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©TNS 2012 The TNS-MSD advantage in Cambodia TNS / MSD Credentials.

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1 ©TNS 2012 The TNS-MSD advantage in Cambodia TNS / MSD Credentials

2 ©TNS 2012  TNS, the global leader in Customized and Social Research is now fully operational in Cambodia. We work in partnership with MSD.  Market Strategy & Development (MSD), Cambodia’s premiere marketing and social research data collection agency since 2002.  TNS and MSD have partnered since 2002.  Eelco Dijkhuizen (General Manager TNS Cambodia)  Eng Peou (Managing Director MSD)  TNS Global website: Introduction

3 ©TNS 2012 The global leader in Customized & Social Research 81 Countries 300+ Offices Over 25,000 employees A part of the WPP Group of Insight Companies - Kantar Cambodia is our 81 st country

4 ©TNS 2012 Established in 2012 Active in Cambodia since 1997 100% foreign owned company 40 + full time staff 300 exclusive active field force Both qualitative and quantitative Interview over 20,000 Cambodians / year Sector expertise, research expertise TNS / MSD Cambodia – Fast Facts 2012

5 ©TNS 2012 Our fieldwork capacity & quality TNS / MSD Credentials

6 ©TNS 2012    2 1 3 Size matters. It allows us to invest in expertise, proprietary business solutions and capacity. We are a people industry therefore 5% of our annual budget goes into training The TNS / MSD Quality advantage High quality fieldwork delivered through trialed and tested field procedures. “ Quality of data” “ Quality of people” “ Quality of insights”

7 ©TNS 2012 Why MSD?  Full National coverage with offices nation-wide  Sampling expertise in Cambodia  Data entry and processing; integrated software logic checks  Field supervision at the local (regional) level in all locations  Supervisors with over five years of experience  300 plus fully trained field force  Internal control system:  Two-tier field quality control system  Door-to-door and telephone back-checking by area supervisors  Training capacity including minority representatives.

8 ©TNS 2012  Back translation of questionnaire  Internal pilot test (interviewer check)  External pilot test (respondent comprehension)  20% random quality control per interviewer  Observed interviews for on going skills upgrading  100% questionnaire validation for data processing  ESOMAR International Code of Practice Fieldwork and Quality Control Standards

9 ©TNS 2012 Our insights TNS / MSD Credentials

10 ©TNS 2012 Our expertise: Global practices Global, Regional & Local experts at your disposal Innovation & Product Development Branding & Communication Retail & Shopper Stakeholder management AutomotiveQualitative

11 ©TNS 2012 Our expertise: Advantage drivers Technology Digital powered research Marketing sciences Operations

12 ©TNS 2012    To identify strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance on how to position these products to maximum effect To determine the best pricing strategy for maximizing sales as well as Issues we research 12 To understand the range of customer needs & determine the best way to allocate limited resources Segment your marketEvaluate new products Conduct pricing studies Before and after to ensure their strategy is working and if it needs adjusting Test advertising & promotional campaigns To determine if customer attitudes & behaviour have changed over time and have had the desired effect Track marketing effectiveness & brand health To identify those customers who are potentially uncommitted so the most effective strategy can be developed to retain or win new ones Assess customer loyalty & satisfaction

13 ©TNS 2012 What initiatives do we have coming up?  Cambodia Life  A syndicated lifestyle study focusing on: income / ownership / future ownership  TV Audience Measurement (TAM) & Adex  Shall engage advertising community to determine feasibility of developing a permanent continuous TV measurement system and planning software  Worldpanel  Potential to replicate consumer panel behavior panel in Cambodia to mimic the rest of Asia for FMCG categories  Mobile Life & Digital life  Syndicated studies presently run in 65 and 43 countries globally  Myanmar: Now open for business.

14 ©TNS 2012 Our focus is your business growth

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