppliers in Cambodia
Who are they? The EXO Foundation is assessing all suppliers and identify responsible ones in Tourplan; accommodation, activities, restaurants, online for Cambodia & Laos, in the making for others This is your responsibility Production department to select the good suppliers Sales team to promote these more than others to clients EF assess financial impacts to evaluate over the years, Exo Travel performance in RT


19 Unicef - Friends campaign
What is not responsible? For example…. Visiting schools, orphanages or children centres are NOT responsible tourism activities. Unicef - Friends campaign

20 How to explain this to clients?
Exotissimo is part of ChildSafe Network and as such takes responsibility to block any behaviour that could negatively impact on children Schools are meant to learn not to receive tourists Kids are turned into commercial assets, supposed to perform or play nice to raise tourists pity and money Money donated: where does it go? how is it spent? Who knows? EF is working on alternative options to offer clients asking for it (ready for Cambodia & Laos): They are many more meaningful ways to help kids Support selected organisations check You act as advisors you need to be confident about this is not a right thing to do If any problem you can contact me I will help you on that A note available on intranet, see here EXO Foundation factsheet you can use to explain your clients.

21 3. Sensitise tourists EXO CARES booklet distributed to clients, & posted on website Exo Foundation facebook page EXO Foundation website provide tips and selection of projects to support through donations or, suppliers (restaurants, fair Trade shops)

22 Conclusions You can become actors of change if you care and contribute to your country’s sustainable development, to be even more proud of your work Natural heritage protection Local economic development Kid’s well being and dignity Cultural valorisation Offering tourists an authentic experience

23 Resources to help you understand and act!
Exotissimo Travel Responsible Travel Policy: Explaining tourists about school visits: List of responsible suppliers in each country: The links to share with clients: List of projects for donation: / Facebook page List of fair trade shops and restaurants:

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