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October 2009

2 of Sihanoukville Port SEZ
MYANMA CHINA VIETNAM LAOS THAILAND CAMBODIA MALAYSIA INDONESIA South China Sea Gulf of Thailand Andaman Sea Bangkok Location of Sihanoukville Port SEZ NH no.4 PNH-SHV 230 km SINGAPORE

3 Why Sihanoukville Port SEZ?
3 Why Sihanoukville Port SEZ? The most strategic and potential location for Cambodian Industrial Base, along the Cambodia Growth Corridor, adjoining the Sihanoukville Port which is the only deep sea port in Cambodia. With special support from the central Government. With “one-stop-service” for simple and quick administrative procedures. Attractive preferential treatment regarding taxes and business rights. Reliable, transparent and predictable SEZ operation and management by the State Company. Availability of young workforce with competitive wages, who are eager to be skilled up.

4 Developer and Executing Agency
4 Developer and Executing Agency SIHANOUKVILLE AUTONOMOUS PORT (PAS) The operating institution of the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port and also the management body of the Sihanoukville Port SEZ. Total investment for Sihanoukville Port SEZ Project : approximately JPY 3,600million funded by JICA. COUNCIL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CAMBODIA (CDC) Acting as the RGC’ s focal point for FDI promotion, ODA coordination functions and administration of SEZ schemes.

5 Investment incentives for QIP in SEZ in Cambodia
5 Exemption from duties and taxes Profit tax (trigger period + 3 years + priority period ) Import duty (production equipment, construction materials, production inputs) Export tax VAT (10%) for construction materials, production machines equipment, production inputs. Simplified Customs Control Simplified customs control and thorough application of risk management system.

6 Investment Guarantees
6 Investment Guarantees No discriminatory treatment for a foreign investor except the land ownership No nationalization policy to adversely affect private properties of investors No price or fee fixation by Government for the products or services of a QIP Permission for the remittance of profits and repatriation of invested capital (Article 8-11 of the Law on the Amendment to the Law on Investment)

7 Sihanoukville Port SEZ

8 Outline of Sihanoukville Port SEZ Land Use Composition
8 Outline of Sihanoukville Port SEZ Land Use Composition A Factory area 49.5 ha B Commercial and multipurpose area 3.5ha C Intermodal Logistic Park 2.4ha D Green area 5.2ha E SEZ Administration, Maintenance Office and Parking 0.9ha F Utilities (Power, Water, Wastewater, etc.) & Roads 8.5ha Total 70.0ha

9 Outline of Sihanoukville Port SEZ Infrastructure
9 Outline of Sihanoukville Port SEZ Infrastructure A Water supply system 2,000 m3/day Source: Groundwater Process: Disinfection B Power supply system Power source: 22 kV from EDC distribution line C Telecom & IT system Provided by CAMINTEL D Wastewater disposal system 2000 m3/day E Solid waste disposal system Serviced by reliable outside contractor F Roads Axle load 15 ton Design speed 35 km/h

Boundary of Different Customs Territory 66.5 ha Factories area 49.5ha SEZ Administration 0.9 ha Green area 5.2 ha Utilities and Roads 8.5 ha Production Area Boundary of Port SEZ 70.0 ha Intermodal Logistics and Park 2.4 ha Logistic Area Commercial & Common Service Facility Area Railway Container Yard Commercial and Multi-purpose area 3.5 ha The Port Port Container Yard MAIN GATE CONNECTION GATE

Frequent container movement Value-added product Environmental friendly PREFERENTIAL INDUSTRIES Assembling (motor bike, bicycle, electric, vehicle, etc.) / Manufacturing (Metal processing, Rubber processing, Plastic processing, Food processing, etc.,) / Jewelries / High-end international brand goods / International logistics.

Chairman & CEO SEZ Board (Advisory Board) PORT DIV. SEZ DIV. (newly setup) Planning dept. Handling dept. Harbor Master dept. Technical dept. Financial dept Marketing dept. Warehouse dept. Machinery dept. Billing dept. Personnel dept. Deputy DG - Port Administration & Accounting office Marketing & Planning office Logistic service office Operation & Labor vocational training office Executive Director – SEZ dept

13 TIME TABLE Descriptions Target date
13 TIME TABLE Descriptions Target date Issuance of Sub-Decree for Establishing Sihanoukville Port SEZ 02 Sept.2009 Construction Work 30 Sept Oct. 2011 Commencement of sale Jan. 2010

14 14 Contact details: Sihanoukville Port Authority SEZ Department Address: Terak Vithei Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN Sangkat No 3, Sihanoukville city, Preah Sihanouk Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. Tel: (855) / Fax: (855) / Website:


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